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  1. Not sure the intentions went much beyond the phrase "Care In The Community" - when many Middlewood wards were closed in the mid/late 80's, community care consisted of giving people their wordly belongings in a carrier bag and their bus fare into the city centre with directions to the homeless hostels on Gell Street and Upper Hanover Street. Similar to the "Patients First" initiative in the NHS at the same time - which was all about a new management structure with armies of accountants. / history lesson about caring Tory governments.
  2. Presumably Trump is still claiming he won the election despite having no evidence?
  3. Have another dram of single malt 👍
  4. Strange thing, the law of probability; https://www.newsweek.com/man-becomes-millionaire-after-winning-lottery-twice-less-2-weeks-1619853
  5. Or a very regular occurence - one every five minutes. https://www.sheffieldforum.co.uk/topic/473199-coronavirus-part-two/page/1056/?tab=comments#comment-8475510
  6. Ever considered that it's happened all the time and it's nowt to do with the jab? https://www.bhf.org.uk/what-we-do/news-from-the-bhf/contact-the-press-office/facts-and-figures "In the UK there are more than 100,000 hospital admissions each year due to heart attacks: that's one every five minutes."
  7. In front of tiny crowds.........................................
  8. Nope - since covid jabs started there is a growing social media industry of finding every incidence of somebody collapsing somewhere and blaming it on the jab.
  9. Never heard of him - who did he play for?
  10. Just pointing out how footy and reporting has changed over the years. What might have made a couple of lines in the likes of the Green 'Un (at best), now is likely to make the BBC sports page (because ref stopped game) and be all over social media.
  11. Were you at Weds v Man Utd in 1974 - 4-4 draw when Man Utd fans invaded the pitch a couple of times to fight with Wednesdayites. Ref didn't even stop the game. If that had happened today the players would have been taken off the pitch, it would be all over the press, calls for grounds to closed etc, In 74 it hardly made the news. Things have changed. Spectators taken out on stretchers never made the news then.
  12. My Mother In Law was a volunteer for St Johns Ambulance at Tranmere Rovers for years. People were treated regularly and hospitalised a few times a season. Match never stopped therefore no big deal.
  13. Lol - my mother was stretchered out of the crowd at the mens singles final at Wimbledon in 1954. Never made the news but my dad was ****** off because he missed the match.
  14. So you attended two different prem matches in one night 😎
  15. It has happened fairly often - thing is; 1) Refs never stopped the game when a spectator was stretchered out of the crowd. 2) Every incident was never reported on social media as some sort of "issue".
  16. Fans used to be stretchered out of the crowd fairly often in the 60's when Wednesday had big crowds - main thing was that refs didn't stop the game so it didn't make the news. Deaths of rugby players far too widespread well before covid vaccination. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/116610-rugby-one-of-the-most-dangerous-and-traumatic-sport
  17. They're quoting ONS as the source and including a tweet from ONS in the story - you know the same ONS you said hadn't produced stats since July 2020. No fan of the Evening Standard but it's more reliable than social media where you appear to get your "facts" from.
  18. Where did these stats for 2021 come from then? https://www.standard.co.uk/news/uk/ons-england-government-samaritans-wales-b954050.html
  19. Perhaps because they are compiled quarterly and in arrears eg it appears April - June stats released early September; https://www.standard.co.uk/news/uk/ons-england-government-samaritans-wales-b954050.html So we can expect the July - September stats in the next week or so.
  20. Doesn't make sense. Coming from Meadowhead roundabout to the turn into St James there are two lanes to go forward along the ring road and then one short right turn lane for the last 30 yards or so into the retail park. What do you call the "inside lane"? I think all drivers I know would also refer to it as the left hand lane.
  21. So what is causing "the current spate of fan collapses at games"?
  22. Rather be treated by a surgeon myself....................
  23. It used to be back in the early 80's until funding was transferred to the DSS - and then the Tories shifted the responsibility (but by no means all the funding) to Local Authorities. Under Labour - 97 to 2010 - LA's used to pay top up grants to some care homes jointly funded by the NHS. Guess what happened from 2010 onwards................................
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