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  1. I think you're lumping a lot of people who just like Beatles stuff in with these so-called "chin strokers" you seem to spend your time with. Pretty much anyone who's into the Beatles enough to have their albums would have the two Past Masters compilations because they contained all the non-album stuff. they're hardly niche, completist, hard to find bootlegs. Past Masters 2 has We Can work it Out, Rain and the Inner Light which I think are great, it also has Old Brown Shoe, The ballad of John and Yoko and You Know My Name which I'm not so keen on, although TBoJ&Y does seem to become an earworm whenever it's mentioned. I don't really think the above opinion books me a spot in Pseud's Corner. While we're at it, Let it Be - possibly my least favourite of all their songs!
  2. Some of my favourite Beatles songs are listed above! Personally, I've never been keen on Eleanor Rigby. Never really been able to work out why - I suspect it could be the string arrangement but then I think Yesterday and She's Leaving Home are among their best. Weird. In what way do you think it is over-rated?
  3. Ha ha! Good to see my old friend I P Freely is still with us.
  4. I'm fascinated by this but I don't think I can see it. Are you talking about the bit that looks like a dodgy heart-shaped pond?
  5. *chuckle* It's certainly going to upset some people. Popcorn popping as we speak.
  6. Well obvs. It's in the Telegraph. Point remains, though, that mask wearing may well be providing a level of immunity that wouldn't otherwise occur. Which is exactly how science works. Actually ... Is it a theory or is it a hypothesis? I assume a person of your obvious knowledge and experience knows the difference.
  7. Ha ha! I knew you'd ask that. I don't know, I'm neither evolution or a deity. I was merely, and pretty effectively, pointing out the fallacy in your suggestion that evolution gets everything "right". Now then, here's an interesting unforseen consequence of wearing face masks: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/global-health/science-and-disease/face-masks-could-giving-people-covid-19-immunity-researchers/?utm_source=pocket-newtab-global-en-GB
  8. Dave, you seem to be ascribing some level of perfection to the process of evolution which just isn't there. If evolution was perfect we wouldn't, for instance have the entrance to our digestive tract right next to our the entrance to our respiratory system. That's just asking for trouble.
  9. Yep. Thanks Loob. Nice to read things which agree with me 😁.
  10. Well, I assume that once they've spent it all somebody else will be able to spend it.
  11. Can't say to be honest - it's a very vague memory which I had completely forgotten about until I read your post. All I really remember is everything kicking off and me and the couple of people I was with being bundled somewhere for safety. I guess all my memories of being in there are rather faint due to the time and state we used to arrive.
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