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  1. ernest jennings bottom of staniforth road used to sell them.
  2. Just above woolworths was a shop called quadrant stationers.
  3. hi PeterR. i used to live at 164 oaks fold road but not till the late 70's early 80's.
  4. i do live in the here and now, but if the lads carry on as they are doing they won't be living at all.
  5. 20 years ago there wasn't as much traffic on the roads.
  6. 2 young lads riding bikes one bike looked like a black carrera ,messing about in the middle of sheffield rd, doing wheelies and chatting to their friends on the side of the road. one lad on the bike with ginger hair nearly got hit by a lorry coming round the corner near the angel. just hoping the parents of these idiots reads this and has a word with them before they come home in a body bag.
  7. i will update when i find out more information thanks. ---------- Post added 23-01-2017 at 10:11 ---------- small dark blue car possibly yaris or similar newish car possible damage to front passenger wing, door and wheel. if anyone sees damaged car of similar description that wasn't damaged yesterday possibly parked at work now or at their home please get in touch. thank you.
  8. please did anyone witness this incident. it happened at the bottom of granville road. the driver drove off leaving my pregnant daughter at the scene. any information would be appreciated. thank you.
  9. can anyone recommend a supplier and fitter for a new front door. thank you.
  10. think it may be containment. ---------- Post added 30-07-2016 at 19:48 ---------- it's on wednesday's at nine on e4
  11. 1973 my friend won a free trip for 2 to benidorm. it was a competition run by parker pens. we took £70 each spending money and came back with £30 each, went out everynight and on trips, lemon express etc. plus brought back prezzies including the ever popular donkeys and sombrero's money seemed to go a lot further back then.
  12. just wondering who is footing the bill for his visit.
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