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  1. I live in the west country but originally I'm from Sheffield. I can pick up on a Sheffield/Chesterfield/Barnsley/Leeds/Hull accents up straight away. I an also distinguish between a Bristol/West Somerset/Devon/Cornish accent.
  2. Sensible to wear sun cream. Living by the sea it wise to keep in the shade or wear a high factor, 50 plus sun cream. Just saying!!
  3. Where I live they won't let men through the door without a shirt on.
  4. Do you remember Steven (lived next door to the Wards), John Hallam, Gary, Avril Mole, the Wright brothers, Needhams they had a daughter called Carole. I lived on the groundfloor in the corner at 217?
  5. I remember when Sheffield Corporation A Fleet used to run the AEC Bridgemasters on the 101 and 105. Prior to that they ran the Bridgemasters with the sunken top deck gangway. Don't know what route though? There was a AEC front entrance on the fleet at the same time.
  6. Its £10 here in the South West!! £5 seems very reasonable to me.
  7. I know all these names ... Harry Oxley used to help me repair my car. I often wonder what became of these people?
  8. We're having a week in Sheffield Rother Valley Park???? I can just imagine how that conversation will progress, ha, ha!!
  9. Seriously? A holiday camp in Rother Valley Park, ha, ha!!
  10. https://www.mandttransmissions.co.uk/ Located in Bradway, Sheffield. They did my son's dmf and new clutch for around £800. Can't praise them enough. These guys are top of their game.
  11. Yes it is part of their remit to smile and be respectful to customers. Its called hospitality. As it is with a bus driver, a smile costs nothing. Where I live the bus driver always greets you, not so in my experience in Sheffield, just a grunt is all you get. Why on earth did you go to India; disgraceful serving curry and not speaking English. No English staff, how dare they?
  12. I said to the female bar tender in the Wellington in Minehead, a smile would be nice her repy was, 'I've nothing to smile about.' I said, 'but it's your job.' Hmmm!!!
  13. Bay of Bengal (late Old Harrow) ... splitting my sides here, the Indian Restaurant is 70 miles from Bridlington Bay, never mind Bengal Bay .... classic stuff, ha, ha, ha, ha
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