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  1. Squiggs

    Demo/Protest on Abbeydale road?

    Day of Ashura so I'm told. Not a demo or protest, a Shia commemoration of one of their martyrs *edit* just googled this and looks like I was told wrong
  2. Squiggs

    Spice in Sheffield.

    The official one not the sheffield forum chatter one
  3. Squiggs

    Spice in Sheffield.

    The definition excludes nutrients of essential dietary requirements already. Alcoholic drinks are not essential. Just because the usual means of consuption is to ingest it, brewed in with other ingredients no more excludes it from being a psychoactive drug than would consuming hash coffee* just because the hashish has been mixed in and ingested by drinking Alcohol is a drug. An illegal drug in some parts of the world. And there is an argument that it would be classified as an illegal drug if it had only recently been discovered and manufactured but it is historically part of our culture. That doesn't make it "not a drug", just one that is considered "socially acceptable" *Caffeine too is a psychoactive drug
  4. Squiggs

    Spice in Sheffield.

    Well, you can say you learned something today. Alcohol is classified as a psychoactive drug.
  5. Squiggs

    Spice in Sheffield.

    "A few on here are all for legalising drugs, I wonder if alcohol is on the list." <-- what you might have been saying if alcohol was banned and someone related a typical Saturday night in town... In all seriousness though, synthetic cannaboids were created as a way to try to get around the drug laws. They probably wouldn't exist if it were not for the criminalisation of drugs.
  6. Does this mean it's possible to walk along the footpath near the climbing place now?
  7. Squiggs

    Sheffield's New Lord Mayor

    Yeah why doesn't someone tell him that "his lot" are supposed to come over here and not integrate so we can moan about them not integrating. So it's a damn cheek coming over here and integrating
  8. Squiggs

    New Buses in Sheffield are Annoying

    So it's bad that First have bought some buses as one might break down one day. Right. OK then...
  9. Squiggs

    South Yorks mayoral race.

    Them grapes taste BAAAAD
  10. Its a preposterous layout that gives a cyclist both green and red simultaneously. It would never be set up that way for motorised traffic. However there is a stop line at the red light and it is possible to, and correct to stop there, in that respect its no different to left turning vehicles passing the green light and reaching the red crossing light. As for following the green line on the OP's map, that would also involve crossing the stop line of a red light, the pedestrian crossing lights there being timed to coincide with the cycle green light, so is no different. Ridiculous as the layout is, cycles should cross the road junction on their green but stop at the crossing red. (Just as drivers should stop at the new crossing on Brook Hill by the university at a red light and also not enter the crossing when the exit is not clear queueing across the crossing, then set off despite pedestrians crossing on their green - since we're generalising about road users)
  11. - "Yes Donald" - "Of course Donald" - "Three bags full Donald" Not difficult at all
  12. Oh the modern "haters gonna hate" line Council tax keeps going up, services keep getting cut but public money gets pumped into publicly traded multinationals for shareholder profit at the expense of service provision (including that which could be better spent on health and social care) and the response is "oh, you a hater" You REALLY don't care why your council tax bill keeps going up, don't care why, don't care where the money goes? Happy with redacted secret deals with your money? I despair
  13. Squiggs

    Carry On The Story ( With 4 words only )

    which knocked out the
  14. Incident number to give as reference?

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