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  1. Interesting thread. Just finished reading, Up at the Sky Edge - 2017, a "fictional" tale by Mark J Foster featuring some of the main characters from the Sheffield Gang Wars. He refers to The Raven as a place that Sam Garvin and his colleagues drank prior to carrying out a violent attack on Spud Murphy.
  2. I'm still hanging in there tom. Had a few health issues but keep looking in.
  3. Just seen his latest "The Breech". Very entertaining, but I think (well I hope) he means breach! 😂
  4. I love watching Patrick's films and find him really interesting, however he does sometimes miss opportunities and exaggerate a little.. Just watched videos 1 and 2 on the Tinsley canal. He is telling us all about the history, finishing video 1 and starting video 2 at Greenland road. There used to be an arm off the canal at that point called the Greenland Arm, servicing the pits in Darnall. The mark on the bank where it joined the canal could be clearly seen over his shoulder, but he seemed totally unaware. In video 2 he kayaks over the Worksop road aqueduct stating that in 200 years it has never been known to leak. I have lived within 200 yards of it for more than 30 years and can assure him it has leaked continually. In the 90's they drained it, repaired it refilled it and it leaked again straight away. 😀 Despite this I still consider him a local hero.
  5. Didn't you do a similar post several years ago? That time you wanted his autograph.
  6. Trees were never going affect my view. My view was from my bay window in Darnall, looking towards sky edge and Wybourn. Saw them coming in and was able to identify them from the TV commentary. Only ones I couldn't see were the last jets. I assume they approached from a different direction.
  7. It was quite surreal watching it on the TV and through my front window at the same time.
  8. Been there today. Really pleasant. Hard to estimate how many people were there (but alot) as both sides of the towpath were rammed. Nice pint of cider for me and a G&T for other half at the Dorothy Pax. Had to queue about 15 mins for it though - they deserve a good profitable day.
  9. Apparently it has just been sold to a new developer. Have to see what they plan to do!
  10. I might be wrong, but I believe the skeleton of the Nag's Head is still opposite the Ship. It is behind a fence and is overgrown.
  11. You may be right but I thought it was because they couldn't charge people for travelling in articulated vehicles. Hopefully our local historians will clarify.
  12. Ross Greer! Maybe he doesn't really hate Churchill and Piers Morgan and is only covering up for his own inadequacy.
  13. Any of you out there know what Mount Pleasant was? On several old maps I see Mount Pleasant roughly at the top of Eleanor Street/Chapel Wood road , sort of behind where I live on Darnall Road. It looked a substantial building but I have been unable to find any records other than the maps.
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