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  1. Stacey48 -- hats off to you. Never been a smoker but had to change eating habits a lot due to health concerns (although haven't completely given up yet 🙂 ) Hope you've got a lot of support around you. It has to come from within, but friend/family can really help.
  2. Dozer

    Problem Neighbour

    Sounds just appalling. I wasn't sure from your previous post, have you decided to move away? Really sorry that is necessary, but hope you get somewhere you can have peace of mind.
  3. Dozer

    Debenhams goes into Administration

    I haven't heard about this aspect, sounds interesting and important. Do you have a link to an article or anything?
  4. Dozer

    Problem Neighbour

    Wade, sounds like you are dealing with the situation in the best way possible, and with more empathy than most of us could manage. One more idea. You could try calling the helpline for the mental health charity Mind and ask if they have any suggestions. 0300 123 3393 info@mind.org.uk Text: 86463 It's really beyond what you should have to do, but they may have suggestions that we would never think of. Good luck, sorry you have been put in this situation.
  5. We tried twice and were defeated by long queues both times. Really sad to have missed it!
  6. Dozer

    My first marathon!

    Recommend heading over to John's JustGiving page. Even if you don't donate, it's a good read, and inspiring. http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/JohnOfford
  7. Dozer

    Sex education in primary schools

    Nicely explained, EB. Could you help with acronyms at the end? PHSE? RSE?
  8. Dozer

    My first marathon!

    John, I remember you doing last year's run for your brother. Condolences that you've lost your father this year -- that's a lot of loss in a short time. Thank you for responding with something positive. In addition to the money you'll raise for a good cause, it's a nice reminder for myself, and I'm sure for many others.
  9. The way it seems to work is you sign up for NextDoor, then post an ad saying what you're looking for in their free classified section. I like NextDoor, great way to keep up on neighbourhood news. Good luck!
  10. Have you tried the local social network called NextDoor? I've seen a number of matches between private landlords and tenants on there. If you don't know NextDoor, it's a bit like Facebook, but for your neighbourhood and ones nearby. Only a very small portion of it is devoted to rentals, but it does seem to work for some people.
  11. Cat Hat: Sorry about the way it loaded. You guessed exactly right what it was. If you do want to look, the main thing isn't the video (which is irrelevant) but the Twitter link, which you can get to by clicking the text under the thumbnail.
  12. Lovely tale -- takes a little while to see how it gets from Colchester Football to Sheffield Space Programme, but worth the effort.
  13. Dozer

    Jared Omara MP ..

    For better and for worse, some interesting points in this article: https://www.thestar.co.uk/news/sheffield-mp-jared-o-mara-likens-his-own-constituents-to-football-hooligans-who-smell-of-processed-meats-1-9680569 The insult called out in the headline shows poor judgement, but his points about making Parliament more disability friendly are thought provoking. I suprised myself reading it, I'm actually a bit more open to the man.
  14. Definitely rude and obnoxious. Hard to know what to do unless you decide to premoderate all posts.
  15. Interesting idea, and I see the value. The biggest challenge I think is in future proofing. Tech is changing so quickly at the moment, I would worry in a few years you would end up with obsolete technology deeply embedded in the fabric of the house. For example, we have an old intercom system and a back-projection TV in our house which are now just eyesores.

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