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  1. Never play cards with a man named Doc.
  2. Onward ever ever on Destination Eschaton Nowhere to hide nowhere to run From Alpha into Omega
  3. Pickled onions, eggs or anything else...................................might have been pickled now and again 🙃 Q
  4. Well don't be shy - links to the actual quotes (in context) please 😎
  5. I thought he used "underclass" - to the public schoolboys aren't all state educated people "plebs"?
  6. Before my time (first saw Rovers in '62) but my dad (RIP) reckoned Harry was the best keeper he'd ever seen until Banks was in his pomp. He was always full of praise for Ken Hardwick as well. RIP to a true legend.
  7. Presumably Cummings will resign after two years and encourage Johnson to do the same 😎
  8. Somehow I think poltical parties and other interested groups will save their campaigning around changes (or otherwise) for the referendum rather than the consultation.
  9. Quality underwear assured for females Pants
  10. Let me sleep on it Baby, baby let me sleep on it Let me sleep on it And I'll give you an answer in the morning
  11. So how do you propose to link up Abbeydale Road to Meadowhead - which road(s) would be dual carriageway?
  12. Understand what my wife is telling me. V
  13. Blindfold yourself so the elephant will think it can't see you.
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