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  1. I have an opening light on a uPVC window that I can't close. I can see it's all misaligned on one side but I can't seem to realign it. Can anyone recommend someone to repair... would it be a window fitter or specialist?
  2. I have an opening into my kitchen, however the opening is too big for a standard door (approx 1050x2100), it's just a though opening formed with a lintel over and boarded/skimmed etc and I want t close it off or have the option to screen it off but I'm struggling to figure out what's best to do. I'm currently looking into a sliding door kit but I still can't get a door big enough to fit the opening and I don't even know where to begin looking. Can you buy bigger doors from somewhere that I can't find, is it easier to get a door made? I don't really know anyone skilled enough to point me in the direction of where to go but I really need to try and get it sorted so any advice or guidance would be much appreciated Thanks
  3. I like the race, I don't like how it was £14 to enter 3 years ago and is now £25. It's gone up £1 from last year. It always bugs me that race organisors don't offer reduced rates for those on low incomes or a choice of reduced entry fee instead of a useless cotton t-shirt or medal that sits in a junk drawer. Sheffield half marathon is £35!!!!!
  4. To say you couldn't see the cyclist, you observed quite a lot about them. Nothing like a bit of embellishment to add substance to your utterly pointless observation.
  5. Putting aside our opinion on the reason for the tree removal, who is in charge of PR nowadays. SCC, Amey and the Police could surely see how behaving this way would only inflame the situation even more. Given how SYP aren't exactly the most trustworthy of poilce forces, who there decided that the request by the council was worth pursuing..surely anyone with an ounce of common sense would recommend to SCC that this course of action would create issues and they should reconsider. Also, an interesting point raised on the radio this morning, with various districts blighted by anti-social behaviour, a lack of police action and presence in these areas, yet SCC come knocking and they can rustle up 20 odd officers and riot vans to assist a private company to chop some trees down, I can only assume at the taxpayers expense. Not sure about where you live but if I fired up a chainsaw at 5 in the morning I'd be expecting to get my collar felt or at least a stern talking to from the police, yet Amey are more than welcome to do so. It's the shear stupidity of it all that amazes me and the blatant disregard for peoples welfare and decency
  6. There's also free parking on Direct Cars side, allow 15 minutes to wander/jog round. The main car park gets busy now.
  7. If it's gait analysis that's important to you then I'd veer away frm the running shops and look to a foot specialist or physiotherapist Running shops mean well, you get a good service, but they want to sell you some trainers. A physio has no vested interest and would probably spend more time looking at more than just your running gait, to a point where you might get some good advice on specific strength training or exercises to correct an imbalance, if you had any. With this you can then go to a running shop armed with clearer info on what type of trainer (support, zero-drop etc) might be suitable. I'd recommend Accelerate or Front Runner as a good place to discuss your shoe requirements, they are friendly and always happy to help without pressuring you into buying a specific pair But ultimately, trainer choice is down comfort, try some on that you like the look of and go from there. Blisters may just be a sock issue??
  8. Before this thread degenerates, as these things do given the toxic nature of the forums keyboard warriors (you know who you are) let me say all I'm going to say on this matter and just consider this, just imagine...... Someones child, someones Dad, someones Mum, someones Grandad, someones Nan, someones Uncle, someones Auntie...all went to a football match, under glorious sunshine....and they died. After years and years of lies, smears and cover ups, evidence has been presented to an independent panel of jurors, actual evidence....not hearsay or conjecture...EVIDENCE...they have reviewed all evidence and concluded that as a result of police, stadium, ambulance and FA failings these fans were UNLAWFULLY killed and in no way did football fans contribute to this disaster. There are family members who have gone to their grave, having lost a loved one to such tragic yet unavoidable circumstances who will never have got justice for the death of their loved one, thankfully justice has finally prevailed and hopefully those responsible will be now held accountable. I don't care one bit about your opinion Hambeast because it counts for nothing and means nothing to anyone but you, so you can save it, give yourself a little pat on the back. Peace Out
  9. But you're missing the bigger picture, the pollution has already occurred, you use air pollution to add credibility to your campaign yet it detracts from the actual problem. It's similar to making helmets compulsory for cyclists instead of making the roads safer in the first place... It's utterly pointless. The trees would remain but vehicle use and subsequent pollution will continue to rise as will related illness and death... But it's OK, at least the street looks pretty and house prices haven't been affected. It happens a couple of people don't actually drive, well done, kudos to you but sorry to burst your smug bubble... You're in a minority
  10. Here's an idea Swami...sell your car(s) or stop using it altogether. Encourage your neighbours to do the same. Walk more, catch the bus to work, cycle. Imagine the impact on local pollution levels if you all did that. If you cared that much then you'd be doing much more than worrying about how pretty and picturesque your street looks. You know what, I get that...streets look nicer with mature trees, if I lived on tree lined street and the council were chopping them down, I'd get a bit miffed. But when you continue to use air pollution as the mainstay of your argument....it strikes me as a bit disingenuous. You don't care about air pollution beyond your own little circle, if at all. You don't care about people in Tinsley that suffer extreme levels of air pollution..or anyone else that happens to not live in a leafy suburb and may live in heavily industrialised or trafficked areas. You don't care when you've dropped little Jimmy off at school in your 4x4, despite living 5 minutes walk away...I'm generalising I know but I'd be willing to bet a good wedge of cash that the majority of those people campaigning to keep the trees rely heavily on the use of cars on a day to day basis and would baulk at the idea of giving it up or using alternative means of transport.
  11. Well those trees in Handsworth have been chopped down. Good work
  12. Yes, £5.99 for the one at bottom of Granville Road. Just sign up online, get your access code and you get 24 hours
  13. Pure Gym day pass, £6. Not much agro involved
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