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  1. I've got the phone number and took a look at the reviews so I will be ringing first thing in the morning and hopefully they might be able to sort my husbands broken tooth out for him as well. fingers crossed they are taking on new patients just now I rang Collins and Ball and was told they are not taking on new patients until July but she gave me a appointment for mid July. so thank you for your help and I've got my fingers crossed I don't need one before then. in the meantime I'm still with marks place.
  2. Thank you I'll give them a ring. this morning my husband broke a tooth so he's got a appointment tomorrow. so he's having to go to marks replacement. Thank goodness it wasn't me as I honestly don't feel I can go there anymore I spent all last week trying to sort this out with no luck. I will try those thank you so much. like you we've been with mark for most of our lives. It sent me into a panic when they told me. you never really think about the dentist until it's you appointment time it's just a part of your life until something happens to change it. couldn't come at a worse time. Thanks again
  3. It was a teacup Pomeranian that I lost from my garden. I was known for my dogs in my area so people said I think you'll get him back but I didn't. I had 5 at that time. I never turn my back now. people are heartless doing something like that.
  4. My daughter has told me of a fake rspca van going around taking peoples dogs. they have a official looking van and have even called at people's homes. she said there is a picture of the van on Facebook and it looks genuine. Has anyone come across this. Years ago I lost a tiny dog out of my garden so I didn't know if this is true or not. If it is it's a worry to dog owners
  5. can I please ask if there is a dentist anywhere in Sheffield that would be willing to take me on or at least have a word with me. as it is at the moment I'm not desperate for anything doing but the fear that something might go wrong and I have no one is making me ill . I have no one left to give me any advice. the ones I've tried are not taking on new but trying to catch up with a backlog. this is a nightmare for me I never saw this coming
  6. I know this year has been awful for a lot of people but I've had it really bad. I needed a bit of a boost something to aim for something normal from my old life to get me back on track as I just missed out on my check up so I thought I'll get my check up and get my tooth sorted I was struggling with the jab so I thought if I don't get this jab I can't go to the dentist so I rang mark to ask him once I'm clear to come can you book me in the woman that answered the phone just said he's gone he's not here. I honestly can't tell you how I felt I couldn't believe it. not a letter or call nothing. then on top of that the jab. mark was really kind to me nothing was too much trouble for him. to tell you the truth I'm a bit worried about him it's not like him to let his patients get faced with that. He's even opened up the surgery for me at weekends. so unexpected. It wouldn't have been so bad on it's own It's just on top of everything else.
  7. Oh right. I'm not a nightmare patient but It' a nightmare for me to go. I've lost all the people that supported me at times like this so on top of that I've got to try to sort this out myself. I had been with this practice for 35 years so it was just normal for me to go. I would not say it was easy for me but I felt safe. A couple of people have given me names of a couple of dentists to contact. It's unbelievable what happened to me and even though it was many years ago I think it would have a lasting effect on anyone. so I think it's understandable.
  8. Thank you I'll give them a ring. It's awful having to try to sort this out on top of everything else.
  9. Thank you. I went for the jab I was not in long. very sore arm today but it's better than covid. without people pushing me on I'm not sure I'd have done it.
  10. Yes I do know the practice is still there but after speaking to them on a couple of occasions I was told by a student working there that they are not all qualified they are in their final year and there is just one older experienced dentist there. there are 5 dentists in a building that has just 2 treatment rooms so obviously they are not all there at the same time and after suffering a horrendous injury at the hands of a dentist I'm not willing to risk it. after what he did to me it's left a lasting horror of the dentist which mark understood. I do honestly believe that patients should have been informed of the workings of this new take over. I know students have to learn but not on patients that have no idea of the set up. I believe if you are going to let somebody go operating in your mouth that's not fully qualified you need to be told then It's your choice. They wouldn't have said anything but for me questioning them and not putting the phone down till I was satisfied I got the full story. It's too late after the injury has happened. This practice is no longer for me.
  11. I am in pieces my nerves are shot to ribbons I've lost five members of my family in seven months. including my mom and now I have to go for my covid jab today. needles again I can't afford not to have it we've hardly any family left. I've not left the house for a year only to take my little dog to the vet. my little dog is everything to me .so the dentist going has just about finished me off. I need this jab to be able to go to the dentist when I find one. I feel like everyone has left me on my own. I know there are others like me out there but that doesn't really help. thank you for your reply's.
  12. Can anyone please recommend a dentist in the Sheffield 6 or 10 area . after over 30 years with the same dentist he just packed up and left without a word of warning. I have a really bad dentist phobia I've had it since childhood but my dentist was so kind and understanding I always managed it still with a struggle but still did it. I find the action of just packing up and leaving all his patients in this position very strange. I tried a couple but they are not taking on new patients just now. I suffer from anxiety and life at the moment is really hard for everyone so this on top is terrible. I just don't know what to do. everything in my life has changed I've got nothing left of my life before covid. hopefully I will be able to sort this out somehow,
  13. Can anyone tell me why my dentist mark Percival and john Burnham of Ringinglow Rd has closed. I got a horrible surprise when I rang for a appointment and was told they had gone half way through the first lock down. I got nothing to tell me this was going to happen. This has thrown me into a total panic as I have a dentist phobia but after over 30 years with this dentist I felt safe with him. I can't find out why they have closed so suddenly or if one of them is practising somewhere else. I've no idea how to go about finding another as the couple I have rung are not taking on new patients due to backlog with covid. It seems like something may have happened to close the surgery without warning to the patients. I would like to know why it has closed.
  14. Thanks for answer but thats not possible at the moment in this situation thats why I asked if anyone could help.
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