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  1. Not paid for a TV license in about 5 yrs. Wrote in and told them I wont be paying. Presented them with the "implied rights of access" act and they sent me a letter back saying they will inform there inspectors not to come to my property and they haven't. Simple as that, if your stupid enough to pay £145 a year then...
  2. True, not invaded a country based on lies yet or pals with terrorist leaders... ex-terrorist leader.
  3. As I have earlier on another thread. He will be getting a £750,000 pay out for redundancy from the MEP
  4. I know, its happening so all re-moaners, please just get over it. Nothing will change. The EU will still want our £48.5 Billion a year in trade. All the other countries in the world will want to trade with the 5th richest economy in the world.
  5. Hope he is and yes it was. A bit overkill for the ARV though. Well OTT
  6. Went past about 15:20. 7 ARV X5 BMWs. 3 cops on the grass banking fanned out with semi automatics and an Ambulance. Wasn't the counter terrorist team though.
  7. I never answered your low employment question. Same as the Tories did back in the 80s, but it was called the YTS. In 2017, its called an apprenticeship, SIA, Taxi course or route to employment scheme. Funded by the government. Why? if they are on a 6 week course for example, then they are not actively seeking employment... get it?
  8. What! I love Whirlow hall farm produce. They want there genitals setting on fire.
  9. Probably because the EU are going to make it as hard as possible for the UK, I think "punish" is the word at the moment. This is the real EU for you and you want to remain under their dictatorship? and the media are blaming it all on Brexit.
  10. Then the ones already doing it, whatever nationality they are, can stay and continue doing the jobs. Just no more that want to come and hang around page hall all day, not contributing to the system, just taking from it. Your info comes from a controlled media source. If they said there was a zombie outbreak, would you believe it too. Half of our pharmaceuticals come from India anyway. Besides, Nibiru will destroy us all by 2018 anyway. So don't worry.
  11. Already happening my friend. Its called Zero hour contracts.
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