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Animal Activists Stage Sit In.

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7 hours ago, Hecate said:

I think their choice of method and location in this instance was quite savvy too: if Millhouses is a middle class area (I left Sheffield  years ago and can only really remember the park) then it's likely to have a good percentage of Guardian-reading yogurt knitters who are already buying free range eggs but might not be aware of the alleged misleading nature of some of the labelling associated with the product. 


Not only are those folk likely to be open to hearing the message behind the protest, they're also likely to retain sympathy for a peaceful protest such as this one, rather then one like the protests a few months back that involved tipping milk all over supermarkets' floors and consequent extensive cleaning up by some minimum wage cleaning crew.

Very true.

No good alienating the people you wish to get on side.

I think they all mean well but some get carried away.



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1 hour ago, redruby said:

It’s still basically preaching to the converted. Not a literal, pedantic Sheffield Forum way. But in the sense that it won’t really make meaningful difference.

Anyway, this is getting dull. Enjoy virtue signalling to each other to your hearts content.

I get the feeling that, whichever way they did it, would not meet with your approval.

We will, thank you  Only I don't think we needed your permission.    Byel



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