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  1. Anyone know what the former farmfoods at top of woodseats road is going to become
  2. I'm wanting a decorator possibly from Wednesday I get keys Tuesday 4th April itsa 1 bed flat in sheltered housing for over 60s it's for my elderly uncle
  3. Has anyone been to the greggs outlet at sheffield Lane top just wondered if it's cheaper than others
  4. Does anyone know if the range is open or is it a non essential shop
  5. Any ideas how much for a watch battery and cheapest place plneed ease in sheffield been to Simpsons theres are at least £11.45
  6. Has anybody has ants in their goldfish Tank before I've come home lifted lid on my tank to feed my fish there was like little spiders/ants in one corner I went to move them and they flew out up to ceiling what could they be
  7. Is the one at joblot on a friday at Barnsley road still there and as anybody used it
  8. What's the approx cost of a cremation does anyone know
  9. Is there still butchers van around used to go to the one at job lot to miss that
  10. Can hear music and talking very loud sounds like some Muslim event coming from aroundbpenistone road area
  11. I'll be honest with u we are paying gas and electric at £98 a month to british gas by direct debit, we pay tv license full council tax and also full rent also we pay in to life insurance for when we die
  12. firstly i am paying £70 a week council 3 bed flat , and are a family of two adults and one child aged 15
  13. i am 27000 in debt and on a debt management which will take yrs only have my income of around 1200 a month and pay 1170 in expenditure on bills, rent etc so only paying 30.00 a month mostly catologue debts wanted to try and avoid bankruptcy any other suggestions please
  14. does anyone know if there is a carpark at farmfoods on chesterfield road
  15. how can i stop my safety shoes from rubbing on my toes and giving me blisters
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