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  1. Sheffield Wednesday educating Liverpool lads. Cater.
  2. Stupid adults laughing at Donald.. Adult.
  3. Hi there Sam, get on the I'm bored section, could do with a bit of glamour..
  4. Try a bit harder pal...…….Dem size 12 boots just aint big enough..
  5. I played snooker for Bellhouse wmc, won a few trophys, but never played billiards.. remember a good player from Firth Park.. Ken Phelan..
  6. ERM !.... think you've forgotten something 😒.
  7. Snooker players yes, billiards players no.
  8. How to tell a proper joke: re Baron... …………… PARKING OFFICERS FUNERAL...………... As the coffin was being lowered into the ground, a voice from inside screams " I'm not dead, I'm not dead, let me out"... The vicar smiles, leans forward sucking air through his clenched teeth, and mutters, To f***king late pal, I've already done the paperwork...
  9. The size of them chicks now, there massive.
  10. Love sitting in the sun, it's travelled 93 million miles in 4 mins to get here, shame not to waste it. Next poster does not forgive easily.
  11. Some even white weshed the walls in the coilhouse.
  12. Hi Ya Rudds, Done a good walk today, parked up at Morrisons, walked on the old railway line to Wincobank , then back through Woolley Woods, finished up walking round Ecclesfield park, 3 hrs and knackered.
  13. This thread has now been narrowed down too, MEN v BOYS.... The men are winning...
  14. Mother used to send me to the Ragman for a piece of donkey stone to donkey stone the steps.
  15. And terrible jokes...…..
  16. Been ok today Rudds, Shame, cus I was hoping to be a fly on the wall when Francy messages people, could possibly pick up some juicy ammunition there.
  17. Last time I used one was to check my balance. It told me to stand on one leg.
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