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  1. I use to go in Dixons when I was at the Jordanthorpe Annexe in the village. The best fish and chips here in my opinion is The Royal Plaice. Run by a guy from Doncaster, 30 miles away from me but if I'm passing Appledore/Bideford in north Devon I call in. Is Cranns still open? There use to be a good chip shop opposite the Dore and Totley Golf Club, Bradway Fisheries if I remember correctly. The use to do a giant cod and they always chucked you a few chips in. I am having withdrawal symptons for a Yorkshire Fishcake, mmmm!
  2. My house is 6yr old. Condensing Boiler starts at 7am for two hours then again at 5pm until 8pm. I have solar hot water and I live in the south west of England which may be a contributing factor.
  3. I remember Fergies on Woodseats, excellent fish and chips. Lowedges has always been up and down since lived at the back of it as a kid. Dixons used to be good, along with Cranns at Four Lane Ends. Wasn't impressed with Robs in village, very greasy in my opinion. We have nine chip shops where I live. All of them are OK, but nothing like Yorkshire Fish and Chips.
  4. Affordable housing I trust?? Where I live, 200k is looked on as affordable, yeh right.
  5. £6,50 for fish and chips seems to be the norm. £4.50 for the cod and £2 for the chips.
  6. Isn't the site owned by the NHS. It was once said it was a project for a new hospital, the Southern General? What happened to that idea. It would be ideal, on the ring road, good access. Opposite Herdings Park Tram stop?
  7. I remember when Millhouses Park the go too place in the 60's. These days it looks uncared for, very sad.
  8. The Scarsdale Hundred will clean up around that area. Other pubs can't compete. Now the Gypsy Queen is closed might they all drift up to the Scarsdale Hundred and move the Gypsy Queen problems up there? Just a thought? So did I, had a pee in the deep end, when the lifeguard blew his whistle I nearly fell in.
  9. The town where I live you can rent an e scooter by the minute. They are a menace, being used by kids, I've even see 2 adults and a kid on one scooter. Sooner they are removed the better. Its £1 to hire them and 10p a minute thereafter. They are also a hazard to partially sighted people who could easily trip over them on the footpaths.
  10. Just another city centre drug infested space during darkness. Will SCC never learn?
  11. I can see South Wales from here, Hinkley Point C, Steepholme, Flatholme.
  12. When I visited Sheffield a couple of years ago I thought display, especially around Barkers Pool awesome. Hope to go up to Sheffield early December for a few days, hope it is of the same high quality.
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