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  1. The race packs will be sent out the first week of Nov
  2. Sorry this years race is now full
  3. The race being at the time year always stands to have bad weather a insurance company would not cover us for that. ---------- Post added 16-09-2013 at 15:18 ---------- now 1400 have enterd
  4. 2000 this year ---------- Post added 16-09-2013 at 14:43 ---------- It was postponed due to snow and 1400 tured up and the race has lots of out goings Like 30 Loos a Masive marque. Police. St Johns the field hire and 800 to the council for road closures
  5. Lay off 4 a bit and try some other trainers
  6. https://secure.onreg.com/onreg2/front/step1.php?&id=2028 HERE YOU ARE FOLKS
  7. There is a place in Mayblethorpe called the Materdor what have a challange of 5 Bacon 5 Sos 5 Hash browns 5 Eggs tin of Beans and a tin of Toms and Mushrooms plus a full link of Black pudding and 5 Toast and endless Tea and Coff at a price of 9.95 No one has ordered it yet
  8. Yes i do at laycocks club if you join at a cost of 12 pounds you get the room free
  9. Hi iam a dj who does kids partys at laycocks club archer rd the room is free
  10. Hi my name is Richard Dunk race Director of The Percy pud 10k .This years race is not full yet so if you want to enter call in to Up and running in Sheffield town centre just up from the Cutlers hall for a entry form or downlown one from Steel City Striders site.This years Race is going to be the best so far as in two new sponcers Up and Running and GH MUMM Who sponcer many sporting events like f1 racing.Better pizes and more age groups.
  11. There is a trip to Blackpool from Laycocks sports club Archer Rd this Sunday The 29th May and there is seats spare .Leaving the club at 8am Setting off back at 5pm £10 a seat
  12. Hi iam the race Director 4 Percy Pud 10k.The reson why no refunds are given is because of expensers of staging the race like the chip timing all runners resive costs £2.10 even if not used all suppliers have be paid none refunderble depoits and all so there is the puddings we have bought for each runner.I would like to add it is better to have a race this year than no race at all as many pepole are running to raise money for local charitys and we also give money from profits to many charitys as well .As 4 the new date of the race no matter when i re aranged the date 4 it would of clashed with other racers
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