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  1. Excellent post, I agree entirely. Meadowhall were quite within their rights to close the doors at the proper time and ask the customers to leave? The staff stayed on and catered for the people who were there. Everything incurs a cost, nothing is free.
  2. You know how we feel in Somerset, cuts in services ....
  3. Could it be that the Tram/Train will run out to Dore?
  4. - Calling the evening meal "tea" instead of "dinner" Originally from Sheffield ... these days I live in the west country and lunch is between 12 noon and 2pm, tea is around 4pm and dinner is around 6pm to 9pm! Nobody is right and nobody is wrong!!
  5. My mother used to refer to tough meat as 'toff' I met somebody else who used this term
  6. So did I! Where I live, West Somerset Libraries are still using Windows 7, so slow its painful.
  7. Scotland ... best place for it, disgusting stuff.
  8. In my opinion they are running it down, I can't see it being around by the end of the year or at a push early next year? JP are only interested in 'free sheets'
  9. Doncaster will be the new Sheffield ... airport facilities ... ferry ports nearby ... m18 location near the town, location to Leeds. Its a no brainer
  10. How sad, my thoughts are with her family! RIP
  11. I live quite close to the steepest road in the UK,m 1 in 4 with two hairpins ... Porlock Hill in West Somerset.
  12. Residential Park Homes: Cold in the winter, over warm in the summer, expensive to fuel as they cool down very quickly. Lose value very quickly and you always have the 'elephant in the room', the site owners. Got the T Shirt, done it and had my fingers burnt ... don't go anywhere near residential park homes would be my advice.
  13. I'll give the theme park 18 months if that ,,., it'll go the same way as American Adventure an its siblings. A desolate crumbling ex theme park on the landscape. Of course Beighton is known for its Chinese residents???
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