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  1. I saw them flying extremely low over darnall and attercliffe. Were also very close together.
  2. I encountered it for the first time today. Transport masterpiece I don't think. 🤔
  3. The first bit from catcliffe Bridge towards the parkway used to be the members stretch for Catcliffe, Brinsworth and Treeton Anglers Alliance. Website states:- To get in touch, please use one of the following options: Clive Nuttall - Secretary clive.nuttall@live.co.uk 07774884946 1 Church Lane, Catcliffe, Rotherham, South Yorkshire
  4. We have been hiding in the wardrobes. He hasn't been caught yet.
  5. You may have issues.
  6. It means John might just pop in for one. Socially distancing of course.
  7. I agree. Could be anything. Knees are complicated. You need professional medical advice.
  8. drolnhoj


    No it is at Heeley near Ponsfords furniture shop. When they are open they have local bands on and jam nights. Very friendly staff and customers. They used to advertise their gigs on the forum.
  9. No you are miles off there. I knew him but there was no connection. 😂
  10. Sorry squire. Please remember I am Lord John of Darnall. 🤣
  11. Sir Tom of Longley you are so polite. Excusze moi!
  12. On your side. I've lived in Darnall for 30+ years. Met loads of true friends. Can't ever imagine moving. Transport great but walking better. Couple of miles to Meadowhell or town along the river or canal. People will always knock sheffield but there are more plusses than minuses, in my opinion!
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