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  1. I live quite close to the steepest road in the UK,m 1 in 4 with two hairpins ... Porlock Hill in West Somerset.
  2. sedith

    Places to live as we age?

    Residential Park Homes: Cold in the winter, over warm in the summer, expensive to fuel as they cool down very quickly. Lose value very quickly and you always have the 'elephant in the room', the site owners. Got the T Shirt, done it and had my fingers burnt ... don't go anywhere near residential park homes would be my advice.
  3. I'll give the theme park 18 months if that ,,., it'll go the same way as American Adventure an its siblings. A desolate crumbling ex theme park on the landscape. Of course Beighton is known for its Chinese residents???
  4. sedith

    Rules for smoking in sheffield

    After a recent brief visit to Sheffield I was astounded how many people still smoke up there? It must be the smoking capital of the UK?
  5. Well said, I totally agree.
  6. More safe than Wells or Bath??? ... ha, ha!!
  7. sedith

    Winter weather thread 2018/2019

    No snow yet here in Minehead
  8. sedith

    Has Hendersons Relish changed?

    Too sweet and watery for my taste, Lea and Perrins every time for me.
  9. Crikey I'm glad I don't live in Sheffield anymore, this is outrageous and unacceptable, it will only get worse. I've seen the detritus in the streets around Page Hall on my visits to see the family ... it is absolutely disgraceful that these people can exist like this.
  10. sedith

    Car prang @ Crystal Peaks

    Maybe forward the information on to the police?
  11. sedith

    What was the last thing you bought? (part 3)

    Hey, the Sheffield Fishcake tipped the balance Padders, ha, ha!
  12. sedith

    What was the last thing you bought? (part 3)

    The weather tends to drift up towards the eastern coast, nothing do to with me I'm afraid!! 4/5hr journey up to Sheffield, but it's worth it to see the family and have a Sheffield fishcake, mmmmm!!. The wind here is quite heavy tonight, but occasionally abates. We'll be fine Jane, stay cool!! The mods will be chucking me off here for going off topic, ha, ha!
  13. sedith

    What was the last thing you bought? (part 3)

    We get the weather first from the west during the autumn, it whips up the western approaches and hits us first. It will probably be heading your way Sunday and Monday. Like me, heading up to Sheffield on Wednesday for 4 nights to see the family.
  14. sedith

    What was the last thing you bought? (part 3)

    Also bought a memory foam pillow and a torch in anticipation of Storm Callum coming in tonight from the Atlantic. I'm in Minehead so we may have it pretty rough down here overnight, however it is so warm, even at 21:00 hrs, 22c !! weird weather we are having. Never mind I have a lovely pillow, battery powered light and something to do my vacuuming tomorrow morning, ha, ha!!

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