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  1. No need, they'll probably just chuck a black box in your car and you'll pay a tax per mile. Depending on what type of car you tend to get that could work out cheaper for you, you can usually get a cheap/free service package thrown in too.
  2. Given the variety of names there I'm surprised they couldn't think something up for Q, U, X, Y and Z.
  3. Think it reopens next week. Membership £32.50 with £20 joining fee. The jacuzzi is apparently fubared and will not be repaired and they've done next to nothing renovation wise.
  4. Top Gear did it too. They soaked the insides of a caravan in several litres of petrol, chucked in a couple hundred mobiles and called them all simultaneously. Nothing happened.
  5. He doesn't owe the money, his businesses do. Personal finances =/= business finances Can I ask, do you have a private pension?
  6. Why does everyone have four cars? Is that not a bit overkill?
  7. That depends, cycle tracks may or may not have a right of way for pedestrians, it would depend upon the TRO. (HA 329)
  8. He's sort of right, but also very, very wrong. Right of way doesn't mean what many people think it does. Simply, it means you have the right to use a particular thoroughfare. For example, cars have right of way on motorways but not on footpaths, bikes have right of way on cycle paths but not motorways. What we do operate is a system of give way and priority at junctions etc. You should always give way if it helps to avoid an incident. In the case in hand where you have pedestrians in the cycle lane they do no have the right of way to be there, but if they are you do have to give way. You don't have the right to just plow into them.
  9. From the evidence presented in this thread I can point to a couple which don't.
  10. How can you kill something which isn't truly alive? ---------- Post added 31-05-2018 at 12:17 ---------- Why not just complete the slippery slope and wind the clock back to the ova. Each one after all is a potential life, that's around 2million lickle babies being murdered for every woman on the planet. Maybe we should be harvesting them all at birth to prevent the loss of 11 thousand a month that are going to die before puberty? While we are at it lets hook all the men up to some form of electroejaculation contraption to harvest all their semen, we wouldn't want to waste any cos that makes God quite irate.
  11. Bit of superglue in the lock of the one they've fitted should suffice, cheaper and you get to use it on any others you come across.
  12. Seems more like a hearing test for those who don't mind being groped by strangers to me.
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