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The parkrun thread


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Today in Sheffield:-


Concord 34 Kimberworth Striders provide nearly 50% of the field

Graves 97 JW14 Leah Gregory first woman home

Hillsborough 73 Carl Egdell first finisher at yet another Sheff parkrun

Sheff Castle 21 The strong volunteer team dominate the points tables

Sheff Hallam 463 The gargantuam numbers continue.


Total 688

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parkrun time is only 39 hours away.


Arrrrrr you doing it?

What arrrrrgh you hoping to achieve?


Me? ---- I'm so up for a pb and staying in the top 500.


Say it (here). Believe it. Achieve it.


Failing that talk like a Pirate on International Talk like a Pirate Day.


The Pirate, Graves - Hills & Highland Cows

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I'll be there at Graves..my 4th one.


I am amazed at how many run at Hallam (Endcliffe Park, right?>) Sod that...



I'm trying to train for a duathlon so I'll be turning up on my bike after a few warmup k's - probs via my house, ringinglow, endcliffe park and the hump up meadowhead... Should be fresh for the 5k then..or not!


I only started running about 4 months ago - did the c25k podcasts and went from incapable to getting a 25m08 pb on my second parkrun! Amazed!

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