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  1. Just to be pedantic - Yes. Fibre Broadband is just a product, which can, using FTTC be delivered into your home using the existing copper wiring. This was the original question - not whether the transmission protocols or fibre signalling would use the copper wires.
  2. Hi, I'm looking for a space, initially short term, but potentially longer. I'm in S35 so preferably this side of the city. Minimum requirement is power and water, as I want to use this space to keep a few aquariums in while I move house. The background / general idea here is I have a fish room at home in my garage and want to move them out of there over a few weeks, then move them into the new space over a few weeks. Depending on the space, I might just keep them there and use it as a fish room / studio to film projects (I have an aquarium based YouTube channel). I realise most places will have a minimum term commitment or concerns about water - but my main issue is getting anyone to even respond to queries on the rare occasion I do find something that might be available. I'm not looking for a freebie or anything, willing to pay market rates, I'm obviously looking in the wrong places! Does anyone have any ideas where to look, if not have a space available? Failing that - anyone fancy renting out some space in their garage for a week!
  3. I post updates on my fish tanks and all kind of related stuff (link in sig) on YouTube - just wondering how many fish keepers we have here?
  4. YouTube does randomly turn off notifications sometimes - I have subscribers to my channel complaining about it when they swear blind they've clicked the bell and everything else they can think of and think I've blocked them!
  5. Everyone is able to interpret the guidance slightly differently, and some use snippets of advice or musings of a minister to back up their interpretation while ignoring or minimising the rest of the advice, or commentary from actual experts. The key issue is not how far you drive or how long you spend outside - it's minimising the risk of you not being able to maintain social distancing, therefore not spreading or catching the virus. You'll be more of a burden to the system if you have a mental breakdown worrying about what you can and cannot do, and I don't really much like the idea of a society so eager to shop their neighbour for two trips to Tescos this week! The guidance isn't perfect, and the spirit of the guidance isn't to meet the most draconian lowest common denominator - it's just trying to keep everyone safe. Things don't make sense - it is unfair we can be crammed into supermarkets with (IME) everyone ignoring the one way systems and social distancing efforts they are putting place to help us - yet we couldn't play golf alone, or go fishing or any number of solo pursuits where you may never encounter another person. Arguing about who can go where and how long they can do it isn't helping anyone though. I've been driving my family around to different places not in an effort to flout the rules - but to minimise the chances we'll meet other people. I'm not sure I would personally pick damflask as there are 5 of us and might be hard to get out of the way of another group coming the other way, but I don't begrudge anyone else checking it out.
  6. I've been through this to the point of insanity with my kids! 1. Headphone jacks on controllers are notoriously flakey, You can get an adapter (something like this - https://amzn.to/2x1l8QH) or test with different controllers? Also, check parental settings of the account in the 'privacy and online safety' as that can mess with which players can hear which other players. Also, the problem may not be on your end! There is a troubleshooter here - https://beta.support.xbox.com/help/hardware-network/accessories/troubleshoot-chat-headset 2. Yes, players on different platforms can chat to each other - but again you need to check your settings - https://beta.support.xbox.com/help/Hardware-Network/connect-network/multiplayer-cross-network-play
  7. I think this qualifies as a silly thread - OK, here goes... If you have anything resembling a passing interest in aquariums (or even if you don't TBH) could you consider subscribing to my YouTube channel to help me win a bet with an unbearably smug American. We're racing to 5k subscribers - he's buying ads but I'm a Scotsman living in Yorkshire so that aint happening. Video making skills aren't getting me there so I'm resorting to plain begging. https://goo.gl/wXWoCg If you feel like actually watching a video I wouldn't hate that either! Also - yes, I'm aware how tragically pathetic this is - but he's really annoying. Thanks!!
  8. Is this possible? Scenario: My son has been using my profile rather than his (long story) to play his favourite game, and amassed a load of achievements and in-game extras. He doesn't want to have to do it all again / I don't want to pay to get everything for him under his own profile. I don't want to just give him my profile and rename it for the same reason that I'd lose all my stuff. We have two Xbones, so it's only really a problem when we want to play at the same time - surprising how often that is during the holidays!! Anything I can do, or is it just a lesson learned?
  9. Isn't that just a dash cam (in a car) or a body mounted Go-Pro?
  10. There are basically 4 different type of ads on YouTube. If you choose to monitize your videos, you can choose which types you want to be displayed on your videos (by default one type is chosen for you), then an algorithm works out how much ad revenue you are due based on your video hit count, and the ratio of people who clicked the ads on your video, or watched them all the way through. This all get added to your account, and when you amass £60 or more (within 12 months) you can withdraw. There is no specific number of clicks or views you need to hit to achieve that - it's different for each user. Looking at the analytics of my account just as a ballpark, 5 - 6000 views in a month roughly translates to £1. At that level I've obviously never managed to achieve £60 in a 12 month period!
  11. I would avoid the Play:3 and go for a pair of Play:1's - or if you want to push your budget, go straight to the Play:5. Been testing various Sonos setups for a while in preparation to buying. Not tried the Audiopro system though, sorry.
  12. http://www.downforeveryoneorjustme.com/facebook.com
  13. An old phone and a generous data allowance? Either turn the phone itself into a wecam / cctv as per http://www.instructables.com/id/Android-Security-Cameras/ or attach a separate router to an old phone / mifi etc, and route a standard IP cam through that connection http://www.amazon.co.uk/HooToo%C2%AE-TripMate-Wireless-Storage-Sharing/dp/B00I00J8DW/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1440155536&sr=8-1&keywords=hootoo I have messed about with both, can cripple a data allowance if you're not careful though
  14. Tether your phone - i.e. create a wifi hotspot on your phone to use it's internet connection, and connect your iPad to that. 3/4G Dongle, usb device you plug into your laptop 3/4G Mifi, device that pumps out a wifi signal to connect to, without needing to be plugged in to your laptop
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