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  1. my father lived in catcliffe and signed up in the 1930s , I am sure he signed up somewhere in attercliffe.
  2. what interests me is --after 2025 how long can we continue useing our gas boilerbefore the use of these is banned? also I see that halogen bulbs and flourescent tubes cannot be sold after september so can we carry on using these?
  3. but why would you use such a facility when you can ask on the forum and let someone else do the research?
  4. just out of curiosity, where do the birds go when they leave sheffield? are they tracked?
  5. hi pop, are you ready? to the best of my memory the houses were terraced back to backs. the name tilford i am not sure where this came from, ata guess it would have arrived when sheffield did a land grab, maybe 1930s.talbot road was named for the talbot family, earl of shrewsbury who owned vast amounts of land in the area. remember mary, queen of scots being held at sheffield? the manor park belonging them was massive and the outer edge reached handsworth. going further back there was a cottage that housed the esate deer keeper, hence buck croft
  6. it dependes what your "problem" I had tests and biopsys years ago. the result was BPH. for which I was given finasteride. I developed problems peeing and for a long time have been using intermittent use catheters. this has esade the problem considerably. if your problem is getting rid ask you doctor or consultant about LO- FRIC catheters.and I would add they are easy to use!
  7. I suppose one way round this would be to put product on at half price,-then you could buy one or two as you wish.
  8. there is an elizabeth turton connected to the woodhouse forum. mywoodhouse.co.uk you may be able to contact her there.
  9. It was a secondary modern when it opened. this was at the same time as birley sec. mod opened[ what is now birley campus?]. these schools were built to take the children from the hackenthorpe estate. when I moved to hackenthorpe I was placed at fox lane school until the new schools opened.the dividing line on hackenthorpe seemed to be springwater avenue, if you lived above then you went to the new birley, if you lived below you went to carter lodge.
  10. hi, I have just checked my account online and the books that I have out have a return date of 01/08/2020. that is a long loan time!
  11. I think various clinics are open on a weekend but only by appointment. there is no "drop in" facility over the weekend.
  12. hey chez, have you actually read the message tha has been posted? you reply does not make a lot of sense.
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