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  1. How's about somebody who really likes meat but doesn't like the idea of animals needing to be killed for their eating pleasure?
  2. Mine cuts out at about 16.7 mph. No idea why it's a bit higher than it should be. You can, I believe, buy a dongle which overides the limiter but, even putting aside the illegality, it seems rather pointless because it'll flatten your battery in no time.
  3. Yes but: 5 growing economies. 5 growing economies. The BRICS conspiracy cartel are behind 5g and, hence, the coronavirus. Think on that why don't you?
  4. I can identify certain metals with my teeth.
  5. Ha ha! You managed to move from me providing you with a full transcript of a misrepresented statement which, if read in full, renders the context of one word completely clear to implying that I am an anti-semitism apologist. I admire the work you're doing here, James, but I refer you to my Einstein comment above. [Predicted response from James: "Ah, miss, miss, he said it's above when it's actually on a previous page" Miss throws dictionary of literary terms at James and says "STOP. CALLING. ME. MISS! ]
  6. Yes they did. And no it doesn't. If someone adopts a value which is shared by Christians then it is a Christian value regardless of why they adopt it. I generally help out people in distress when I come across them. That's a classic example of a Christian value but that doesn't mean I choose to act that way because it is a Christian value. I think this is another language issue. I'm not suggesting Christian values are exclusively that. Any given Christian value can also be a value of any number of other subsections of society. I'm sure you and I share many Christian values. The fact we don't adhere to them because they are Christian values does not stop them from being Christian values.
  7. You're doing that school kid thing again, james. If Jesus was God then, obviously, by the time he did the Jesus thang, he had changed his mind.
  8. No. Look back at James' original question. He was asking which "Christian values" the Labour Party adopted. I pointed out that the source of the Christian values was pretty left leaning, Whether the party adopted those values because of Christian influence or by complete coincidence doesn't detract from the fact that they are the same values. I choose to wear black a lot. This means I have adopted Johhny Cash's dress style. Doesn't mean he influenced me, though. No logical issues there.
  9. No it isn't and no it doesn't. I have no "belief" in Jesus. As far as I am concerned a bloke called jesus who some people wrote about may or may not have existed. Regardless of that, the description of him and utterances attributed to him are undeniably left leaning. I notice you have a habit of attributing complicatedness to a lot of situations, ideas and events which need not be so. I wonder if this is a consequence of some severe cognitive dissonace caused by the fairly solid arguments against your embedded views that you are encountering on here. Or maybe you're just Rushing. 😉. Now. I must applaud you on your magnificent mental acrobatics here. Bravo! So, how does referring to the leftyness of the guy whose values the Christians adopted not answer the question?
  10. Oh dear. Because the attributed "quotes" on the cartoon are someone else's interpetation! Come on James, you seem to be having trouble with your own language... Ooh. I wonder... Again, you seem to be struggling with meaning here. I'll give it one more try but, after this, I'm adopting Einstein's stance so I hope you can manage to understand. I'll utilise two different approaches to help facilitate your success. 1. We have a big event, every year, with lots of activities, to raise awareness of the Holocaust. The involvement, participation and inclusion of so many people may lead a given person to describe it as a celebration. I would imagine, though, that, like the woman in question, on using that word most people would think to themself "wait a minute ... celebration?" and then go on to qualify what they meant. Just like she did. 2. I looked on a thesaurus site for synonyms for the word celebrate and, among the "happy ones" were the following. Commemorate. Honour. Mark. Recognise. Acknowledge. Remember. Memorialize. And, if you're still unable to understand, here are some antonyms: Deny. Ignore. Forget. Overlook. Disregard. So, hopefully I have helped increase your grasp of the nuances of our language. (Bit of cheeky cleverness in there for the more advanced readers!)
  11. Nope. I didn't claim your interpretation of her speech was wrong because you didn't interpret it. You merely shared someone else's interpretation of it and I provided you with the actual statement which, if read properly, is clearly not in the spirit of the disingenuous paraphrasing you shared. The focus on one word as evidence is very telling and is similar to the tactics of an insolent schoolkid arguing the toss when caught hitting someone : "Ah but you're wrong. I didn't punch that lad with the big bruise on his face - I slapped him." The place I work has a holocaust memorial week every year and it would be very easy for someone talking about it to refer to it as a celebration. Of course, that is not the best word to use and I would imagine that any person who did use it would immediately clarify the meaning - just like Tlaib did. Any listener (or reader) who latched onto that word and ran around, physically or metaphorically, shouting "miss, miss, she said she's celebrating the holocaust miss!" would, I suggest, be revealing an already embedded agenda. For clarity, that was an opinion, not a claim.
  12. Agreed. It can be read properly ... or not. See above. And how is that relevant to whether her other statement was misrepresented? Eh? I'm not sure where I made a claim. I merely provided some facts. Yeah, sure.
  13. I think Jesus comes across as pretty left-leaning. Don't you?
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