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  1. You are right Padders, an absolute legend. RIP Stan. Can anyone follow in his footsteps.
  2. Mel was a true Yorkshire man. His knowledge of his county and his love for it was immense. He leaves a wonderful legacy in his books and the talks he gave. RIP Mel.
  3. Like Alexander and Old Tup I was born and raised in that area and was unaware of this place. Though well before I was born I never heard about this before.Thanks Sadbrewer for solving this mystery. Heard previous generation of relatives talking about a permanent fairground with boxing matches and Strongmen competions in the bottom of Hillsborough Park where the running track is at the top of Hawksley road and at the back of Hawksley Avenue. This would be around that time too.
  4. So sorry and sad to hear this news Jay. Lex you were an amazing support and you must be gutted to read this as all Bob’s friends on the forum will be. R.I.P Bob, and Jay I offer you condolences and I hope people in need will follow your advice. So sad.
  5. Think Padders is right the Marathon became more popular. Also where it lost out was it was always on the old Bank Holiday “Whit Tuesday” and was family entertainment.
  6. Thanks for information will look at that tomorrow.
  7. Thanks for this, can I ask what camera you are using? These images are sharp and clear. Our weather station is down at the moment but hoping to put this right soon.
  8. That is a very encouraging post Lex. You have supporters on here Bob, and we are sending good wishes to you too. Thank you Lex many others will have benefited from that message.
  9. The stone detached house in Warringtons yard and Nicholsons shop opposite were knocked down at the same time. Maisonettes were built on the land both sides of the road in the early 60s. It didn’t look like a bakery at all, it was just a terraced house and in the window was advertisements. Quite dark inside too.
  10. It didn’t look like a bakery at all. It was a terraced house, it had a loud bell under a rubber mat just inside the door, all the kids going past would jump on the mat and then leg it.I think the bakery was at the back of the house. You are right Express Dairies and then Warringtons had the yard.
  11. I remember this shop, Only remember the daughters who seemed middle aged when I was a child. Old Tup if you remember the entrance to Swann Morton’s opposite the old church on Borough road, Park View road is opposite. Warringtons transport had a yard opposite the shop at the time. Think it was demolished in the early 60s.
  12. . My bike was kept on the road thanks to this shop. Lovely memories, new inner tube, wheels, handle bar grips, brake repairs. More than this Bert’s shop was wonderland to me because he mended my roller skates, replaced lost keys(remember the winged fittings that fastened near your toes) new wheels and straps. Bought my first pair of double ball bearing skates there. Pure Nostalgia.
  13. Hi Iansheff I think if a person in the old Workhouse at Firvale died the address was registered as 2 Herries Road.
  14. I remember Thermogene on a roll. Cut a piece off and slapped it on your chest. A spoonful of cod liver oil and malt. Cannot remember if any of it worked though. If you had mumps a scarf was put under your chin and tied on top of your head. We must have looked silly.
  15. A Liberty bodice and poultices for various ailments!
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