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  1. Seems to me that there are a lot of posters on this thread, whom seem to think they own the road. I pay my road tax, insurance, clean and maintain my car to the highest standards. I like to drive in a more sedate fashion than some on here. I"m not an incompetent driver as some on here like to think. I"m allowed on the road like anyone else, and always drive safely. The problem is some on here have shown complete ignorance to the many thousands of drivers who drive in a sensible manner. Learn some patience , and make allowances for people who don"t all drive cars with 8 gears.
  2. Jane, Fran, Cressy, would have been nice.. The P would have been the icing on the cake.
  3. Was hoping for someone better...….afternoon pal.
  4. What a miserable day, somebody give me a wave, and cheer me up.
  5. Dear Mr Zakes. Thank you for your interest in the position of managing Sheff Wednesday football club. Your goal scoring record for Birley County is as impressive as it can get, Your willingness to attend Hillsboro whenever you can make it is another huge asset, However myself and the board feel you are massively over qualified for this position, If the opportunity was to arise, you could jump ship, and like our previous manager leave for a bigger club, such as Aldershot, Barnet, or Barrow. I have to tell you, the club are in advanced talks with a couple of Bramall Ln. stalwarts ... Brian the Blade and his assistant 2-1 Ken. After watching the Blades for many years, we believe these two have a wealth of experience to bring to the club, and have all the qualifications to take us down to the next level. Thank you for your interest in our super club, and we wish you well in your quest for a management career. Yours in sport. DEJPHON CHANSIRI.
  6. If you went 12 months without a blameworthy accident, you qualified for the annual dinner and dance + a little badge with your total years safe driving on it. I took early retirement in 2004 after 41yrs. Just seen Cyclones post where he states about driving in 8th gear, Oh my word now I get it, 8TH gear, never knew you had more than 4.
  7. I"ve been to one of their open days, very friendly and informative, lovely day out, enjoyed it.
  8. Rewiring useless lamp, expect sparks. Spark.
  9. Uttered a swear word to a lady.. (true)
  10. Common sense Presley, If Cyclone wants to take a spin with me, I will show him what real speed is, I"ll guarantee he will not call me slow again.
  11. . Its only a bit of fun Trish. Rattled a rattlesnake.
  12. Funny. but should be a P. Promised to teach Trish the alphabet.
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