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  1. Try using examiner Live, it gives local info and doesn't cost.
  2. My partner has been suffering with sciatica. She had a telephone call with the doctor who prescribed codeine and two other drugs. Wasn't getting any better so she paid to see a physio who said a rib had popped out in the back of her rib cage. He popped it back in and there has been an improvement.
  3. Yes, canal at Bacon Lane bridge. Thousands. People have been catching them to sell to restaurants and for their own use. Not sure of the legality. I do know if you catch one you are not allowed to put it back.
  4. That's actually quite a good likeness. 😂
  5. Well finally plucked up courage to go out in town for a drink. Couple of pints in Roebuck, food and drink in The Museum and finished off in Maggie Mays. Very civilised everywhere. Bit of a hangover this morning.
  6. There's a picture on picture sheffield https://images.app.goo.gl/v6nAANt4qM7Adk7c7 And a map. https://images.app.goo.gl/SMJht9xHKhSdtiQj9
  7. It is! You can't change the past, but you can change the future. Especially if you don't criticise everybody's else's views. I don't, can you say that?
  8. Don't need to. I am a free man who can have an opinion.
  9. I'm starting to think Mr Tinfoilhat that you are just a wind up merchant.
  10. Even if it does still apply I guess they would need to buy a canal cruiser, which I suppose costs a lot more than paying for parking. 🤔
  11. Sussex Street and Sussex Road, which are just off Effingham Street. You can also park under the railway arch off Sussex Street. All about 10 mins walk from Fargate. Also blast Lane alongside the canal. Be aware, all are popular so spaces do get taken quickly. Depending on your working hours there is single yellow line parking on Effingham Street between, I think 9:30 and 4pm. Hope this helps.
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