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  1. You helped him love. You don't need to justify yourself to anybody else. Well done. 🙂👍
  2. I always say to my missus, it reminds me of the film Dawn of the dead.
  3. To be honest it wouldn't really bother me if they demolished that place, 🙂 Providing people could find other jobs. I get panic attacks ever time I go there. Families of 4 walking arm in arm. Old ladies pointing at things and nearly taking your eye out, not being able to find a seat in Oasis, smell of Lush (urgh). I'm sure there are other things I've forgot.
  4. And just over 7 years since demolition of the stadium was completed. What an absolute shame!
  5. Just got home from noodle doodle, museum, Roebuck and fanny's. All socially distanced. Goodnight all. 🙂
  6. I get the texts even if I'm not expecting a parcel. Suspect in your case it was probably just a coincidence.
  7. Maybe that is one of the problems Labour have, thinking that the voters don't understand what they want. Just a thought!
  8. Thanks for that Anna. Unfortunately it looks like only two of the candidates in my area have bothered.
  9. So I've visited the "whoismycouncillor" site and all I can find is a list of candidates and their party. Nothing seems to tell me what they are about. I have only had one leaflet through the door and this is from a candidate who is alledgedy under investigation for something (not sure what), so I do not believe I have sufficient information to vote for any of the candidates and do not believe any of them have demonstrated enough to deserve a vote. I kind of understand the reforendum vote but have still had to actively search for info. If all areas are as devoid of information as I am, then I can only think the results will be based on party preference.
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