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Sheffield dog bites horror delivering political leaflets

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There is a serious and dangerous, situation that appears to be local to Sheffield.

Leaflet posters are suffering serious and disfiguring injuries from innocently posting political leaflets in to households.


Dogs are biting their fingers as they post the leaflets, with reports of three leaflet posters sustaining serious injury while performing their duties.


I'm shocked and stunned that this is allowed to happen to people in todays modern society, but it begs the question are these people suitably trained and experienced in posting leaflets, are postmen and paper boys and girls subject to the same risks and put in harms way in the same conditions.


If the same injuries are sustained upon postmen and paper delivery people why isn't it a national problem that should be highlighted and the risk minimised to prevent reoccurence.


If this was a company three injuries sustained in such a short period doing the same operation would be subject to a thorough and indepth investigation by the Health and safety executive.


My heartfelt sympathy goes out to the party representatives who have suffered from this atrocious situation and would hope they are seeking recompense from there repective parties for putting them in a situation of high risk and such a hazardous environment.



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Lesson 1 that every paperboy/girl knows: Do not stick anything through letterbox unless you don't want them back.


Whilst I have sympathy if you lose a finger, my immediate thought is "why did you stick your finger in there".

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At least these 'Representitives' of the people only come out of the woodwork when they want something, if they want to waste my time putting landfill through the letterbox, then they're gonna get their fingers bitten.


And it might not be the dog that does it :lol:

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I have sympathy but it's not like the owners are letting the dogs out on the street. If you go on to someone's property uninvited or without warning the owner of your presence or put your fingers through their door then they can't be held responsible for what happens.

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