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  1. Wednesday 11th March between 12-3pm is our "Pie & Pea Afternoon"...tickets are on sale now, priced just £3 in the bar after 7 pm. Everyone is welcome...you don't have to be a club member to come along and enjoy this event,,just buy your ticket! Please ring 0114 2373216 for more information....
  2. Thank you for your caring comment. I totally agree that a firework event is no place for animals.. I can't believe that any caring owner would do that! I won't even let the cat out for a week around bonfire night. Next year we will make sure that all stallholders and visitors make sure their animals are safe at home. In all honesty it had never crossed our minds to do this because we assumed people would do that as a matter of course, but it's certainly something we will address at future events. Many thanks..
  3. It looks like the rain will hold off for us!!! Please take care on grassed areas as recent bad weather has obviously made the ground soft, so wellies might be a good idea for the kids!!! Remember not to bring personal fireworks please... including sparklers, it's against the council's health and safety policy. Enjoy the evening..and please keep safe!!!+
  4. Hi everyone! We're looking forward to seeing you at our bonfire event tomorrow..hopefully with some good weather! As usual we'd just like to take a few moments of your time to run through some basic points to ensure everyone's safety on the day.. 1: Please use public transport wherever possible. There will be no on-site parking, just disabled drop off access only. If you bring a car and park on nearby roads please respect local residents by keeping driveways and entrances clear. 2: We have a "strictly no personal fireworks or alcohol" policy. Security will be on site at all times to check this. 3: Don't allow your children to come to the event unsupervised. Every year we have to turn youngsters away when they come unsupervised...it's a disappointment to them. so please accompany them. 4: As part of our responsible retailer scheme we operate the "Challenge 25" policy, so ID will be asked for if considered necessary. 5: All drinks will be served in plastic, no glass is allowed on site - so all bottles will be poured at point of sale. 6: This smashing event is really busy, but please remember that we are open the following day, so please keep litter to a minimum for people next using the grounds. 7: The fair and the bar would greatly appreciate customers using smaller denomination notes if you possibly can... Many thanks..have fun!!! See you tomorrow!
  5. Hi everyone! The reggae night tomorrow at Sheffield Transport Club aims to help raise both awareness and funds for "High 5s Youth Group" . This fantastic group supports local disabled young people by arranging regular social events and outings. There will be bucket collections made throughout the evening so please do your best to dig deep in your pockets to support these smashing youngsters and their families. Please respect local residents during and after the event too by parking carefully in nearby roads. Enjoy the evening!!!!!!
  6. It's at the Transport Club at Meadowhead.....sorry..that bit went into a black hole obviously!!! It's on grass, but apparently the forecast is good for Saturday so hopefully all will be well!
  7. We've got quite a few "Walking Footballers" now interested...but I need a coach.....doesn't have to be an England player...just a regular guy who wants to enjoy a kick about and keep everyone in order!!!! can you help??? Ring 0114 2373216 for more info.. thanks!!
  8. Saturday 14th September starting at 8am. Cars £5, vans £7, trade £25. Everyone welcome..bookings now being taken over the bar every evening after 7pm. Pitches available for pay on the day too!! Hot food available on site...bacon butties, sausage butties, burgers!!!! Please ring 0114 2373216 for more information...
  9. Did anyone find a silver feather brooch after the Sheffield Steelers game at Ice Sheffield on Sunday please? It's about an inch and a half in length. We were in block 10,:row D...but it could have dropped anywhere inside or outside, between there and car park B in the Arena. If anyone can help we'd be delighted.. it's of sentimental value. Hopefully someone may have picked it up and not known what to do with it??? Many thanks in hopeful anticipation!!
  10. Sheffield Transport Sports Club..we have 18 acres of ground, 2 bars and a large patio area. Please feel free to ring us on 0114 2373216 for more information.
  11. Keep em coming!!! It's looking like we might be able to get enough interest for a decent go at this!!! Any volunteer coaches out there too???? Don't forget the bar will be open!!!!!
  12. We'd love to have you join us! Watch out for more info...
  13. Sheffield Transport Sports Club have just put a post on about walking football...please feel free to contact us!!!
  14. Is anyone interested in joining a walking football session at Sheffield Transport Sports Club at Meadowhead ? Any age or sex welcome...no experience or "proper kit" necessary, just the desire to mix with others, enjoy a kick about and maybe have a drink in the bar afterwards? Is this for you??? Or are you a former player who would be interested in becoming a volunteer coach for us? Get in touch..drop us a quick email on stsclub@btconnect.com or pm us on here for more information!
  15. Hi rachc123 7 Soulgirl75..why don't you give us a ring at Sheffield Transport Club? We are only minutes away form Chesterfield, and we always try our best to help charity functions by providing free use of our function room. We've ample free parking, capacity for 125 guests in each of our 2 rooms, and we're always happy to help! We've been considering a singles night for a while now Soulgirl..so why don't we see what we can get organised? Please feel free to ring us on 0114 2373216 for a chat..
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