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  1. Longy67 -- thank you for your work. Like most of the people on here, we are in awe of how much you accomplish in good times, and in bad. I hope nothing on here sounded like a criticism. Wish we had a way of buying you a pint or a cappuccino. Or a face mask and some gloves.
  2. .... Just called and got through. They were brilliant, grateful that I called. What an amazing thing the NHS is.
  3. Thank you for the advice! I also sent a letter, but I'll try again now.
  4. I have an appointment tomorrow evening that I won't be able to attend because of health reasons. I am trying to call their usual number 226-8000 but BT says the number is "temporarily our of order" -- easy to understand they may be overloaded given the situation with covid-19. But I do want to let them know. Does anyone know someone there, or have an email or fax number? I hope they'd understand under the circumstances, but it feels rude to just not attend.
  5. Hi, I dropped off a prescription at our local Boots yesterday, was told to come back today. They said it wasn't ready because Boots computer systems for prescriptions is down all across the country. I can't find any news stories about it, so it seems a bit odd if true. They were good about giving me my prescription back so I could take it to another non-Boots chemist. Just curious if anyone has had similar problems.
  6. We need to do three house improvement projects at once, all requiring scaffolding. They are replacing windows, rendering/painting, and installing a/c in some rooms for health reasons. Some will require an electrician as well, and some planning permission. We may as well buy a new house for what it will cost, but we've been saving and it has to be done. We've found good companies to do each part but it's going to be tricky scheduling them in and if one runs late it will affect the others. Need to make sure they don't get in each other's way. We were wondering if we would be smart to get someone in to manage the work. Is that what a general contractor is? Any advice?
  7. Welcome to Sheffield, Green Slime. Nice people here on the forum (mostly). Hope you love it. We moved to Sheffs 25 years. Best move we've ever made. DeZeus: Not sure if you're asking or making a joke. But just in case, (buff = "a bit of an amateur expert on" in this case, so they're just saying they like current affairs/news
  8. Agree with Geared. Love the idea in theory, but having visited European and US cities, not sure it works in practice. Even with wide pavements, it's startling to have these these thing pass you at speed; and one wrong move from a surprised pedestrian or a wreckless rider is going to end up with a need for first aid. And with Sheffield's narrow crowded streets, it would be even worse.
  9. Janus, I think I have one or two DAB radios on a shelf that got put away when we got an Alexa. If I can hunt one down, you'd be welcome.
  10. Hi Sainsbury's Archer Road just across the railroad track from there also has paper recycling. (Tesco's have emptied the paper recycling since Xmas. They seem to wait until there are mountains of cardboard all around it.)
  11. Argh, that sounds horrible! Some of the grocery stores near us have been putting in external refrigeration units in their car parks -- looks like a container from a container ship -- and they have external compressors and/or generators that make a lot of noise. If you are within hearing distance of a grocery store, check out their carpark. Interesting mystery -- will you report back on what you find? P.S. If it's a low pitched noise, check out The Hum. See Wikipedia. I've never been sure how real this is, but it might be worth considering.
  12. Jim, interesting -- I only know the ones that do all the floors. Where are the dedicated ones for ABC?
  13. You sure can! It can be crowded some times of day though, sometimes you have to wait a while.
  14. Welcome to Sheffield!!! We moved here 20+ years ago and it won our hearts. Hope you will be just as happy. We know people who walk from Nether Edge -- about 40 minutes away. Worth a look if you want a quieter, leafier neighbourhood. Crookes is more lively. Depends on lifestage and personal preference, both really good choices though. When we were househunting ages ago, we also came across a couple of houses tucked into back streets around Children's Hospital, literally a couple of minutes away. Don't know what the neighbourhood is called, but worth keeping an eye out. It's probably <15 homes there, so you'd be lucky if any were available, but you never know. One word, if you're coming soon, beware that Sheffield in winter can be a bit glum. But wait until you see it in the sunshine! --Dozer
  15. How do upholsterer's work? Do you need to find the fabric and bring it to them?
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