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  1. I stand corrected Barnsley is a town not a city.
  2. I was there 61-65 my favourite teacher was Mr. Houdmont I didn't find out till the other day that he was the headmaster at Meersbrook Bank at one time , Mr Pye was a strange fellow but he got me into music ,he used to play us Gilbert and Sullivan from records while explaining the plot etc.
  3. The ultra annoying radio 2's Steve Wrong especially when he sings ,if that is the right word, and talks over records the other day Mrs. choogling actually swore at the radio and she never swears unless it slips out.
  4. The city centre is really taking shape now well worth a trip from gloomy Sheffield
  5. A light hearted look at the forthcoming election not my work but from a local Facebook page GLOATING VOTER I’m stockpiling for harder times I'm panicking and hoarding But I won’t vote for Labour 'cos I don’t like Jeremy Corbyn Of course I’d like to see more help for those who face adversity Of course folk shouldn’t have to pay to go to university And rent controls would be so good - the costs that they’re absorbing But I’ll not vote for Labour 'cos I don’t like Jeremy Corbyn He’s hung out with some dodgy sorts - the type a good guy hates So I’ll ignore the tyrants who that Johnson counts as mates That Jezza has a silly beard and seems a little boring So I won’t vote for Labour 'cos I don’t like Jeremy Corbyn He lives in bloody Islington which means he’s an elite (Although that borough’s home to some of Britain’s poorest streets) Let policies take second place to personal performing I like the right-wing clown much more than I like Jeremy Corbyn So stuff your free prescriptions as I’ll gladly keep on paying Quit moaning about food banks 'cos I’m happy that they’re staying And ******** to the planet, climate change and global warming I won’t be voting Labour 'cos I don’t like Jeremy Corbyn Let's keep the railways private and let's keep our wages low And let our welfare state decline and unemployment grow And when they lay me down to rest the news will be reporting I died while on a waiting list still hating Jeremy Corbyn
  6. Got a new one, bbc1 Sunday morning about 5 am, some bloke doing a live talk to camera bit, every other word was er or um finished up turning it off.
  7. *The Highway * Pyebank road but the front door was on Fox St.took some beating had some great times in there up to 1976
  8. The pics back entrance was on Backfields a small lane just wide enough for one car, i worked at a car repair garage also on the same lane so our gate was opposite ,if I remember correctly the owner in the pic was Mr Hudson .this would be early seventies late sixties time. His car was a Hillman hunter at the time.
  9. The cars were a middle of the road soft rock band, during the eighties we were spoilt for choice with some fine bands such as journey doing pretty much the same stuff ,having said that they did write some great tunes that still sound good today. One of the best parody songs ever.
  10. The very un pc Blazing Saddles we went to the pictures thinking it was a western, the wife loves cowboy films.
  11. think the sandwich is £2.50 the tea is only £1,hot sausage roll that's better than gregs 85p.
  12. started taking a few shots in Barnsley but phone battery failed here is what I got ,I know they are not great pictures but it gives an idea about what's going on 2nd shot work in progress
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