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  1. Oh yes! That's the bit where I pretend I play piano (extremely well) 😍 Amazing though how some albums & some excellent musicians managed to stay under the radar in this country. When their founder & leader Chick Corea sadly passed away last year, it was hardly mentioned in the UK media. From the same era and the same genre, another much-played album in my collection.
  2. If so I stand corrected. I'm just going from the "Demolition" signs.
  3. Sometimes you can just cut & paste an image direct from another forum.
  4. Very sad. I'm sure the University will have some grotesque 'diamond-type' building plans in store.
  5. The most played album in my collection. As a 16-year-old back in 1977 a mate handed me a tape and said "you've just got to listen to this". I did and it changed my musical taste for ever. If you're tempted to look it up on Spotify, just go straight to the title track 'The Romantic Warrior'. Still thrills me to this day!
  6. Had a look the other day and the offending building (flats which are part of the Sainsburys building) is actually mortared onto the gorgeous old sandstone of the church. I have to conclude that the church must have given permission for this to happen, otherwise the developers were really taking the ****.
  7. Tried to pop in last week and found all the windows painted white. There were no notices posted and their Facebook page has been deleted so I'm guessing they've gone under. Another casualty of the demise of Sheffield centre?
  8. It might as well be "gaudy bright pink". They've made no effort at all to tone down the brick colour to something like that used in the Art House. But to have allowed them to build so close to the church that it's virtually attached is what I find unforgivable. Of course I've no idea who that other building belongs to. It may actually belong to the church, in which case I'll end up eating some humble pie.
  9. Planning? How anyone in that official capacity could ever have given the green light to this unholy juxtaposition is beyond me 😬
  10. I share the same misgivings as @Mr Bloke. Although I don't live in Sheffield now, my relationship with the city goes back 40+ years. I live close enough to visit weekly and, having taken early retirement, me and the missus choose to spend the whole day there as "tourists" every Friday. We park near Endcliffe Park and spend the whole day walking all over from the west end down to town and back. We visit several establishments regularly for food & drink but I honestly don't think we'd make the effort to walk into the centre if there wasn't a substantial retail offering as well. Ok the city centre won't live or die as a result of our patronage but if Sheffield centre wants to attract tourists, good retail definitely has to be the major part.
  11. Simple stuff I know, but this guy makes me laugh.
  12. Yeah I saw them a few times back in the day. Can't believe how much footage there is on YouTube though. Spent the whole of yesterday evening watching it all - in tears again 😏 Even found some ropey footage of their BBC 'Sight And Sound In Concert' gig from 77. But then I got diverted onto the marvellous footage of Gentle Giant's 'Free Hand' gig for the BBC. What an amazingly tight and much overlooked band they were.
  13. Camel - Live At The Royal Albert Hall 2018 CAMEL-ICE (Live At The Royal Albert Hall 2018) - YouTube A band I've been into since the 70's but only discovered this video by pure chance. Hell I thought they'd hung up their guitars years ago! I've now bought the Blu-Ray of this concert and have been in tears ever since. Jeez - music can move me big time. Only Andy Latimer, the founding guitarist, remains but what a band he's assembled around him. The guy who introduces this song and play the keyboards is totally blind!!!
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