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  1. Aimed at Carboot, our self proclaimed Marxist / Leninist / Corbynist who somehow always seems to support the Rees-Moggist agenda. So when's that going to happen based on the figures in #749? BTW I don't suppose you've watched Beeb news going along with the "channel invasion" agenda - lefty propaganda naturally 😎
  2. Although ONS show that 51,170 deaths in England and Wales alone have Covid 19 mentioned on death certificates up until the end of July. https://www.ons.gov.uk/peoplepopulationandcommunity/healthandsocialcare/conditionsanddiseases/articles/coronaviruscovid19roundup/2020-03-26#coviddeaths
  3. So you keep reminding us........................................................... Odd way of showing you don't care.
  4. If current trends continue then nobody will have a licence in 137 years. Bit late for Car Boot, apelike and retep to celebrate 🥂
  5. Yeah - Putin is upping the odds with Trump and pushing the USA towards an untested vaccine / bleach in time for the presidential elections.
  6. A next to nowt trend given the availability and increased bandwith of broadband over the same period. No sign the masses are abandoning the Beeb.
  7. Never mind 31 December - It'll be a damn site harder from September onwards - Channel gets kinda choppy. Tories are desperate to move the news away from their dire handling of the real crisis - Covid.
  8. The truth is the refugee "crisis" is down to civil wars / oppressive regimes etc in the middle east and Africa. As the vast majority come here by plane, Schengen makes very little difference.
  9. France is a big place full of contrasts - a lot bigger than the UK with a bigger diversity of scenery, coastline, history, buildings etc etc What are you looking for specifically - seaside, beautiful gardens, mountains, drop dead gorgeous countryside, fairytale chateaux, art galleries and museums or something else?
  10. Introduced myself as a man of wealth and taste J
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