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  1. Could anyone make use of a plastic compost bin? Good used condition. Seems a shame to skip it but we're moving and have no room. Free for collection from s5 near asda
  2. I cant comment on the flats themselves but the area is absolutely fine. i live on Wordsworth Ave between Asda and Margetson shops and I've never had a days trouble in the 4 years I've lived there. (compared to the hell hole that is Walkley where we left due to the crime)
  3. I work just of Herries Rd and travel quite a lot during the day and the one thing that really really baffles me is the idiotic timing / sensor issue with the junction of Herries Rd and Penistone Rd. 80% of the time, at any point during the working day the queue to turn right onto Herries Rd is right back almost to Hillsborough Park. the lights let 4 or 5 cars cross, then hold on red while NOTHING is coming along Penistone Rd heading into town. That and the road sign that COMPLETELY obscures the traffic light
  4. You can pick up a good 32" for a lot less than £50 second hand.....
  5. Your a tad behind the times I am afraid. We found one in North Yorkshire for about $2000 per year. I think the cheapest I have found is about $2500 and that needed you to pay water rates, electric and a service fee on top. You may manage to site a tourer for that budget on a seasonal pitch
  6. Unfortunately the do gooders have deemed it unsafe for the police to chase poor little Timmy on his illegal bike in case he falls and has a boo boo. So really there's not a lot they can do.
  7. so has the Nurse that saved a life on Christmas day. Where's her award?
  8. I know it's late but you absolutely DON'T HAVE to make the trip. "as you're all aware my car is broken, and having a newborn to care for, on top of all the work i need to put in before the surgery means i'm unable to deliver presents. Everyone's present is available to collect from my house, i'm sure you'd all love to see baby in his / her house, and maybe join in assisting with bath and bed time while mum and i enjoy an earned rest. thanks all for understanding" Xmas done and any relative worth their salt would jump at the opportunity.
  9. i work very close to the bridge and once saw 2 kids throwing stones off the bridge. i called 999 and the police took it very seriously, they were on scene within minutes and we saw them frog march the kids off.
  10. In all honesty I wouldn't have a clue about adhesives! But Pauly makes a good point.
  11. Pride martial arts in Heeley are brilliant. Excellent coaches, a very very good atmosphere, some VERY tough lads and lasses (I've rolled with a few of them) and i believe a 100% win fight record in competition.
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