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  1. I suppose one way round this would be to put product on at half price,-then you could buy one or two as you wish.
  2. there is an elizabeth turton connected to the woodhouse forum. mywoodhouse.co.uk you may be able to contact her there.
  3. It was a secondary modern when it opened. this was at the same time as birley sec. mod opened[ what is now birley campus?]. these schools were built to take the children from the hackenthorpe estate. when I moved to hackenthorpe I was placed at fox lane school until the new schools opened.the dividing line on hackenthorpe seemed to be springwater avenue, if you lived above then you went to the new birley, if you lived below you went to carter lodge.
  4. hi, I have just checked my account online and the books that I have out have a return date of 01/08/2020. that is a long loan time!
  5. I think various clinics are open on a weekend but only by appointment. there is no "drop in" facility over the weekend.
  6. hey chez, have you actually read the message tha has been posted? you reply does not make a lot of sense.
  7. I am just curious as to why you would have 2 mattresses on your bed? ignore this if I am being too personal.
  8. hi amy --welcome to the fun palace!! enjoy.
  9. hi there, I cant say that I remember you but-- I do remember the plover opening, I was one of the first in there. lovely beer. I worked at the butchers at garlick and russell which was next door to the plover. aaagh happy days!!
  10. hello, I am looking for someone to remove my old gas fire and fit a new one. any recommendations please?
  11. hello there, I have one of these plants in my garden. it has several seed pods on it if you want to grow from seed. any good to you? cliff
  12. hello , I have an alpha cb24 that is 15 years old. the domestic hot water is not hot. the problem appears to be either the heat exchanger or the diverter valve. heating is not a problem. so, do I consider a repair job or am I looking at a boiler replacement. ? thanks.
  13. and just to show my age,-- this is on a par with a ventriloquist act on radio!! archie andrews anyone?
  14. I know that I am coming to this a bit late, and I have not read everything on this thread. the thing that I do not understand is this --why are payments stopped for whatever time is taken to make a decision on this? whatt is wrong with leaving allowances to be paid while the matter is sorted out, including any appeal period. this would stop people getting into trouble financially until a decision is reached.
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