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  1. Totally agree. We often sit in the terraced area you mention. The planting here is truly inspired so more of that would be very welcome.
  2. I remember when I was a student at the Uni back in the late 70's, Brunswick Street right opposite the students union was the centre of Sheffield's red-light district. It was an education for innocent young minds, especially as student housing existed in the middle of it. I well recall a mate of mine in the hall of residence going down there one evening and asking a young lady if she did student discount.
  3. There is the 'Illuminate The Gardens' event in the Botty Gardens all weekend which includes firework displays. It will no doubt cause a load more collateral damage that the grounds-folk & volunteers will have to repair.
  4. Exactly right Anna. Well said! My dad developed the dreaded disease and ended up in a care home after he'd been discharged from hospital. He was never 'wealthy' but because he'd put some savings aside for his old age he ended up paying the entire £1200 per week for what was very basic care. And that's after paying his NI for the whole of his working life. Many of us will be in the same boat when you factor in the value of all assets such as houses. And all, as Anna says, to line the pockets of the already wealthy company chiefs of the private 'care' providers.
  5. Farnworth, Bolton. Suspect with his recent 'popularity' (and increased wealth) he's now made home in the golden triangle to the north of Macclesfield, probably Prestbury.
  6. I heard a voice just like his in Sainsbury's a while ago. Thought it was just a coincidence until I looked around and saw it was actually him at the next till! That's Sainsbury's in Macclesfield by the way.
  7. Yeah, I had this exact problem with our CR-V Mk.3. One diff fluid change solved the problem.
  8. Thankyou for this. The highlights on Quest will be the first time I've ever seen any coverage of the Giro on Freeview. ITV4 have never been able to get it for some reason even though they cover the other major tours and some of the classics.
  9. I just wish we could have faith in these tests. The lateral flow test is notoriously unreliable and if you'd seen the documentary about the corner-cutting and shoddy non-aseptic procedures in certain PCR test laboratories you'd certainly never trust the results. My sister is a primary school teacher in Hillsboro and has had to put up with constant class closures and isolations for months. When her own teenage son tested 'positive' just before Christmas the whole household had to isolate for a week and put their plans on hold. Their house is tiny and not suitable for individual isolation and yet none of the four occupants had any symptoms either during this period or after.
  10. Indeed. I heard it mentioned on the radio that a key fatty acid component of the Pfizer vaccine is sourced from a company in Yorkshire.
  11. From personal experience of care home staff, most tend to be quite young females. I saw one girl interviewed yesterday saying that she's hoping to start a family soon and she's as yet not convinced the potential effects on fertility & pregnancy have been thoroughly evaluated.
  12. Interesting though that the CEO of AZ is French (Pascal Soriot)
  13. The remains of a cannabis factory was dragged out of the River Porter in the Mayfield Valley by volunteers earlier in the week and later removed by SCC.
  14. It's interesting that the leaflet I was given with my AZ jab says the manufacturer is Medimmune UK Ltd in Liverpool. But then it also says it is "produced in genetically modified human embryonic kidney (HEK) 293 cells" so maybe that's the bit that's done in India before final formulation back in Liverpool.
  15. From what I've seen each vial of vaccine is enough for several doses. These are drawn up into syringes in advance and laid out in a tray awaiting each appointment. If some are left over at the end of the day then yes they could be chucked.
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