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The parkrun thread


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We did it:-

Concorde = 90 New Record!

Graves = 107

Hillsborough = 65

Sheff Castle = 31

Sheff Hallam = 488




Highest ever Sheffield parkrun turnout


It seems the Rotherham flood made itself felt at Concorde.


Therevwas actually a challenge match . It was Barnsley vs Kimberworth so , as results will show, lots of the extra concord runners were from those two clubs.


Still way too many at Hallam!

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Things get pretty hectic at Hallam. Sheffield Castle seems to have fed the beast that is parkrun rather than take the pressure off Hallam.


Do we need six Sheffield parkruns? Where next? Limb Valley?


#loveparkrun - International parkrunday 5th October.


The Pirate, Graves - Hills & Highland Cows

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I'm a regular Park runner, tis a great event and better still it's free. I used to travel to Barnsley (Locke Park) but now use the one in Rovrem (Clifton Park).

Have done the Rother valley circuit when it first started. Next year i'm going to try the Parkrun "tourist" theme and attempt a different one each week.

There's also one due to start up in Doncaster pretty soon, end of Sept IIRC "Sandal Park" .

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Why are people not dissipating out from Sheffield Hallam park run? It doesn't make sense to me, especially when there is plenty of room at the other park runs. Could do with a few more at Castle!


Millhouses would help; it`ll probably be the fastest / flattest / easiest parkrun in Sheffield and it has the best café. I reckon those things are relevant criteria for a fair few parkrunners! I`d also say that Millhouses is the best park in Sheffield.

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