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  1. Mary Roberts the Great Britain on John street 1970
  2. there used to be a clock and watch repairer on spital hill / burngreave road
  3. I'm sure there was a pickle factory on nursery street on the corner of Johnson street
  4. because it wasn't for her to decide, shes there to carry out /represent the voters wishes
  5. have a look in the old bike mart its a monthly paper there used to be a regular part/guy who reclaimed numbers for bikes that had been off the road a while
  6. go magnet fishing in the don your bound to find a few
  7. which crawshaws? ---------- Post added 31-10-2018 at 15:18 ---------- ok its not John Crawshaw of Stocksbridge
  8. it was known as the silver slipper not the glass slipper. it was on the opposite corner to the vine pub on the same side going up cemetery road
  9. not forgetting the enamel billy can and some mashings wrapped in news paper
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