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  1. Don't know what the advert is advertising because i always switch over its so annoying ,various groups of people laughing in a very false and irritating way.
  2. I would be nice if some of the ex-Meersbrook Bank pupils from that time period made contact through this forum MG
  3. A simple remedy at known illegal dumping sites is to install a good quality cctv system or just a well lit sign saying so, plus heavy fines would pay for it in a short time, double win situation.
  4. They resurfaced Yew Trees Lane at Bolsterstone just before the bike races ,a few months later they re-resurfaced it claiming faulty materials , pot holes are appearing again in the same section.
  5. Just to let you know Kevin passed away just after we last talked.
  6. G.N is leaving his Saturday radio two show ,praise the lord, he does answer prayers after all.
  7. Recent study indicated electric cars produce 58% more carbon just to make them and the pay back time is about four years before they are carbon neutral.
  8. Just got hold of *The Great Milenko* by Insane Clown Posse a remastered expanded reissue of the 1989-classic ,not played the original for years but enjoying this new to me version.
  9. The modern electric powered cars were never intended to be a direct replacement for fossil fuel burners, they were intended for city use hence the low millage problems did not matter.
  10. New one to me John Lennon Gimme some truth never that much of a solo fan but as a big Beatles fan decided to give it a go, stand out track is a cover of Ben E Kings stand by me .Had it on loop while I was boarding the loft out .
  11. never really a fan but alan freeman played Blazing Apostles' on the last saturday rock show and i really enjoyed it.
  12. I would have said Pete Stringfellow as king of Sheffield biggest ego ever.
  13. From my bike pedalling days, long over, I still rate Bishops court rd. Meersbrook as the steepest residential road in Sheffield. Its the only road in the whole of Sheffield i could not restart again after stopping for a rest. I notice Kent rd. also in Meersbrook gets a mention but a low score ,Kent road in the sixties was cobbled so I never tried riding up it.
  14. Just finished playing the new release of an old album from Bobbie Gentry The Delta Sweetie ,very disappointed with it, one disc is a remixed version of the second disc which is the 1960s original mono record, both discs have bonus tracks added . I found it boring and a waste of fourteen pounds i bought it after reading a rave revue in a daily news paper. I think we all need more details of the warm blonde.😄
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