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  1. Does anyone fancy sharing my plot at Rivelin (Walkley Bank Plantation) ? I have a large shed, chicken coup and run, raised beds, tools etc I have fallen behind a bit and would like someone to help me out, split the plot 50/50 or something similar I have fruit trees in place and a nice patch of grass for cuppas, eating etc Let me know if you are interested please All the best Mark
  2. Hello all We have just signed for a council bungalow and there is a 20 foot white birch in our front garden The tree is well out of control and I'm wondering if felling it is down to me or the council? Just wanted to check before I approach the council All the best Mark
  3. Hi I was diagnosed with clinical depression and anxiety 16 years ago Since then I have been diagnosed bipolar I experience high and low mood as part of the bipolar and am prescribed both anti depressants and mood stabilisers/anti psycotics I won't lie, its been a horrendous journey getting my meds, support etc right but it is possible Anti depressants can be tricky, I've been on lots of different meds but am now reasonably stable on a combination of amitryptaline and seroquel Personally the newer SSRI antidepressants did me no good, thats not to say they won't work for you. Its important to keep in mind theres always another med you can try I hope this has been of use to you, should you want to I'm always pottering around if you need a chat, just pm me Regards Mark
  4. Hi I seem to remember seeing an over 60s walking group in Hillsborough/Rivelin. The following webpage might be of use http://www.rivelinvalley.org.uk/ Regards Mark
  5. Hi all Just wanted to let you know there has been some damage done at Walkley Bank Allotments Not sure if they are doing over the area but we have had some sheds smashed The incident has been reported to the police Keep your eyes peeled please All the best Mark
  6. Hello all I've just found out Jeremy Corbyn will be in Sheffield tomorrow and I wondered if anyone else is planning to go? Just thought I'd ask as I am able to pick people up who perhaps can't make the journey on their own All the best Mark
  7. Get in touch with Outibridge Caravan Holdings, their mechanic is great
  8. Your neighbour may be referring to the local bylaws that sometimes come in to play regarding storing a caravan/camper van at your house Personally I wouldn't take much notice of your neighbour if they are only stopping a couple of days They will basically be parking a van at your house, I very much doubt you will get any agro
  9. I would imagine so, best to pop in and ask at reception. They are really nice down there
  10. We live in a similar house We have built three bricks high with a slab on top You can incorporate air bricks in the construction, I have fitted an extractor fan as well to keep the air flowing Easy to build
  11. We booked with City Cabs, £65 each way if memory serves me. We cancelled in the end because my new car arrived in time. We ended up driving there the night before instead and got a room and 8 days parking for £79
  12. Try Outibridge Caravan Holdings, I've got my tourer there. I've seen a van, trailer tent and boat stored there
  13. IE non electric, this is the one we got http://www.argos.co.uk/static/Product/partNumber/1587450.htm
  14. Try Rosate36, you can get quite a bit out of one bottle. Try ebay for it
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