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  1. We only had 184 @ hillsborough parkrun on 14th February
  2. It was actually a low number week for us at hillsborough parkrun. We have averaged 121over nearly every week last 2mnth.
  3. Keep at it Moke and you see your times tumble Hope to see you smashing it on the 9th Aug when I return to Hillsborough parkrun. Gareth Event director
  4. Saturday the 9th August at hillsborough parkrun will be Kits out for the kids day. To commemorate the start of the 2014/15 football season we would like everyone to turn up and run in their favourite teams colours in Aid of the Children's hospital charity. Parkrun will always be free but there will hopefully be collection buckets so bring your loose change.
  5. sorry for only replying to this. if parkrun was a race not a run:- there could be no runners under 16yr old allowed to participate no pushchairs or dogs would be able to participate the insurance rate would mean parkrun would have to charge over 500 runners would mean the attendance of professional emergency services, ie. an ambulance there are many other reasons but these are some of the main problems. us Event directors etc have to be careful in what we post concerning this
  6. Bingo. We are road running club. Tuesdays are runs with groups ranging from 6.30-7min miles to 10min plus for around 60-90min Thursday are mixed ability speed endurance with coach David oilfield,
  7. Me rickoneill. Be an excellent choice to join us at SRC. just come down to EIS Tuesday or Thursday at 6pm. We meet in the cafe
  8. The linked pair are the spring 2012 model and were brooks attempt at cashing in on london Olympics. Any normal runner will only get 200-300 miles out of a 'racing' shoe but it depends on weight and running efficiency. I know someone who got 850 miles out of training in a racing shoe but he weighs 7st and runs 2:30.00 marathons
  9. I use adidas hagio 2s, 7oz of shoe. But I know a lot who use brooks t7 racers and rave about them. I think they have a bigger drop than 5mm though.
  10. Its our 1st Birthday run at hillsborough parkrun this Saturday. People are bringing cake and we're running the course in the opposite direction. All welcome. :partyhat:
  11. there are guidelines on how far a child can RACE not run. parkrun is a run not a race. interestingly someone i know put their garmin on their son during a U11 football game interested in how far he ran in the game. result = 4.2miles in the 72min he played. kids play in the playgrounds at dinner and probably do more running around than 5k. i know i played football on a conctrete court for a full hour when i was at school. pretty certain I did more than 5k. should we stop kids doing this? I played 80min of rugby twice a week from u13 to u18 as well as football every day. too much running there? kenyan/ephiopian kids run miles every day to get to school. our nanny state making kids weak and soft? and fat? the IAAF rules are bad but UKA rules are plain stupid and could be the reason we are no longer a force on the marathon scene. parkrun hopefully addressing that As Event director of hillsborough parkrun i get regular feedback from kids and their parents. the kids love the parkrun. trust me, a child wouldnt run if they didnt enjoy it. its an accomplishment for them to get their 10 run t-shirts. children under 11 need to be accompanied by an adult at all times.
  12. Woodbourn rd still free to use. Floodlights on every night bar the odd Thursday.
  13. I know of 5 others that have done the Sheffield 5 already but it was nice to have you run down at hillsborough parkrun flanker
  14. We had 76 at hillsborough. Not sure why but personal results are on for each of todays runners on their page but not the full results. Support informed. We were definitely affected by percy pud tomorrow.
  15. Get there early enough and you can park close to the bottom of rodney hill or on storrs rd. Both are 5min walk to the start/finish
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