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  1. Hi, I'm looking for an electrician to replace a bathroom ceiling extractor fan, and a plumber or handyman who can re-seal the bath and units in the same bathroom. Thanks!
  2. There were signs up today saying the temp lanes were being removed from today and delays were possible. Probably not much worse than the lanes caused in the first place. On my way to pick up the car from the garage this afternoon I saw two cyclists. Traffic was nose to tail and moving slowly in both directions. Took twice as long to drive back as it normally would.
  3. I walked along the ring road at 8:00 this morning after dropping my car off for a service. I saw one cyclist in the entire time, and he was cycling in the existing red marked cycle lane, not in the widened lane. An utterly misguided and pointless scheme.
  4. Enforced mask wearing, one-way systems in shops, unable to properly browse or try clothes on, etc. don't make me want to visit shops any time soon. Adding pointless road closures, parking restrictions and restricting car access on top of that makes that even less likely I will visit shops, especially when online shopping is much less hassle. and I imagine there are many other people like me.
  5. Can anyone recommend a plumber to find an fix a leak please? I have signs of water leaking under our stairway onto our hallway wall - paint bubbling and stained, and plaster cracking, though no obvious wetness or drips. It doesn't seem to be a leak from the bathroom above, and I have a suspicion it could be leaking from pipes in the wall or ceiling just under the stairs, as I know there are pipes near there. Location is Walkley. Thanks!
  6. The issue here is not about is cycling good or bad. The issue is that a traffic scheme that reduces capacity on the main ring road around the city by 50%, and associated nearby road closures, was pushed through with no consultation, and is causing traffic chaos in the surrounding area, and probably not helping pollution levels either; and the Council is defending it and won't consider changing it for weeks or months. That this was ever considered a good idea reflects very badly on the Council, and it has been a complete waste of money. How much did it cost to implement this ludicrous scheme? How much will it cost to remove it?
  7. I was fuming when I drove through this on Saturday. It's completely nonsensical! What a collosal waste of money and resources. How anyone would think this is a good idea I don't know. Traffic was backed all the way along it coming towards the Shalesmoor roundabout and thats on a weekend with a fraction of the normal traffic. There'll be gridlock when traffic gets back up to normal levels. It reminded me of the time that the council blocked off a lane going into Hillsborough from Penistone Road with a new traffic island. That caused traffic to back up along the main road and caused chaos until they relented and removed the 'improvements'.
  8. Hi, I need a painter to paint the ceiling of my new kitchen installation before the lighting and units go in. Can anyone recommend someone who could do this at short notice?
  9. Looks like you're the guy Mozalan! I'll make an appointment to drop it by at some point.
  10. I've been given a dead laptop, which is a few months out of warranty, which just won't power on. The charge light does not light up when the charger is plugged in, but the charger is giving out the right voltage. I've tried the reset trick (disconnect battery and hold power button down for 30 secs) but it didn't work. I'm pretty good at fixing desktop PCs, but laptops are not my specialty. Can anyone recommend a decent local laptop repair shop where I can get it looked at to see if it's worth repairing?
  11. Modern diesels rely on the diesel fuel to lubricate the fuel pump. If the diesel gets diluted with petrol and the car is run for any length of time this can cause loss of lubrication and premature wear on the pump. If this happens not only can the fuel pump fail, but tiny metal fragments from the fuel pump can contaminate and damage the fuel system and block the injectors, requiring the entire fuel system to be replaced. This of course costs a fortune to fix, if indeed it's cost effective to repair at all.
  12. The first computer program I wrote was on optical cards, around 1977. I was in secondary school, and we'd write out our BASIC programs longhand, then look up the Ascii characters for each character in the code, convert that to binary and fill in the holes on the optical card with a soft pencil. Each column in the card was one character, and each card represented one line of program. Then we sent them off to some university somewhere to be fed into their mainframe. A week or so later you'd get a printout back with 'SYNTAX ERROR AT LINE 30' printed on it. I didn't really realise what I was doing at the time, it's only looking back now that I can see how cool it is to have been part of early computer history.
  13. I just ordered my winter wheels, plus a stand to store them. Decided to keep them at home for the time being. I've got snow socks, and while they're great in the snow and ice, you have to remove them when you get onto clear roads, and getting them on and off when it's freezing and wet is a very unpleasant experience, and can be tricky. I also had a very unpleasant experience a couple of years ago when trying to fit the snow socks at the side of the road. The conditions were so bad it was getting too dangerous to continue without them. I was having difficulty fitting them due to the cold, and opened the car door a tiny bit to fetch some thicker gloves when a car slid off the road and and smashed into my door, missing me by a few inches. That's another reason I'm going for winter wheels. Mind you, it also reminds you that though you will have winter tyres and can stop safely, those behind you probably wont.
  14. I'm looking to get a set of winter rims and tyres for my car as I'm fed up with being trapped in my road when it snows or ices up. (I do clear my road, but with really severe weather it's difficult to keep it clear, and the grit bins often run out of grit after the first day of bad weather). The main issue is where to store the wheels as they're heavy and take up a lot of space, but are also valuable. Does anyone know of any tyre centres or garages in Sheffield that will store my regular wheels over the winter, and the same for the winter ones in summer? Not just the tyres, but the whole wheels. I know in Germany where it's a legal requirement to have winter tyres that many garages offer this service.
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