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  1. I don’t support violence but that kid who dotted Billy Sharp wants glassin‘ 😇 Shoreham Boot Boy
  2. Nah then Mike, The chip shop on Selig Terrace was run by Julio. Was his nationality Italian or Maltese? The chip shop is now called Rainbow and is now Chinese run. Bring back Julio, and also The'Arra'.
  3. Two more pubs Ive recently visited that sell the Burton on Trent version of Stones. The Travellers at Apperknowle, and Miners Arms(a hidden gem)in Hundall, just down the road from The Travellers. The Devonshire in nearby Middle Handley sold Stones in the 70s. I seem to remember this pub was covered in ivy all those years ago, but I could be wrong. The Devonshire does a decent pint of John Smith's. All three pubs have a wide array of Real ales and serve food. A decent pub crawl for cyclists. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  4. I presume a person nowadays would get tanned if they went into a shoe shop and asked for a tin of ginger(anagram)brown shoe polish...and rightly so! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  5. Cousin Daphne Creating waves whilst lying in the bath at home, Zakes had a look of intent upon his cheerful, cheeky cherubic face. The hot soothing Radox filled water was swaying back and forth at five hands high at it’s lowest as Zakes was thinking of his 19 years old wayward cousin, Daphne. It had always been Daphne’s ambition to become a nun in a nunnery, and she had even been for an interview in Nuneaton in Warwickshire. Due to her sensitive eyesight the interview took place under a calmer light. She was told that she had got the job, but she then had second thoughts about it because of some of the rules. It had been told to her that it was forbidden for any of the nuns to attempt practicing press-ups in the cucumber patch. Daphne quite understood that ruling for obvious reasons, but she couldn’t understand the ruling about candles having to be out by eight o’clock. Cousin Daphne wasn’t in the habit to take such orders and wanted to remain un-convent-ional and superior to all. The waves were now rising and becoming more violent as the 13 years old Zakes recalled those heady days of the last autumn gone when Daphne had come to stay for a week. During the second night Daphne had crept into Zakes’ bedroom and requested a cuddle. Zakes had been glad to have been of assistance because it had been bleeding freezing in there. One thing had lead to another and before long Daphne had slid half way down the bed, and the confused Zakes didn’t know if he was coming or going. After a few minutes Zakes asked Daphne if she was alright down there, and warned her things could get messy if she wasn’t careful. Daphne told Zakes everything was okay and to stop talking nunsense, and Zakes responded by telling her it was bad manners to talk with her mouth full. After the waves had died down the breathless Zakes climbed out of the bath then dried himself with the fluffy towel his mum had acquired in recent months with 5,700 green shield stamps. Zakes didn’t like what he saw in the full length wall mirror and quickly dressed after powdering himself. Reaching for the cardboard like canister of Vim, Zakes speedily scrubbed the bath clean of it’s tide mark, and also made sure not to leave any evidence of his enjoyment. Warmly wrapped up Zakes left the family home and took the decision to have a gander around the shops at Frecheville. It was now coming up to the fourth week of December in the year 1967 and Christmas was just a few days away, and Christmas Day was the Present day, and not just today. Walking along Newstead Road Zakes came across a local lad called Jim Hardy. Jim was a robust kid and never rested on his laurels which Zakes liked. Following a brief natter they parted company with a handshake and a smile. Further along the way Zakes stopped to have a chat with an old grey haired man who’s name was Albert Onestone. Mr. Onestone always thought himself to be relative, but in theory he wasn’t, because he was a false faced freak. It must be said in his favour though that he was a very wise man, in fact he was extremely jewdicious. Approaching Frecheville shops Zakes heard his name being called. He looked to his left and saw Lorna who was a gippy gipsy woman who was always endeavouring to sell clothes pegs in the neighbourhood. Zakes had always found Lorna to be quite sweet and sensual, and thought that she could do with a good pegging. Arriving at Frechy, Zakes had a good look around all the shops and met many people he knew, and everyone seemed to be looking forward to being visited by Santa in a few days time. Peering into the Butcher’s shop window Zakes saw nine turkeys on display, and thought to himself that none of them would have ever been as good a gobbler as cousin Daphne was.
  6. Part 1.Free flow Stones.This is not the 60s and 70s "Electric" beer where outsized glasses were in use to allow for a decent head (collar). Places I've drank Stones on draft in recent times. The Birley Frecheville Hollin Bush Hollinsend Norfolk Arms Dixon Lane The Byron Nether Edge Hammer & Pincers Bents Green Whittington WMC Staveley Miners Welfare Carlton Club Gleadless Townend Hare & Hounds Dore. Cans of Stones can be bought at B&M stores and at Archer Rooad Beer Stop. This free flow Stones stuff does taste similar the Stones beer of the past. I was told the above beer is brewed in the Blackburn area. I've now been informed its brewed in Burton-on-Trent. Although similar in taste it does have one vital Ingredient missing ...Sheffield water. Also Stones was 4.1% now its 3.7% in strength. Part 2.Hand-drawn(hand-pulled)Stones. This is a different Stones beer.I believe its brewed in the Neepsend area. Brewed by True North Brew Co. Please google this company. I don't like this version of Stones. It tastes nothing like the Stones mentioned in part 1. I went with friends in The York at Broomhill prior to the latest lockdown. I saw a beer pump with the original Stones badge attached and I promptly ordered(requested)a pint of it. When the pint was brought to the table we were sat at I took a good gulp of the expensive pint. The beer tasted bland to say the least. I immediately regretted not having asked for a small taster before ordering the pint. It tasted nowt like the free flow Stones I've had elsewhere - Burton-on-Trent version. Always ask for a taster. Some pubs owned by True North Brew Co: Punchball Crookes Old Grindstone Crookes British Oak Mos'boro Waggon & Hosses Millhouses Old House Division Street Norfolk Arms Grenoside Horse & Jockey Wadsley Broadfield Abbeydale Road and some others. I'm not claiming to having been mislead by this bland beer that doesn't taste like the Stones of old, but it does seem strange that the original Stones badge was attached to the beer pump. If any of you fancy drinking and dining at a True North Brew pub, take your cheque book with ya! I had impression the person who started this thread is a Barnsley supporter. In that case I thought he would be looking for Barnsley Best Bitter...on DRAUGHT! lol.
  7. Nah then jane2008, here is the card for Angelo Garcia's Cafe
  8. T'other week I saw a big blue removals vehicle being unloaded on Adelaide Road.Have you and your family moved in?If so,you have made a great decision because its such a lovely area and the people are really friendly...plus I live closely by..Lol.
  9. I wetched the highlights of this game on EFL on Quest.I chose to concentrate on the performance of Sylla( surprise,surprise) Sow First thing I noticed was Sow looked at Home(Park)in a pink shirt.His performance was no better,and no worse than his team mates.I was'nt impressed by his sty-le either. lets see if he is in the team when wednesday play against the Trotters from Bolton. sorry folks,this is becoming quite boaring.
  10. Ref pooast 20. This is a little late ...my computer has been in for repair. Hotmale. You certainly have my fullest sympathy regarding your health situation.To have two discs playing up like you've described must have been horrendously painful. I recall the bleddy excruciating pain I went through with only one disc...5th Lumbar playing up.This was in 1979 when living in Germoney. My GP gave me a letter to take to the University hospital in Hannover.I had a scan and some other tests.I received a letter some days later inviting me to come back to the hospital with pajamas and slippers the following week. The disc was removed within a cuppla days.A few months later I was playing football again...ninth league Lol. My future wife(German)was always anxious I would damage my "weakened" back again.She eventually gave me an ultimatum..her or football.I retired from playing football aged 25.Ugh! Get well soon Hotmale and take things easy. Extra. Unless you've been PM'd,I find it very odd that only Padders has posted from your Forum owls mates showing concern about your painful condition.Well done to him...and me.
  11. I'm still trying to work out whether Brewster is a tenderfoot,or even a sugarfoot. One for the forum oldies.lol.
  12. Good Evans! Hope owls are prepared to pay him (in) decent wages because he'll need money to buy petrol to fill up his Sunbeam Rap(i)er.
  13. Here is a photo of Firth Park Pubic Library from 1930 in this book from my private library.I assume you remember it Golden Oldie from your time there. There is nothing wrong with my speling stunmon.
  14. jANE 2008,yes there was a Cafe Madrid in the Wicker.It was situated on the right going away from the city centre,and was stood atween the arches and the Studio 7 picture palace.The proprietor of the Cafe Madrid was Angelo Garcia,a Spanish Spaniard.Angelo had fought in the Spanish civil war against Franco's fascists.He joined the British Merchant Navy during World War two, and was based in Liverpool.He later came to Sheffield and opened up the Cafe Madrid.Bed & Breakfast was available at the cafe,usually for long distance lorry drivers.The building had in the region of 15 to 20 rooms.I may re-visit this thread with further info.
  15. Miss the Gay Paree,the Marples,the Indus,and somewhere to get my passport renewed in twenty minutes.
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