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    IS schoolgirl wants to return

    Send me home: what should happen to the Isis wives? is a podcast featuring Martin Chulov of The Guardian. It is a problem that is not going to go away and as Martin says, governments will have to decide what to do with the children. He says that some are dying and the surviving ones face the prospect of being imprisoned with their mothers. As for Ms Begum, sadly she comes across as someone who will struggle with rehabilitation.
  2. Jomie

    IS schoolgirl wants to return

    It doesn't help and is irrelevant - the discussion is not about the baby's Dutch father. Despritdan was commenting about Shamima Begum's father. Nothing at all to do with the infant's paternal family. JFKvNixon is right about grooming of young girls. Men are the powerful and stronger sex. Women have been used, oppressed and manipulated by them for centuries. You see this in domestic abuse situations when men convince women that it is their own fault they are beaten and bruised. Young girls in particular are vulnerable to such men, as we have seen with the Asian grooming gangs. These women were groomed so they would provide 'home comforts' for the men in order to keep them in the battlefield. Also to provide the next generation of fighters.
  3. Jomie

    IS schoolgirl wants to return

    If you are referring to this incident, it was Amira Abase’s father, not Shamima Begum’s. If not, do you have a link? People are so affronted by this one woman that they are not looking at the bigger picture. Syrian Kurds are demanding that countries takes back their citizens - link. They simply cannot cope with all these women and children. Some countries are said to be repatriating the children and France is about to begin. Conditions in the camp are described here. The Times journalist who interviewed her formed the opinion that she has been ‘brainwashed’ - link. That seemed apparent in the parts of their conversation that were released to the press. Both of her children have died due to preventable causes and it is more than likely that her mental state will be unbalanced. It is doubtful that Shamima Begum can ever live a ‘quiet life’ if/when she returns to the UK. It is quite possible that her child will be taken into care, in which case it will at least be safe and won’t be radicalised. It is simply wrong to punish the baby for it’s mother’s choices.
  4. Jomie

    Too Old To Drive

    Petemcewan - try not to worry about giving up driving. You are thinking of the event based on how you feel now, not as you might feel in the coming years. If/when you do give up driving it might be acceptable to you. I have two family members, (both in their early seventies) who have given up driving during the past year. They don’t regret it and are happy that they are relieved of the burden and expense, particularly as roads are so busy nowadays. I didn’t watch the aforementioned programme but the subject was discussed on Radio 4’s You and Yours a few weeks ago. It was thought provoking, particularly when listeners rang in to tell of their own experience, some of them in relation to very aged parents who were incompetent but flatly refused to stop driving. I gained the impression that the decision to give up driving is perhaps about personality and character of the person. Some people lack insight and a sense of reality in respect of their reduced abilities. However, perhaps these are in the minority and most of us (hopefully) have sufficient insight to stop driving when the time is right. Many older drivers are well aware of their limitations and restrict their travel to day time in known, local areas.
  5. Jomie

    IS schoolgirl wants to return

    Actually it is not that simple. The issue of these women and children is far bigger than just Shamima Begum. There are many more of them from different countries in these camps. Syria is in chaos and is ill equipped to guard, and deal with them. The conditions are reported to be appalling and it could become a humanitarian crisis if action is not taken. It is not the fault of the children and they shouldn’t be made to suffer. If something is not done these children will grow up damaged and ripe for radicalisation. That is if they grow up at all. Governments will have to decide how to deal with this. Presumably the women and children will have to be repatriated at some point unless a third country can be found that is willing to take them.
  6. Jomie

    FaceBook security

    I really dislike Facebook and can therefore appreciate your concern. I can’t advise because although I have an account I don’t know a great deal about the workings of FB. I have the settings clamped down and only use it every now and again for news and reading interest. I don’t post on it so to me it’s not social media as such. Looking at this from another angle, can you discuss this with the sports leaders? There has been so much negativity about Facebook in the press that they ought to be amenable to an alternative. Only one I can think of is Google Groups but there must be more. If they insist on using FB then they could form a closed group - they are not searchable (AFAIK).
  7. Jomie


    I congratulate you on having the patience to do this. I have my own domain and a number of aliases but these days I can’t be bothered setting them up for new contacts. In any case, if it’s like my set up you end up using the default email address for replies anyway. For the OP I think that the aforementioned gmail set up would be best. If he wants to phase out the Virgin address in favour of the new one he can do so gradually. If he prefers Outlook, that too can be set up to collect the Virgin emails. The spam filter is arguably not as good as gmail but ok.
  8. Jomie


    John Habs - you say that Virgin is your ISP but how are you accessing your email? Are you using a web browser and logging into Virgin’s webmail or are you using an email client? If the messages are of a type (which it seems they are), it may be possible to block them based on key words (no good using the email address). Otherwise, you can set up rules to divert them straight to the bin. It’s difficult for me to help you with this because I don’t know Virgin webmail. As has been said, there is little you can do about it. Much of this comes from security breaches in companies that have your address in their database. Also, as referred to above, if your system has malware, that can be used to harvest information from it. If it is no great inconvenience you could perhaps set up a new gmail address and use that. Gmail can be configured to pick up email from your Virgin address and the spam filters are so good that you probably won’t be bothered by the messages as they will go straight to the spam box.
  9. Jomie

    Needing MS works suite 9

    Is Works Suite 2005 the same?
  10. Jomie

    Online PC security

    Supposedly, yes but with provisos. They are not totally immune to malware. Some Mac owners use security software, some don't. More information on The Safe Mac website. As for the email/password question, Happ is right - a lot of it is down to the security of the websites that hold your details. I've recently had two spam emails from the same address and sender but to totally different email addresses. One of them mentions some website building software that I bought a long time ago. It may well have had both addresses so I am wondering if there has been a hack somewhere. Good security software is essential so as I don't like free programmes I am happy to pay for Kaspersky Antivirus. Have used it for many years and it has been excellent. Despite what adherents say about Windows Defender, I wouldn't trust it totally.
  11. It’s not just Plusnet that use this type of inducement. £75 cash back is worth having and hopefully new customers are savvy enough to make sure that they receive the remuneration when it is due. Janus - I read your other post about low usage. Plusnet used to do such packages. I became a customer many years ago and can recall having various legacy products. I was paying as much (if not more) for broadband then than I am at present, even though I now have unlimited FTC. Even with line rental added on I feel that a broadband connection is great value for money. I am sure that it has the potential to almost pay for itself when you factor in the ability to shop around for best prices, pay bills online, save on transport costs etc. It’s great to be able to listen to music whenever you like, totally free, watch catch up tv/YouTube, chat online, educate yourself and lots more besides. Broadband is fabulous and worth every penny IMHO.
  12. Jomie

    Homeless read this .

    Medusa is right. Many homeless people are not stupid - they may be ill or have had events in their life which they are unable to cope with. I read that a significant number of ex military men find themselves in this position, some due to post traumatic illness. In young people homelessness may be due to abusive parents/step parents or perhaps due to being in care. If we are to prevent homelessness we need to invest in treating the causes. The cost of Harry’s new home, while being seemingly unfair, is really a red herring.
  13. Jomie

    Homeless read this .

    It's a sad indictment of our country that people are homeless in this day and age. The reasons are complex, some being in that situation because of mental illness and drug addiction and who are resistant to help. Whatever the rights and wrongs of the cost of this upgrade in Harry's new home, if it didn't go ahead it would doubtless make no difference to homeless people. Perhaps on their list of patronages there is a Royal person who supports a charity for this cause and is therefore able to draw our attention to the issue. Can't find one at the moment though. On the subject of the YouGov poll about support for the monarchy, it was published on 18th May 2018 which was the day before a Royal wedding. Presumably it was completed in the preceding months. If that was the case, then the sample could possibly have been influenced by all the hype surrounding the event. People can quite easily be led by the media. Also, the results are surely affected by the demographic of the people who were interviewed. The one thing that the Royal Family do well is to keep themselves in the public eye and in a favourable light. They have a fantastic PR team to do the job . The skill with which they manoeuvred Camilla into acceptance by the public was nothing short of genius. From being the 'other woman' she is now fully accepted, some people believing she should be Queen when the time comes. Meanwhile, the monarchists should be delighted to see the Royal family's latest addition in her attire - they should do as it is said to have cost in the region of £852,355 (link.) Hopefully she's giving good value for money. At least her father-in-law's estate is paying for that. The notion that this leads to increased fashion sales is laughable because most women would never be able to afford designer label clothing. Perhaps one day society will evolve and will not need this type of institution but it won't be for some time.
  14. Jomie

    rubbish fires

    Not quite - Garden bonfires: the rules, gov.uk.
  15. Jomie

    Sitting in doctors surgeries

    There might be a grain of truth in that but most people with an impaired immune system have underlying disease. Sometimes it is the treatment that causes the problem eg anti rejection drugs, chemotherapy, steroids.

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