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Animal Activists Stage Sit In.

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The activists are actually trying to ban the sale of "The nine toed bobbelink eggs"

Latin name "The nine toed bobbelink"

This is a common British garden bird, standing at ninety feet tall, it can be spotted, if your lucky, balancing on a wooden bird tables, usually purchased from B&M stores (£14-99)

This bird is under threat of extinction due to the popularity of it's eggs.

The nine toed bobbelink was discovered in 1454 by the Worlds first ornithologist.

Herr Ornithologist Von Bobbelink,

A nine hundred year argument has been raging among botanist's , zoologist's, and ornithologist's to determine if Herr Ornithologist Von Bobbelink named the bird after himself...

His skeleton was exhumed in 1987 to determine whether Herr Von Bobbelink had nine toes, but this was left undecided as rats had eaten the feet of the skeleton.........


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Guest makapaka
1 hour ago, RollingJ said:

Agreed, @Ghozer - and if I'd gone shopping for eggs on Sunday, I would have bought them - 'Animal Rebellion' or no 'Animal Rebellion' with their (to me) weird ideas.


Do these individuals not understand the human digestive system is not designed for a plant based diet?

Of course it is.



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