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  1. but surely that would be a useful and sensible use of the land? and the chances of that are???
  2. chrome is default browser. I get microsoft start page popping up by itsself. if i leave it it becomes full screen. it appears to be the m/soft browser page.
  3. hi there, I have a query. while i am working i am getting microsoft start page popping up on half of my screen. i am not asking for this-- it just appears. how do i stop this happening. i am running google chrome on windows 10.
  4. hi there, a couple of points. 1 have a look at freehold land societies on wikipedia. there is an explanation of what these were. 2 you may be able to access land and ownership records for stand greaves at woodhouse by contactimg archives at derbyshire records office a matlock. I would guess that as woodhouse was in derbyshire at that time you might be lucky. also if you have names check further census records.
  5. oh ye of little faith!! --but probably quite correct.
  6. hi are these special lamps or just ordinary wiring? normal rewiring is not difficult even if you are not a sparky.
  7. was that bernard taylor big band for the main dancing? and then the organ for sequence dancing in the interval. and the bouncers giving the tap on the shoulder and saying no close dancing or no jiving.
  8. sheffield council issue is not limited to 1 vehcle. as long as the badge is current and displayed there is no problem.
  9. my wife holdsa blue badge. it can be used in any vehcle,it is not limited to one car. I remeber some years ago the badge was issued to a vehicle but i thought this system had been scrapped. just out of curiosity who is the issueing authority for your nieghbours badge, it may be that different authorities have different rules.
  10. my father lived in catcliffe and signed up in the 1930s , I am sure he signed up somewhere in attercliffe.
  11. what interests me is --after 2025 how long can we continue useing our gas boilerbefore the use of these is banned? also I see that halogen bulbs and flourescent tubes cannot be sold after september so can we carry on using these?
  12. but why would you use such a facility when you can ask on the forum and let someone else do the research?
  13. just out of curiosity, where do the birds go when they leave sheffield? are they tracked?
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