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  1. There are two across from each other in Nether Edge near the junction of Abbeydale Road and Sheldon Road, by the old cinema. As you go into town, the one on the left side of the road (Greek Village) is a more casual diner, but the food is still excellent, and it's very family friendly. A lot of workmen with what sound like Greek accents hang out for long meals, or to drink coffee. The one on the right (Meraki) has more of a restaurant atmosphere. It's tiny but welcoming and the food is also excellent. Just changed management, but we went after the change and it still seems very nice.
  2. There's an app that will put together workout routines for you. It has a free trial, but then there's a fee. https://aaptiv.com/ I've not used it, and have no idea how the costs are, but if you can't find anything else, it might be worth experimenting with the free trial. If you decide you want to sign up for the paid service, you can use a codeword from Dan Savage's podcast when you sign up: SAVAGE FYI, the podcast is a great listen, but it is a relationship advice program that veers toward the racy and unconventional. Shouldn't matter for the discount code though. P.S. Good luck with the fitness regime. Getting started is the hardest part. Let us know how it goes, a lot of us could use the inspiration.
  3. Does anyone know of a dentist in or near Sheffield that uses intraoral scanners? I need a crown, and find the goop they use to make impressions a bit difficult. Would like to find someone who could do the intraoral scanners instead.
  4. Martin Lewis offers free credit checking as well. https://www.moneysavingexpert.com/creditclub I check it from time to time just to make sure nothing inaccurate goes on my report.
  5. If you had our cats, they would grab it, bring it inside, and then release it unharmed. Everyone happy.
  6. All interesting, but back to my original question, is there any organised way for me to donate to classroom supplies for local teachers?
  7. If you worry about the effects of a cashless society, you can sign the Consumer Association's Freedom To Pay petition.
  8. The few teachers I know in the UK all have to buy stationery for their students, and art supplies, out of their own salary. I agree that it's sad and ought not be case, but would like to help if I can.
  9. Just saw an article about a website in America where teachers can put up a wishlist for classroom supplies, and donors can pay to provide them. Do we have anything like that in Sheffield? Key bit from the article. The American website is at https://sites.google.com/site/classroomgiving/home. It's a bit amateurish, but its heart is in the right place.
  10. We don't have any family locally. We're currently working and in good health, but wondering about options as we get older. With luck we can stay where we are, which we would love, but aging is a bit of a lottery. If we turn out no longer to be able to walk up stairs, or need a bit of help here and there, what are out options? Bungalow? Retirement community? Dignitas? In the States, there are retirement communities where you can start off living completely on your own, but you can opt into increased services if needed as you get older, starting with a bit of help carrying in groceries, and continuing through nursing. Is there anything like that in Sheffield? We'd probably have to pay for it ourselves, so are looking for that sort of option. Anyone on here dealt with this sort of thing for themselves or their families?
  11. In the US, if I recall correctly "Talking Books" for the blind were done on 16 rpm. Could fit more on a side that way.
  12. Thanks everyone! Really appreciate the advice. Aspire looks pretty cool.
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