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  1. Does anyone recall a guy setting fire to himself in Shiregreen in the early/mid 90s? I was a kid at the time but seem to remember it was local knowledge. I remember that he died from his injuries and may have been called Kevin but I'm not sure. Maybe the whole thing was just imaginary kids stuff but I do recall the story quite vividly. There were rumours that it was related to his girlfriend leaving him but not sure how true this is. Strange post I know, but it just popped back in to my mind
  2. The term is Millennial for someone who is born after 1990
  3. Add to that the fact that it's in the wrong part of the forum
  4. Yes Erdogan did previously state that short term border violations were not a reason for taking physical action. Turkey also have a long history of illegally flying in to Greek airspace. However, now the shoe is on the other foot.
  5. So you're annoyed that everyone on the television doesn't look exactly like you? I bet you've never complained about someone on the TV wearing an earring
  6. Why is it common sense to restrict it? To the people who agree with the authorities that it's far too dangerous to use on on public grounds, have you researched the accident statistics in other countries to come to this conclusion, or have you just blindly agreed that the authorities must be looking out for your best interests. They're perfectly legal where I live and in many other countries and yet I can't find any reports of mass accidents caused by them in such countries that the UK are avoiding by banning them. I didn't raise the point because of hoverboards, but the wider issue of government control over citizens.
  7. The UK really is becoming like some dystopian science fiction future where every facet of life is controllde by the authorities for the protection of the public. Now apparently the new fad, hoverboards (kind of like a Segway but without the handle part) are fully illegal in the UK due to health and safety reasons. http://www.theguardian.com/technology/2015/oct/12/hoverboards-illegal-pavements-roads-scooters One of the reasons I left the UK was the government's insistence on lack of free-will and complete control over the choices made by the public apparently 'for their own good'. So, do you feel safer in your homes knowing that the newest international toy fad is banned in the UK, or do you wish the government would allow common sense to prevail and assume that someone isn't going to ride their hoverboard at 90mph in to a bus stop full of school children?
  8. This has nothing to do with tracking real criminals and protecting people. Real criminals don't use open communication to discuss their criminality and terrorists aren't typing "How to make a bomb" into Google from their home computers. This is entirely to keep and eye on the average every day man, and ensure he's not suddenly going to start thinking for himself and challenging power. Use TOR. It's still perfectly safe (as long as you disable Java and don't run it full screen)
  9. I actually find this quite interesting. The murders apparently took place in 2006, and yet this website ABOUT THE MURDERS was clearly made in 1991! How did the designer know about the murders 15 YEARS BEFORE THEY HAPPENED?
  10. A massive overreaction on OP's part but to put your head in the sand and pretend there isn't a huge cultural problem with regards to the treatment of females in India isn't helpful either. Remember the bus-rape and the worrying reactions to that? Now clearly everyone in India isn't a rapist paedophiles but there are wholly different attitudes towards such things, particularly in the small rural areas than there are in the UK. I know, I know - it's 2015 and it's no longer to talk about any issues that might offend anyone so feel free to increase the size of your font to an appropriate scream and type the R word.
  11. I think that's a somewhat harsh comment without knowing the facts. There are plenty of children with behavioural problems who simply *can't* behave, not matter what you do to them within your power. I'm not saying this is the norm, it's not, but it's not as simple as 'bad child = bad parents'.
  12. In an ideal world this would work but you're not talking to a fully developed adult with the ability to make decisions using foresight and reasoning to the level we do. Sometimes teenagers need discipline and boundaries, not just someone to sit them down and talk nicely to them about how what they are doing is really upsetting you. You may think that Zamo's response is over the top, but yours is just the other side of the same coin. I've seen plenty of ineffectual parents in my time working with children who think everything can be fixed with a sit down, a talk and a nice cup of tea and then wonder why their kids are walking all over them. I'm not saying the answer is screaming in your child's face and throwing your weight around, but it's also not treating them like an adult who has an equal partnership with you on rules and decisions because they're not - they're teenagers.
  13. That doesn't sound right for a doorman. As above, I also have a friend who was doing it over 10 years ago and getting £13. And that was when minimum wage was much less
  14. Who cares? It's a meaningless title made up by some pointless people. I could create a 'Most Desirable Area in the World' competition and allow Parson Cross to win but it wouldn't mean anything.
  15. The guy speaks a lot of sense, and only now are people beginning to realise this. Unfortunately, his chances in politics were pretty much destroyed by an unfair voting system and media assassination, in part by the state funded propaganda machine the BBC
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