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  1. Thanks, I will keep trying, it seems pointless to be honest, so many people have been reporting it for so long with complete inaction by the authorities. If you have nothing constructive to add why bother.
  2. Hi, I apologise if this is in the wrong section I'm a first time poster. I live on Dovercourt Road in the S2 area of Sheffield which is a lovely area full of hard working people but we are experiencing constant noise and dangerous driving day in day out for years now from off-road dirt bikes ridden by anti-social individuals. These individuals seem to come from the Wybourne area but cause havoc on City Road, Wybourne, Sky Edge, Manor Lane and Dovercourt Road. I have spoken to many people in the area who are also frustrated and have reported the issues to the police, council, and local Labour MP Paul Blomfield, but no action has been taken. The police and council are aware of the culprits but are not taking any action. I am seeking suggestions on what actions can be taken to get the authorities to address this issue and stop a few bad apples from terrorizing the community. We are sick of the waffle and want action. Thanks
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