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  1. have you bought a car from them and have youhad any problems
  2. can anyone tell us what they are like we have seen toyota avensis gls vvt-i for just under 2000 with only 53000 on the clock never had a toyota
  3. yes but i have not got cash to px
  4. is it their sister company webuy i have just rang them how long was he there and did they buy it straight away what was it
  5. I don't know really only just decided to sell , hoping for around 1900
  6. Does anyone know where they do cars for cash , I really need to sell my car so i can buy another smaller one but don't have the money to px, i have a ford mondeo 1.8l x 2001 model Y reg with high mileage of 83000
  7. i cannot open my emails at tiscali , i know i have some because when i click on to another page they come up but soon go off and i cannot open them
  8. Is anyone else having problems with Tiscali email access page i cannot get on to it i cannot read my emails
  9. just wondered what happens , do you have to do a written test
  10. Does anyone know where i can take my car to have the driver seat belt seened to it does'nt go back as it should it is twisted
  11. Does anyone know what they are doing in the car park of lidl
  12. does anyone know how much for a decent service on my Y reg mondeo it needs new sparks etc and recommendations for garages
  13. Did anyone see the accident today around 2p.m. it looked like three vehicle i saw the ambulance looked pretty nasty hope everyone is ok
  14. We dp know it has a fault with the petrol gauge has when we came off holiday in october last yr we broke down and the gauge said that we had a quarter of a tank but when the recovery came he said he thought we had run out of petrol and we had , so we can't go below a quarter of a tank , the other week i was driving along parkway and the engine just cut out we got it towed down to grahams and it started they did a diagnostice on it but said the code was not found and they said take it to a ford dealer but they charge a lot just to look at it
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