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Animal Activists Stage Sit In.

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from the article.. 
"Individuals from the group held placards calling for the UK to adopt a ‘safer, sustainable’ plant-based food system"

But (so far) I don't like plant-based products, I have tried many of them, all horrid...  make something that actually tastes good, then sure.... Stop taking away peoples freedom of choice by forcing your beliefs on others...

Basically,  Just a modern johos

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I mean, whats stopping someone just reaching over and getting some eggs? Would have liked them to have tried to stop me.


They basically picked a supermarket that is usually full of old biddies as they knew there would be little resistance, they should try the same stunt at Lidl on PoW Rd next time and see how they get on there.

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Agreed, @Ghozer - and if I'd gone shopping for eggs on Sunday, I would have bought them - 'Animal Rebellion' or no 'Animal Rebellion' with their (to me) weird ideas.


Do these individuals not understand the human digestive system is not designed for a plant based diet?

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25 minutes ago, XPertByExperien said:

Was the protest peaceful? Thing is, I support people's right to PEACEFUL protest, what I don't support is the right of numpties to get involved in protests purely to antagonise the Plod and generally be a pain.



Nothing more than a bunch of Eggotistical morons.

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