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  1. Hermes was the subject of 'Rip Off Britain' this morning, OMG
  2. The Federal Bureau Of Investigation???? Don't you mean the North/West/South Yorkshire Police?
  3. Still no snow here .. tbh we don't want it. We had a dreadful deluge 3 years ago, hope that isn't repeated. Snow looks lovely on Exmoor, but it is just a pain in the arse down in Minehead.
  4. No snow, bitterly cold though in Somerset. We're in for some tonight I reckon.
  5. Come on, get real, its never going to happen is it? All those people in the south wanting to get up north? I don't think so.
  6. Just a bit older than my parents. who were 1928. Where does 'tof' come from.
  7. Tourist attraction ... what tourism? Park Hill, Kelvin, Norfolk Park ... what could possibly go wrong?
  8. Tourist attraction ... what tourism? They are moving to the countryside, simply no need to live in a city anymore! More and more people are moving to the peak district, south west, south coast, east coast, north wales etc.
  9. How can the country afford HS2 after this pandemic ... there is absolutely no need for workers to go into the office. I came down the south west 8 yrs ago but rarely go back up north. Apart from family commitments, no need to visit?
  10. Pipe dreams, its never going to happen. The UK is effectively bankrupt. These HS2 trains ferrying people down to London, what happens on the London to Sheffield at 10.30am, is it going to run empty. Who the hell wants to travel up to the north at 10.30am? It is truly madness. The HS2 would have to keep stopping to alight passengers? All this would be a one way transport from Leeds to Kings Cross/Euston/St Pancras. Crazy plan.
  11. My mother used to refer to meat as Toff, not Tough. I once heard someone else say Toff. Has anyone else heard of this expression?
  12. Its never going to happen is it? People are moving out of cities in the UK in droves.
  13. There will be plenty of goods in the shops after Christmas as a lot of the UK will be out of work and unable to afford food and fuel. Then mid January the credit card bills drop through the letter box, oh dear!!!! Its a grim outlook but unfortunately a reality. The days of holidays abroad are in the distant past and likely to stay there for a few years.
  14. I was up in Sheffield last year and most impressed on the effort the city had made with the Christmas Decoration around the Barkers Pool area.
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