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  1. Always read your post's ECCO. Find them interesting and informative, this one is no exception. However I've just read up on her career on Google, perfume scams, diet scams, 3 failed marriage's, arrested for threating mums outside school, numerous convictions for driving offences, user of cocaine and other drugs. Oh don't the public just love her.
  2. Theirs more talent in my little toe nail.. The only talent she possessed was having a big booby job done. The public are gullible, and by does she know how to play em.
  3. I've no doubt whatsoever that she's a very caring and devoted mum. I just think she's taking the opportunity to further her own needs, that's just me I'm afraid, very suspicious of her motives.
  4. She's a business woman and knows how to steal the limelight. I've no doubt the programme will be well put together, and the nation will be shedding tears. A woman whose been on jungle celebrity twice earning vast amounts of money, plus everything else she has done. She's been bankrupt god knows how many times, sorry but I do wonder.
  5. Attention seeker Katie Price is on the Tele tomorrow night, Its all about her bringing up her disabled son Harvey. Now I have every sympathy with her, but there are thousands of mums in similar circumstances. If we have to watch something like this, lets have some poor mum struggling along on benefits, Not Katie Price !!!
  6. People who are constantly on their phones.
  7. The Caped Crusader ZAPS Ruddsie, and takes over the lead.
  8. A shock win, a giant killing act, not going to happen. Plymouth to win 2-0. Maybe the minnows will get a goal.
  9. yoo hoo Jane, nearly bedtime. 2536.
  10. A PROPER CENTRE HALF. R.I.P. Swanny.
  12. Finally got my tax rebate cheque, As my Nat West have kindly closed their Firth Park branch, I have had to go to that hell hole of a city to pay it in. So got my bank book and of I went. Well It's like going into a Cleethorpes amusement arcade, slot machines everywhere, I hadn't a clue what to do. No staff on hand to help me, so I had to interrogate a couple of customers. Why they had a look of amusement on their faces when I produced my bank book, I'll never know. Anyway with their help I managed to sus it out, not a very nice machine I might add, It literally snatched the cheque out of my hand. Mission accomplished, I then stepped over a couple of beggars and left Funland. What a farce.
  13. Francy , stay safe and dry, You may need to borrow this ☂️
  14. Iv'e not aged at all. When I was 20 years of age I looked 70yrs old. 50 years later and I still look 70.
  15. I like ALL IS LOST a 1993 film starring Robert Redford. Its a biopic about a man called RUDDSIE , who tried in vain to win this thread. He eventually got thrashed by super hero PADDERS.
  16. 1993 American crime thriller. Starring Michael Douglas.
  17. According to Saturdays Sun newspaper, Its the coldest January on record. Can't believe it to be honest, I've known plenty worse. Just what you'd expect for Jan, cold, wet, and miserable.
  18. I might do a Michael Douglas "falling down" and flip.
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