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  1. I"m not happy mate... Francy has not congratulated me yet..
  2. Wild thing, you make my heart sing, You make everything groovy, wild thing.
  3. Been in front too long Ruddsie. Time for some action now.
  4. It"s not permitted using tranquilisers. Perms.
  5. Padders

    Britain’s Got Talent

    Pathetic Trish, but still better than that garbage on BBC 1. how anyone can watch that is beyond me. noticed this morning we finished bottom.
  6. Padders

    Ask the Next Question (part 17)

    Used to feed neighbours cat when they went away, but never had a nosey round. Next poster remembers Grab a Granny at the Top Rank.
  7. Padders

    Word Association (Part 28)

  8. Hope they spell her name right.
  9. Very busy night Rudds, signing autographs.. Can I just thank my team for all the effort they have put in, enabling me to win this prestigious award. Commiserations to Rudds, Jane, and Francy. Better luck next time.. FRANCY, look what I"ve got.. 🏆.
  10. Just got back.. and I"ve just taken a young lady home, too young in fact.. can still pull em.
  11. YIPPEE! back in about an hour, Couple of pints to celebrate.. leave the door open please. 🎖️.
  12. Padders

    Keep counting up til

    Good evening Groose. 1648.
  13. Walk on walk on, with hope in your heart.
  14. Had indigestion, perhaps paella offended. Dingo.
  15. B O G O F rudds... Tonight Padders Bar.
  16. Padders

    What's knocked your duck off today?

    Been to the Doctors this morning, he told me I was colour blind, WHAT! Came as a right bolt out of the purple.
  17. Padders

    My dogs paw cut on broken glass

    Excellent post Derby, true story. When I was bus conducting in the 60s, on the outer circular route, I spotted 2 Jusoda bottles lying in the grass verge outside Norton Aerodrome. picked them up and paid for 2 teas at Malin Bridge café with them.
  18. Good morning darlin, 😍
  19. Padders

    What was the last thing you bought? (part 3)

    Francy please please don"t bother.. Me, Rudds, Jane, Mrs May, Donald Trump, Madonna, Uncle Tom Cobley, Even the bloody Pope. …………………………………….. We know.
  20. Padders

    Bus Strikes in Sheffield

    Been a bus driver for 41 yrs. and your spot on.. only a bus driver knows what your saying.
  21. Girl, you really got me going, You got me so I don"t know what I"m doing, Yeah, you really got me now, You got me so I can"t sleep at night.
  22. I was dazzled by your kisses, blinded by your charms, I was lost in a fools paradise.
  23. The young ones , we"ll always be the young ones.
  24. Sorry about this Rudds mi old pal.. I"m quite happy for you to finish second.. Meanwhile get this up your backside. 👞

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