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  1. I've looked at the link. How can sports clubs access the funding? Is there a further link we can follow?
  2. my advice is get the most basic qualification you can (the cheapest) and then try to run circuit training classes within a gym or fitness club. Its very easy to get a job as a personal trainer in a gym (as long as you pay the rent), but getting the customers is the hard part Be very careful of qualifications, especially fitness qualifications as they don't prepare you for what's really needed to make it in fitness, ie, selling and marketing Running group classes is easier than doing personal training, people pay less to join a class so they will be more forgiving if you drop the odd clanger. Someone paying £30 for a session will be less forgiving
  3. * post baby size 14 to a very slim size 10 in 8 weeks (and 28 pounds lighter) * 44 pounds in weight lost for our oldest class member (age 59) * 47cm lost from whole body in 7 weeks Join our fitness clubs if you want fast results http://www.sheffield-fitness-training.com
  4. We aren't officially ladies only classes, but women dominate the classes. Sometimes the turnout is 100% female http://www.sheffield-fitness-training.com
  5. Its hardly overpriced, for your money you get access to all the classes plus an olympic sized swimming pool am I right in thinking the 10 pounds a month is simply an opening offer at many of the budget gyms? It then goes up to about 18 pounds A month. To be fair its nit much more expensive
  6. Dont understand our political leaders they persue policys that will encourage more cime they then cut the funding to the very people who are there to keep us safe
  7. Prune juice, drink one litre and then let rip for a few hours. Have plenty of loo rolls though
  8. These companies will get bigger because people are getting lazier. lets be truthfull, anyone who can't be bothered to go to their local shops, buy good local food and do effective exercise won't be losing weight anytime soon
  9. The whole point of the weight loss industry is that its there to make money, if someone is selling and making a profit then whats the problem? I tried to sell the stuff last year but failed miserably, weight loss and me don't mix. At the endof the day some people are good at selling products and good luck to them. If everyone ate good local food and did regular training, then products along these lines would not exsist. the fact is we live in a lazy society with people wanting a quick fix. While lazy people are out there looking for the quick fix then there will be people happy to sell the products. Nothing wrong with that in my opinion ---------- Post added 24-06-2014 at 08:07 ---------- QUOTE FROM NICKYR Every argument a Herbalife 'rep' who, by the way, has never been trained in anything to do with nutrition, they have lost miserably to the people who actually know what they are talking about) Id imagine the people who know what there talking about have got a 30k debt from studying and are not remotely close to earning the amount of money a good rep earns sour grapes springs to mind
  10. Just go down to the tax office on young street and they will help you. you need to be quick though as I believe they are shutting the place soon which means you will have to do self assessment online, and the online system is a nightmare
  11. What are the side effects of herbalife? If it was that bad 1000s of people around the world would be becoming ill. Clearly they are not. If It was as bad as is claimed would it not be banned?
  12. deadly storms in 2014 used to be called a rainy day 20 or so years ago
  13. Solution to your problem http://www.sheffield-fitness-training.com
  14. Would agree, its a bad location. The old Castle Market was in a far better location
  15. I was quite stunned too. If someone gave me a free home I'd be saying "thankyou very much" and be very grateful.
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