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  1. I'm just worried that they have gone into brick work can't see actual nest
  2. wondering if anyone can help me I have a wasps nest underneath my front window council want to charge me 42 pound
  3. Im hoping just to move out of this house just fed up of it but im going to go to citizens advice
  4. ive had a gas check but not certain about the electrical testing its really getting to me i just dont wanna be here
  5. im wondering if anyone could give me any adive i live in a private rented house which is really bad with mould and damp behind my bed and also in the childrens bedrooms.Two of my children suffer with asthma also my kitchen ceiling is leaking everytime you take a bath the electrics are faulty im wondering if this can be helped towards me getting a move with the council.This house is making me feel so low so would really appreciate some advice many thanks
  6. thats great where are u based and how much are classes x
  7. do u do anything through week when kids are at school
  8. im really intrested in learning some pole dancing but need it for beginners does anyone know where they have any classes please message me or leave a comment thank you
  9. hi did the bike have alloy wheels on it looked like a road legal one saw one dumped at bottom of hag hill
  10. Im looking for a relative of mine or relatives of him been told as growing up he worked on the fairground especially the waltzer and may have owned one.Now this guy im looking for is a really big guy so i have been told and also used to drive long distance lorries.Or he could be more local to the Gleadless area or sheffield area.This guy should be in his 60s now Clive Baker but thats just hearsay he may also have a son named Paul, so anyone with any information please message me no matter how small it is.This means everything to me and would be the missing piece to my jigsaw to my life as now i have four children who i would love him to meet.He would also know my mum Kay Bunting.Thank you for taking the time to read this.
  11. does anyone know anybody that can come and move a freezer its no good
  12. My son spilled dilute orange on it last night it was working ok but this morning its just typing in double letters
  13. Please does anyone know whats wrong with the keyboard on my computer its typing the wrong letters if i try to type google it puts gh does anyone know whats wrong with it or do i need a new keyboard
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