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  1. Nice. Until Paul gets on duty 38, you know he loves that one!!
  2. Question. I currently live in a 2 bedroom housing association property with my wife and 2 children, who currently share a bedroom, a 3 yr old boy and a girl who will be 10 in march next yr We have 14 yrs waiting time with the council. I know by that time comes they will, by law have to have their own rooms. Does any know how long before my daughter's birthday how long we get to get a 3 bedroom house or do we have to wait until her 10th birthday to get moved under priority?. X
  3. The new Tram/Train 399201 Arrived later than scheduled in Sheffield at 21.45 30th November 2015 at Woodburn Road from Santander Spain.
  4. Hope you guys can give me some useful advice and/or help regarding this. Ok, my daughter currently has a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 which she uses to plays apps on, some free, some paid for, she also has a laptop which she uses to play games on, she also uses the laptop to play the apps on using Bluestacks. Also needs to be running Windows and have a touch screen like the tablet and be able to use the keyboard when needed! I'm looking to get her something in between that she can do both on, preferably with a detachable keyboard or one that folds back, but dont really know what i'm looking at! I need it to play apps and also the game of the same probably without having to download Bluestacks for the apps. Is there such a thing, that doesnt cost the earth? Any help or info will be greatfully appreciated. Thanks
  5. I pay £56.50 every year, or have done for the last 3 years, includes all the services you get elsewhere, home recovery, roadside, travel onto destination or return home, etc. never bothered with the AA/RAC/GREENFLAG, far too expensive, also think this covers replacement keys too
  6. yea, I seem to have a right load of trouble with the virgin media on here, it keeps freezin my pc up and making it jerk, always that one ad, never any of the others, no matter wot page I go to on SF, if tyhat ad pops uup it kills me!!
  7. I've got a citroen xsara picasso because I love the high driving position, we used to have a megane scenic (2 of them, '99, 1.6 petrol and '03 1.9 diesel) changed from petrol to diesel to tow the 'van, but having sold the van, no longer needed the pulling power of the diesel, so we looked at both citroen xsara picasso and renault megane scenic, being very similiar, and after weighing up the options, the picasso came out on top, ok, being a '55, 1.6 petrol, it costs more on tax than the diesel, but much less on the insurance, similar driving height to the scenic, but the centre console and the placing of the gearbox in the picasso seems to give it more room, kids are happy, they still have enough legroom, and the fold down trays, and the rear cigarette port for the dvd player, the missus likes the high up view and still plenty of legroom. nice car to drive, very very similar to the megane scenic and still getting a lot of mpg I wouldnt go back to Renault still both French, but I still love driving my Xsara Picasso!
  8. Oh yeah, I was reversing into a parking bay once, doing no more than about 5mph, and a car came flying up the side of me, we clipped wing mirrors, and then later on I was informed by my insurers he was claiming personal injury as well as damage to his car, £850 they paid him, wish I'd have thought of that!
  9. It depends what kind of phone it is, some can be simply done by entering an unlock code these days, I've just unlocked my HTC Wildfire S, as it was locked to Vodafone and I was switching over to 3. I bought an unlock code off ebay for 99p (some shops were wanting to charge upwards of £10 to do it for me!) I took my Vodafone sim out, popped in my 3 sim card, booted up my phone, obviously the phone wanted me to input an unlock code, did that, and within less than 2 mins, was sorted, my vodafone sim still works in the phone, but I wont use it now!! SORTED!!
  10. Yeah, total morons some of them, I was walking my little girl to school, and the amount of cars that passed us without lights on speeding down Prince of Wales was incredibe, I was told off by my daughter for swearing at them! PUT YOUR BLOODY LIGHTS ON!!
  11. Interesting, the car I have now got, i bought last november, and just to see how much more expensive/less expensive it would be from switching cars, (1999 V Megane Scenic 1.6 RXE over to 2003 03 Megane Scenic 1.9DCi Dynamique+, I did some new searches,using BOTH Comaprison Sites AND straight over to Insurers Websites. for both cars, Now having had my 1.6 for 2 yrs, and had same insurer for those 2 years, I had a rough idea of what to expect, as I had not long since before had my renewal quote for Year 3 for the 1999 Vehicle, so using their website, I had a rough idea of the price difference between the 2 vehicles (already had quote from existing insurer for the 03 car). Was only around a £7 per month increase from 1999 to 2003 car around £80 for the year difference between the 2 cars. I live S2 City Rd area, so, just for a laugh, I put in EXACT SAME DETAILS at the address from which I bought the car from, ( S12, Jaunty Rd area) with my details, ad there was an enourmous £230 price difference, LOWER for S12 for the exact same car and my details for S2, so its best to shop all round everywhere to get best deals, I have and saved myself some money to boot, so it DOES GO ON THE RISK AREA/POSTCODE,
  12. My partner was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma (a type of blood cancer in the Leukemia (sp?) family just after christmas, she has just finished a 6 month cycle of Chemo) we regularly had holidays abroad as her parents retired, sold up everything in the UK and moved to Turkey a few years ago, where they bought their own place, so we used to go over. Our insurance as a family of 3 with Virgin Money was around £17 for the period of our stay, now we cant get it for less than about £700. Looks like its Skeg in the 'van this year BTW she is only 28 years old.
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