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  1. It's a Committee system, which was changed in response to a referendum a couple of years ago. I'm sure Councillors have the opportunity to put themselves forward for the individual Committees, if they are able to committ the time to attend them and read all the relevant documents.
  2. Daily Express I assume? A few years ago, the headlines used to rotate between 3 topics: Princess Diana, the weather, and some miracle cure for alzeimers/arthritis/cancer. I doubt it's changed much, although I suspect the headlines will also no doubt report some benefit of Brexit as part of this rotation. Obviously these headlines are usually accompanied by a picture of a woman in a swimsuit for a bit of 'acceptable' titilation.
  3. This is all a bit of a minefield. I hope your neighbour got some good advice: https://www.ageuk.org.uk/latest-news/archive/asset-protection-trusts-mis-sold/ I was under the impression that if a LA investigated and found that there had been attempts to hide money, this could be overturned. Assuming she does need to go in to a care home. Many people pay for their own care in the home.
  4. Similar to the NHS and any public sector provision, it's used as a ideological football. Education has to changed and evolve over time, but unforutnately, there is a lack of a long term view on what that should be.
  5. I don't think he actually got the bank off the ground though. I assume you've watched the Netflix film?
  6. I think the nearest equivalent would be the Sheffield Credit Union.
  7. Or they give nice fat contracts to their 'subsidiaries', so the money stays in their organisation/is used to offset tax liabilites. The phrase 'Academy Trust' sounds so benign, doesn't it? I use the term provider, or publicly funded school. There's a pod cast on the scandal in the Academy trust in Birmingham a few years ago. The lack of oversight in the academy system is scary. Just another source of corruption. I don't now how local school provision is planned now & I think in some areas of the country, school places are like hens teeth.
  8. Yep, spot on. Get the private providers in. It means those pesky local authorities can't meddle anymore.. For example, by insisting on the admissions policy etc, and possibly reducing the oversight on the number of suspensions etc. It must make it easier to sell off land and other assets. I went to school in the 80's, in a very Tory controlled heartland of West Sussex. As soon as the Government changed the rules on selling off land, my primary school did just that. In about a space of 10 years from when I left, the huge playing field and playgrounds which I benefitted from, disappeared to be replace by a beautiful new housing estate (probably full of fat children as there's no safe outdoor space for them to play out- there isn't much public space in the suburbs down there).
  9. https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2023/feb/02/nicola-bulley-disappearance-police-issue-timeline-last-known-movements It sounds as though the Police are in the process of searching the water. The unknown must be awful for the family and friends.
  10. Where is your evidence that 500 people a year in Sheffield aren't dying due to poor air quality?
  11. I'm not sure that Putin is a 'communist'. I think he is a good old fashioned imperialist. I watched the Adam Curtis Traumazone documentary about Russia. Once the communist party lost control, the country was subject to some pretty interventionist economic policies (supported by the US in the background), which meant the state industries were sold off to oligarchs. That sounds pretty much like good old fashioned right wing neo-con policies to me. Once Boris Yeltsin was removed from power, the oligarchs needed a new president who wasn't going to intervene in what they were doing. Hence Putin.
  12. The media prefer to report any negative story over a positive one! In all seriousness, police officers have the power to make most people's lives incredibly difficult. The police force needs some serious consideration how to overcome some cultural issues. The level of trust in the police and the criminal justice system must be at an all time low. I hope that any 'reform' isn't an excuse for further defunding of the police by the Home office as a punishment.
  13. I think there is more strutiny of the Police, including from the official bodies. There's more media coverage, rolling news programme have to have content to fill the time. There's always been bad apples, as the Police force ultimately reflects the wider society.
  14. If not a fine, what is the answer? Yes, levying this fine isn't going to help the NHS Trust at all. This was a criminal prosecution, bought by the CQC. I don't know whether this will have a deeper impact than 'just' a fine.
  15. Yes, I heard some appalling things about how he didn't respond to constituents letters and requests for help. Mind you, I've heard similar about Miriam Cates. I saw him some years ago at the Mi Amigos fly over at Endcliffe Park. He had a bouncer with him! I'm surprised he didn't plead guilty to the charges, he would have avoided a trial and all his dirty laundry being aired in public.
  16. Hopefully Gov't won't use this as an excuse to try and outsourse the service again. Ousourcing a poorly managed service won't be a recipe for success. From reading this article, https://www.theguardian.com/society/2023/jan/24/probation-service-ministers-blood-hands-zara-aleena-family-inspector-report, the issues seem pretty systemic rather then being able to blame a 'few bad apples'.
  17. https://www.theguardian.com/business/2023/jan/23/brexit-has-lost-us-25-of-sales-british-bike-storage-firm-buckles-under-red-tape This firm has featured in today's Guardian.
  18. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11664637/Prince-Andrew-assembles-10m-war-chest-launch-legal-case-against-Virginia-Giuffre.html. I heard it this morning on R4, and it's in the DM so it must be partially true...
  19. We've bought our last 2 cars at a car supermarket. We went to Motorpoint at Castleford, and the Car Supermarket at Handsworth. The websites were good, and the sales team pretty efficient.
  20. In other words, another viewpoint on the world then.
  21. What is this based on? Actual understanding of the curriculum or what the Daily Mail/Express is telling you?
  22. Once this repealing starts to happen, it will cause chaos. If businesses have it difficult now, it will be so much harder once this is enacted.
  23. We have a similar issue in s35, which probably affects S5 as well. There was a SY Off Road Police team a few months back, I follow them on FB, but, in terms of social media, this seems to have gone a bit quiet. Maybe the team were a short term measure and it's been disbanded.
  24. I think she is correct. For many reasons, a large proportion of the population do not feel that our politicians/political system serve them. I don't know what the answer is.
  25. GP's are private providers, working to an NHS contract. This is the same with the NHS Trusts (Acute hospitals, MH Trusts etc).
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