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  1. The very un pc Blazing Saddles we went to the pictures thinking it was a western, the wife loves cowboy films.
  2. think the sandwich is £2.50 the tea is only £1,hot sausage roll that's better than gregs 85p.
  3. started taking a few shots in Barnsley but phone battery failed here is what I got ,I know they are not great pictures but it gives an idea about what's going on 2nd shot work in progress
  4. Found a manual at last, I can now set it up for dmx operation.
  5. looking forward to Wednesdays visit to my favourite shopping centre pasted url from flickr but nothing has happened-trying to paste url here
  6. how do i post pictures on here ,I'm hoping to take some shots of the major improvements in Barnsley town centre on Wednesday .
  7. Never seen that myself in Barnsley but it must happen in every city at sometime or other ,I have seen it in barkers pool Sheffield last Halloween .
  8. The shopping area around the market and up to the alambre is almost complete and it looks fantastic , puts Sheffield city centre to shame.
  9. just down the road from were I live ,never heard of it before very interesting.
  10. Try selling on eBay ,start with a high secret reserve, pull the sale once you have an idea of their value.
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