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  1. Thanks for all the advice, turned out to be helpful! In the end, I cadged a ride from the other half. Parking does look miserable.
  2. Thanks, Nikki. Just found it in the 30,000 pages of info they sent me. Huntsman B Floor. They suggest entrance from Barnsley Road. Does anyone know if it's easy enough to get an Uber from the Northern General. Is there a pickup spot? A
  3. Thank you all! I'm a Northern General virgin, so will err on the side of early. Appreciate the advice re floor layout too.
  4. Dozer

    Sheffield s11 water pressure

    Ah, it responds to demand, not supply! Thank you again.
  5. Top Cat, thank you for catching that, I think I'm getting stresssed. I meant I am thinking of leaving at 9am. I edited my original post now.
  6. I have to be at Northern General no later than 1030 for a 1045 appt. I know that parking in a nightmare, so plan to take an Uber. I live near Tesco on Abbeydale Road. Any advice on how early I should leave to allow time for traffic and for the fact that it can take a while to get Uber sometimes? Google says 35 minutes at that time of day for transit. I'm thinking of making the Uber request around 9am, is that reasonable or am I allowing concerns to get the better of me and leaving too much time?
  7. Dozer

    Sheffield s11 water pressure

    Great video, thank you! I think I get it. It's like a thermostat, but for pressure instead of heat, reacting to changes in the incoming line.
  8. Dozer

    Sheffield s11 water pressure

    Dutch, really interesting -- any idea how the reducer valve works? Don't know much about engineering, but I love this stuff!
  9. Thanks for the recommendation. My first toe in the Reddit water.
  10. I'm someone who tends to like to shop online, but I'll gladly pay extra for the privilege of shopping locally. Most days, we walk an extra 5 mins to go to our cramped local newsagent because they give a smile with our paper. Our local cafes manage a joke even when they are backed up with lunchtime rush. The local bakery gives good advice. Our closest shop remembers a few of our favorites and will explain why they are out if they are out. Our independent laundry is very fair with give and take; sometimes if we have an emergency they'll do us same-day service. Sometimes when they are shortstaffed, they'll ask for a few extra days. It helps that we don't mind walking because the parking around here sucks. I don't know if there are many like us, but if you want our business, here's all you need to do: Have reasonable, predictable hours, including a bit of time before or after work. Be clean, or at least not filthy. Acknowledge your customers if it's a long wait -- we know you get busy sometimes, but it's nice to know you recognise it's not always convenient. If we come into your shop every week for years, remember something about us, or at least spare us a smile. We'll do the same for you. Basically, let's treat each other well.
  11. Really looking forward to seeing this over Xmas. Any advice on cool things to see that a noobie might not notice?
  12. Dozer

    New forum feedback and questions

    Different strokes -- I find the Topics sidebar a good way of finding interesting threads.
  13. Dozer

    New forum feedback and questions

    Loving it on mobile! Thank you.
  14. Dozer

    OFO or Mobike bikes for sale?

    I think the ofo bikes -- the ones that were working anyway -- all went down to London. They are all over the place there.

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