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  1. Old people near me when I was young were Humpty Dumpty an old man who could only walk a very short distance without sitting on somebody’s wall. Major Watson fancied himself as a soldier. Jane we had Upside down head too, big bushy red/grey beard and bald head.
  2. Great voice, Praise and Grumble was a fantastic idea. A true gent. RIP Bob Jackson.
  3. June Cooper ..I think she lived at Kiveton Park.
  4. Thank you will try to get hold of a copy. Miss Callis was a big believer in fathers being present at the birth something that not all maternity units allowed 50 years ago.
  5. 51 years since I attended Pat's classes on Nursery street, I remember them so well. Pat was a lovely lady. Will try to find a copy of her book can someone tell me it's title please?
  6. Echoing my thoughts on this Nikki Red and I too feel the anguish for our kids. It is shocking for families of victims. Parents of the person who pulled the knife suffer greatly too. Do we all know what our kids do when they leave the house. My thoughts and sympathies are with the victims family and friends. No dispute should ever be settled in this way.
  7. Was the Lancaster expected in Derbyshire this afternoon. Stunning.
  8. Did read all the postings Hots on I would not post without doing so. It is often light at 4am in rural areas and if a gun has been set early it will go off.
  9. Think this is gas guns you are hearing. It generally goes off every half hour in daylight.2 shots about 40 seconds apart set up to scare birds off grain now ripe. If you live near farmed land it's the price you pay for living in rural areas and only lasts a couple of weeks..
  10. Well done everybody concerned with the event. Not seen anything this good since Armed Forces day years ago. Its good to feel proud about our locality. Even the moaners are having to scrape the bottom of the barrel to find things to moan about Some people camping for 2 nights nearby told me that the park was a great place for the event and they hoped it would stay here. The businesses would welcome them back too.
  11. Chumpy I remember all that so clearly. the pub had a couple of apple and pear trees. My cousin climbed the tree and dropped a few into my hood. he said somebody had seen him and told me to run. Only being small and a hood heavy with fruit, I could hardly walk!! loved Bardney and Five Mile House. sugar beet factory was at Bardney.
  12. Have a lift to the tram route. Tram to Halfway will take you to station.
  13. Scarlet Fever.. said to be caught by children playing in grates.
  14. Back on the subject of the dire 57 bus route. Passengers from the top of Church Street Oughtibridge through Worrall and Wadsley do not have the luxury of 6 tram buses per hour. One bus per hour, single decker, over crowded, late by twenty minutes twice this week, one missing completely. 2 hours without a bus makes 6 per hour a luxury. Give us one tram bus an hour we will be overjoyed!
  15. Brings back memories, if it was a special occasion 10 denier. Did we buy in packs of 2 pairs? I remember trying to sort through to find 2 decent ones. Down to the rag and tag market to buy shoes from Nat Elstons for 19/11d early Saturday morning.
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