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  1. My gp was beyond useless when my teenage daughter needed help and support. Basically they said unless she was suicidal then they couldn’t offer anything. I was at my wits end but then I came across Sheffield Futures based on Division Street in town. They offer free counselling and mental heath advice for children and young people. They have a drop in well-being cafe on a Tues evening 5-7, which children/teenagers can just pop in and informally chat to someone. From this my daughter was allocated a counsellor and had weekly meetings. The difference in her is amazing. I couldn’t recommend it enough. The mental health part of the service is called ‘door 43’. They offer lots of other services in the building for young people, but it was the mental health services we needed. They have a website and a Facebook page so it might be worth checking out :)
  2. Hi there, I wonder if anyone can help me. I have a 10 year old semi-long haired moggy. We’ve always just brushed her and everything has been done but over the past two months, around the top of her back and round the sides she has developed a couple of matts in her fur. I’m guessing maybe her old age she just isn’t as bothered about getting them and/or slightly painful. The question is what do I do? I’ve tried brushing them out but to no avail and it seems to hurt her slightly. She has never been to a groomer and I imagine she would hate it, scratch out etc. Are they used to this? Is this what they do? Can anyone recommend anyone please? A mobile groomer would be even better. Thanks
  3. It's worth remembering however that not all schools will have the same holiday. Academies- which lots if schools are nowadays, can set their own holidays. So it's worth checking your own individual schools
  4. Hi there I am after a seamstress to take up a prom dress. As local to Ecclesfield as possible please. Does anyone have any recommendations and contact details? Thanks
  5. Power just went in ecclesfield too but came straight back on again.
  6. A very dark day for Sheffield. What a horrible thing to happen to such a beautiful girl. She will shine brightly in heaven.
  7. Isn't there a charity called St Vincent's that helps out in situations like this? Someone might know more and offer a link x
  8. The ibis is £45 for tonight. Found on late rooms. Are you insured? Your household insurance may cover the cost
  9. A teacher here giving my side. Yes I do feel extremely lucky to have my job. Having worked full time in retail previously I realise what perks we have. Yes I do work 12 hour days, but I have lovely holidays to make up for it. I have about ten mins break at lunch as I'm too busy for anything else, but yes I always have time for the toilet, I've timed it to perfection. Our school hasn't had one teacher off this year so no need for any supply cover. The children have had a nice settled start to the year. Yes the job is extremely stressful but as others say, if we don't like it, we know what we can do. There are plenty of other jobs that are just as stressful. So I'm not one of these 'poor me' teachers, I love my job and feel honoured to have it.
  10. http://m.thestar.co.uk/news/local/breaking-video-fire-crews-called-to-sheffield-supermarket-over-suspected-chemical-spill-1-7284996
  11. I'm glad it made you chuckle, what a thoroughly nice person you must be that you can laugh at someone else's expense. I can imagine people only do such things because they have little money and are desperate. Yes, it might hVe been foolish but my first feeling was one of feeling sorry for the op, as I imagine is most peoples response. And I thank the op for drawing attention to it as it might just stop one more desperate person falling for it.
  12. It's still very much my first port of call. I totally disagree with you but hey ho, that's life
  13. Someone's posted on my Facebook that hinde house primary and secondary are open as normal
  14. Chaucer is open as normal according to their website
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