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  1. never really a fan but alan freeman played Blazing Apostles' on the last saturday rock show and i really enjoyed it.
  2. I would have said Pete Stringfellow as king of Sheffield biggest ego ever.
  3. From my bike pedalling days, long over, I still rate Bishops court rd. Meersbrook as the steepest residential road in Sheffield. Its the only road in the whole of Sheffield i could not restart again after stopping for a rest. I notice Kent rd. also in Meersbrook gets a mention but a low score ,Kent road in the sixties was cobbled so I never tried riding up it.
  4. Just finished playing the new release of an old album from Bobbie Gentry The Delta Sweetie ,very disappointed with it, one disc is a remixed version of the second disc which is the 1960s original mono record, both discs have bonus tracks added . I found it boring and a waste of fourteen pounds i bought it after reading a rave revue in a daily news paper. I think we all need more details of the warm blonde.😄
  5. Just downloaded the album from the first two tracks it reminds me of The pixies from the eighties I'm going to keep it on for a few days could be a keeper, thanks for posting.
  6. If something unexpected happened my dad used to say "Chuffing Heeley Palace" Some one dressed up was described as "The Duke Of Darnall" Someone dizzy or drunk "He don't know if he's on this earth or fullers" Something not vertical was "Cockled over to one side" Some one skint "didn't have two half-crowns to scratch his arse with" why would you want to? Some one who pinched things was "a bit light fingered" or "found things before they were lost" School teachers favourite saying was "empty vessels make most sound" that ones spot on. A quiet pub was a "dead oil" Chip shop was a "chip oil" A pub was that was full on a dinner time, it was like a "Colliers Monday".
  7. Got Dr.Wu playing now, some great rock covers live recording from billy bobs 81 club Texas .
  8. when will pub owner realise some people actually hate football and would not enter a football showing pub if the beer were free.
  9. Been playing the Mojo Blues Band -Blues Parade 2000 first class double boogie woogie blues album, never heard them before well worth a listen. Nice laid back style great for late night listening.
  10. Don't very often agree with you pal but she is a great entertainer and deserves all the success she has earned ,welcome at our club any night she fancies.
  11. I would just like to remind all readers of my original post, it seems to have been hijacked ,basically all I said was I prefer Barnsley to Sheffield and still do .
  12. Finally got back to Barnsley today but was disappointed to find apart from the deli the shops were shut in the new indoor market ,the Alambre was open with most shops trading without queueing .The progress in the last four months has been amazing all the work on the main area has been completed and it looks so modern ,almost downtown L.A. Bonus the busker was playing some Dylan .
  13. Been on a nostalgia trip today back to the seventies playing the excellent album from Badfinger * Magic Christian Music* strange title for a great rock album guaranteed to put most rock fans off buying it .The album kicks off with the world wide smash hit Come and get it the b side of this one was the number 7 track on here Rock of all ages, quite a varied selection of material the heavier side of Paul McCartney's influence is never far away .The band were the first non Beatle artists on the Apple label but were hit with many tragedies after the Apple label was wound up ,including suicides. They never recovered which was a shame as the band showed great promise ,well worth a listen ,as with most albums a few padding out tracks but some real jems if you like a good harmony rock band this is for you.
  14. This is a common problem ,you know about it, the locals know about it, asda know about it, but the police either know about it or choose to ignore it ,either situation is a reflection of the times we live in.
  15. My comment was of course relating to the fast progress the builders have made and not to be taken literally.
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