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  1. What do people think of the new tesco express on Manchester Rd ? Good idea or not. Personally I think it's brilliant.;??
  2. I regularly walk through crookes cemetary with my dog, on a lead, and stick to the main path/paths. This morning i noticed a a poster on the gate saying dogs not allowed at all in the cemetary and to find an alternative route. I understand it is a place which demands respect etc.., but why punish sensible dog owners, by tarring them with the same brush as irresposible owners who walk their dogs off lead, and dont clean up after them:rant:. Needless to say i didnt turn round to find another route.
  3. Just had the best fish and chips ever from Crosspool chippie.
  4. I live in Crosspool, on a relatively short road, with a total of 6 street lights. All the lights have been replaced with the new style,but only 3 are working. The 3 on my side of the road have different tops on (not the flat plate style), there are gaping holes surrounded by barriers, and the holes are full of water. Try walking the dog in the dark and fog and try to work out where the holes are, when the barriers are down, cos its so bloomin dark and dismal. Have the council run out of money, bulbs or what cos this has been like it for a month. Someone will end up having an accident and putting in a claim!!!
  5. I heard yesterday that Eurospar in Broomhill is closing down and is going to be a Morrisons. Is this true??
  6. way better in the 80s,more shopping choice more vibrant.
  7. only just in Crookes I think, but anyone remember Deakins chippy on heavygate road. The longest time ever waitedto buy fish and chips. Also anyone remember chadd upholstery and the tiny fruit and veg shop on Heavygate road just past the top of highton street. There was also an off license at the top of greenhowe street (Buckmasters had it i think). I lived on heavygate estate from 1965 to 1981.
  8. I used to live on walkley street years ago,and recently drove down cundy st. What happened to the corner shop, and does anyone know what is happening to the old royal hotel pub, the back of it looks like its being demolished??
  9. I live in Crosspool and have just received a letter saying planning application submitted to demolish petrol station on manchester road (the dearest in sheffield) and replace it with retail premises. I can only assume thisis something like Tesco express or similar. I am in favour of this because Spar has no competition so they can charge what they want. What do you think?
  10. st. marys c of e school at walkley, favourite teacher Mrs Molloy, left there in 1973!!!!
  11. All the street lights down one side of selborne road, watt lane and cairns road are not working. I have reported this twice now and i know that 4 other complaints have been logged as well. the website says we will attempt to restore power within 24 hours but nothing has been done for about five weeks now. CRAZY:loopy:
  12. we have had our names down since the eighties for crookes/walkley, but these houses are as rare as hens teeth - so we've no chance at all now, cos the kids have grown up and left home:|
  13. Yesterday I drove from Crosspool, through Crookes and then onto hillsborough and was totally amazed at the number of drivers driving without any lights on at all. I thought I'd seen it all, then in the evening whilst walking the dog (both of us wearing high viz coats) I saw a cyclist riding along our road with no lights on. Why do they do this, are they that special they can be seen in the dark, or is it because they cant be bothered to put them on????
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