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  1. Yes, my neighbours father ran it at one time when I lived in Sheffield
  2. That's right, Dodgers, used by the Sheffield bus staff from Leadmill Depot at the end of shift. John Smiths house if I remember correctly?
  3. Aren't they classed as 'key' workers?
  4. Does anyone have a recipe for sage and onion Yorkshire pudding. My nan used to do it. Yeh I know it contains sage and onion, but in what quantities and method of cooking? Hope you can help!!! Thank you.
  5. Why not just run the tram on the network rail out to dore??? Like they have to Rotherham?
  6. Agreed, the old north south divide again, boring, boring. Where is the rail link to Doncaster Airport from Manchester??? Doncaster Airport is not the worth space it occupies. Too small, a pointless exercise.
  7. Here in the west country the visitors are referred to as Grockles in Somerset and Devon and Emmets in Cornwall, just ignorant locals I'm afraid. You tend to find that the people who use that derogatory term are usually 'Grockles' or 'Emmets' themselves. I would never use a term like that, I find it offensive. Lets face it, if the west country doesn't have the visitors the place is finished. You can't run a council on beautiful beaches and pasties. As for a cream tea, dairy first then jam, ha, ha; Cornwall do it the other way round, chuffin Cornish, ha, ha. Your rough cider is in Gloucestershire, Somerset and Devon, Cornwall is not known for its cider, mind you Healey's at Goonhavern do a pretty good one called Rattler. Lesson over, ha, ha!!
  8. I worked in Leeds for a while, they are referred to as Wessies.
  9. When I was in east Yorkshire on the coast, the visitors were called 'comforts' ... comfort day, comfort week, comfort month!!!
  10. If you are ever down this way it's worth a visit? It'd still be 20 miles for me. We have two in my town, one shocking and one mediocre. I had a good one at Chutney at Gleadless Town End when I was up in Sheffield last year. Obviously I haven't been able to get up to Sheffield for over a year now for lockdown purposes
  11. Isn't the food cold when it gets to you, been on the back of some kids moped for an hour? I don't get the concept, most takeaways do their own deliveries anyway. It's just adding another person into the equation! Our local chip shop delivers within a 3 mile radius for free providing you spend over £8.
  12. Barnstaple http://www.gurkhabarnstaple.co.uk/ I used the Mangla for many years but it went downhill for me; the Kashmir I felt was little too basic. First one I ever went in was the Indus in Fitzalan Sq. I also remember old 'Slammer' on Attercliffe Common. The days when the table covering was old lino nailed to it. Happy days.
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