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  1. Short answer of no has already been given. Long answer is still no and you're commiting an offence if you do so, Section 137 of Highways Act 1980, Wilful obstruction - If a person, without lawful authority or excuse, in any way wilfully obstructs the free passage along a highway he is guilty of an offence and liable to a fine not exceeding [F1level 3 on the standard scale].
  2. Many labast the operators (and quite rightly in most cases) but fail to understand that SYPTE is a waste of space and money & repeatedly fail to pass on government grants and concession payments then have the cheek to fine the operators for failing to operate services. SYPTE don't even operate the stations directly anymore, opting for outsource via Noonan, an irish firm who's reviews on Glassdoor paint a picture of poor management, poor wages (lots of accusations of failure to pay staff) amongst other complaints.
  3. From what I understand its less than that. I remember a driver telling me that the passes that they're anal about logging are the free school kid ones as they pay the most at a quid.
  4. Exactly this. Especially when you have the likes of Gmail etc. I pay £7 a YEAR for my email services but that's because I own my personal domain name and have the ability to create upto 10 users, which is handy for registering for trial accounts with the likes of Amazon etc.
  5. Are you sure that it's not because Calderdale/East Derbyshire/Wolverhampton have cheaper prices and lax rules compared to Sheffield? There's been a massive increase in out of town plates being used by Sheffield drivers.
  6. We're just used to SCC being a total farce so it's not worth mentioning anymore 😂
  7. And yet people still park in them and the council fail (choose not to more likely) to enforce them, especially in certain areas of the city which are a free for all due to this unwilling to send enforcement in.
  8. The issue i see comes down to mismanagement but also South Yorkshire getting the service it pays for. Government cuts mean very little payback from subsidies for OAP/Disability passes & there aren't enough paying passengers to cover them. I have been on buses where pass holders have outnumbered full fare paying passengers 30+ to 1. I am told the losses in subsidy is near £1 per passenger but I can't find any solid evidence. Would it be so bad to introduce a nominal fee for pass holders? 50p per journey wouldn't break the bank? There's also apathy from the drivers because they aren't getting the support from their supervisors. I know of one driver who was accused of racism because they insisted that a passenger of ethnic descent pay full fare for herself and her multiple children because her obviously fake pass wasn't valid (the driver has stated this passenger tries it all the time) The driver reported this attempted fraud and nothing happened since.
  9. I appreciate its not acceptable but where are these extra buses coming from? They cost anywhere from 190k to 270k depending on model and features. Looking at recent filings, First South Yorkshire isn't making half of one new bus in terms of profit and has made losses in previous years.
  10. So how is the driver of that 76 meant to know what time he's meant to be on the replaced service? What happens when his duty ends for his break/end of day but the bus is mid-route because of the change. It's not as simple as just pulling the bus from another route
  11. You realise that a Stagecoach bus went up in flames in late 2018 because water entered the cab via a leaking window. Water ingress vastly increases the risk of an electrical short leading to fire.
  12. Price "review" for First has been deferred till April as part of the 'apology' from FSY's MD
  13. I'm probably gonna polarise the thread and get veiled abuse thrown at me but from my experience of travelling by bus in recent months I've found that the drivers are constantly bombarded by rude customers, usually the elderly. On several occasions the driver has been dealing with a customer, putting a previous pass through manually (the card weekly passes mostly) & the OAP behind, having been asked politely to wait a moment, will just thrust their pass on the reader meaning the driver has to start again because the card reader overrides the driver's input. So I can understand why they don't really want to be that forecoming with great customer care when they're just met with such disdain when merely ask for a moment's patience.
  14. Because Terrorists target small corner shops 🤣 Thanks for that. Only reason I asked is I've seen bus bays with double yellows rather than the thick single. I thought the Sheaf St one had the doubles but Google Maps tells me I'm wrong.
  15. I'd be interested to know why since the doubles run through the bus stop.
  16. But the clowncil are already responsible for parking enforcement, ever since it was declassified from a criminal offence to a civil offence. Since there are double yellow lines & kerb markings in that area, lines which cover from there painted location upto the nearest wall (so covering pavements) parking tickets are enforceable without the need for these extra TROs.
  17. In the article it states that the blocks will move as TRO are completed. As someone who drives (for work) in and around the city on a daily basis, it will be interesting to see if any of these blocks make it to areas such as Wicker, Attercliffe, Spital Hill & Firth park, where people just park wherever they please & drive however they please. It's an absolute nightmare to get though the Wicker on an evening due to buses having to pull up in the middle of the roads because selfish (mainly taxis) drivers have parked in the bus bays.
  18. I await the inevitible Star article, complete with sad faces when someone sends their kids, unaccompanied, to Alton Towers for the day and the kids don't leave the park on time & miss the bus, the kids then will lie to get out of trouble. "Bus firm leaves kids behind at Alton Towers" You know it and I know it will happen.
  19. You're assuming they wouldn't make it a legal requirement, Retro-active for home-charge stations.
  20. So SCC have started placing concrete blocks around the city centre (there are some opposite train station) with "temporary measure to combat selfish parking" Great that they're attempting to deal with the problem but they're creating the same issue with the blocks, causing an obstruction to pedestrians. Personally, in my opinion, they should just wait for the problem parkers and the remove the car via tow-truck. If they want their car back, £200 + daily storage fees.
  21. They'll come up with a charge point tax system. Home charge points will be connected to your smart meters and charged for the use of the point. So your domestic use charge won't be affected
  22. They won't disappear, you'll pay the equivalent amount in a new "charge tax, in fact you'll pay more.
  23. How far is upstairs from downstairs? If it's a standard 2 storey house then a better router would be the start. I'm only using the one given by my provider and have a range of useable signal extending ~35metres in all directions. Upstairs is no different to down for me.
  24. The issue is that the system for those boards are not controlled directly by the bus companies, it's controlled by the SYPTE, who contract their staff to an irish firm Noonan. Let's be kind and say some of their staff could be the fabled missing link of human evolution. I assume bus companies communicate issues to SYPTE for the boards to be updated and I'm guessing that's where it's failing as SYPTE aren't updating the boards in a timely manner.
  25. Off the mortal coil like police did with this one?
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