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  1. Jomie

    Illegal Microsoft Office?

    Have you tried Belarc Advisor?
  2. Jomie

    Milk deliveries?

    Find Me A Milkman.
  3. Jomie

    Property/Rental Legal advice

    She will be liable for tax on the income and will need to keep accounts in order to complete self assessment at the financial year end. Can be done online but she must keep records of all expenditures and income. She will also need to have landlord insurance cover and legal advice/expenses can be added on but that will raise the price. A landlord has responsibilities 24/7 and tenants can be quite demanding. If there is a leak or boiler breaks down it will be her responsibility to sort it ASAP, whether it be Christmas, middle of the night or any other inconvenient time. If the house becomes uninhabitable due to damage she will have to deal with temporary rehoming of the tenant although a good insurance policy may cover that possibility. If the house is still mortgaged she will have to inform the lender. Possibility of having to remortgage as buy to let? Not sure about that but needs looking into.
  4. Jomie

    Altering a will

    Golden Oldie - According to their website Free Wills Month was in March 2019. It is only for simple Wills. If you have sold your home and are buying another then it is advisable to see a solicitor. The tendency is for couples to leave everything to each other but that is not always the best thing to do nowadays. Also, power of attorney could save you a lot more than £150+VAT if one of you becomes incapacitated.
  5. Jomie

    Altering a will

    Golden Oldie - Wills are really important, particularly when the person is a home owner. Perhaps it would be a good opportunity to make new Wills. You could set up power of attorney at the same time. Also, if you are buying another property ask about ownership as tenants in common rather than joint tenants because if ever either of you requires care in the future, it can help to protect the home. A good solicitor will be able to guide you and it shouldn’t cost too much. You can telephone companies to ask for an approximate quote. It’s worth it for peace of mind.
  6. Jomie

    Glasses needed

    Whitemary328 - the lady at the opticians has a point. It would seem that some people with perfect sight use plain glass spectacles as a fashion accessory. I am sure that you are nice enough without wearing spectacles but to prevent falls from wearing unsuitable reading glasses you are doing the right thing by buying your own with clear glass. That should provide enough pleasure for your partner without you risking life and limb through not being able to see properly. If he insists that you wear the ones he has bought than carefully read saywhatnow's post, #20. Perhaps you could consider asking him to join in and wear reading glasses too. Your excuses and comments are a tad worrying. Sometimes it helps to talk things through with an older, more experienced woman.
  7. Jomie

    Glasses needed

    Whitemary328 - you don’t need glasses because you are fortunate enough to have good vision. You should treasure that. You use the analogy of him buying you spectacles instead of flowers but it is incorrect because if he bought you flowers it would be for you. He is buying spectacles for him and it is to your detriment because they are impairing your vision. Have you asked him why he wants you to wear glasses? You say it doesn’t bother you but it is impacting on you because you are going to great lengths to find some glasses that you can wear without discomfort, just to satisfy his desire. If you find some glasses with plain lenses will he be satisfied with your choice of frame or will he still be bringing unsuitable spectacles with his choice of frames? It’s your choice but it’s OK to say no, you are not going to wear glasses because you don’t need them. Don’t be manipulated. In the words of the song, he should love you just the way you are and not try to change you into something he wants.
  8. Jomie

    Lyceum theatre balcony seats

    It’s some years since I used those seats but I remember it well because it was so uncomfortable that I left during the break. However, perhaps age had something to do with it. Perhaps you could cope if you are young, not too tall and don’t have health issues. Don’t think you get a good experience of the performance from up there.
  9. Jomie


    Dozer - I am a carer for a person who has had two strokes but is not paralysed and can still converse although there is a degree of aphasia . Doubtless you know this but take your time when you engage in conversation. Sometimes they know what they want to say but can’t articulate the words. Often they muddle words up so it takes time to find out what it is they are trying to get across. I find it takes a lot of patience and sometimes I have to ask questions to fill in the missing bits. Calmness is also required. I find that they tire very quickly due to the effort of remembering, thinking and talking. Sometimes it is alright just to sit with someone and be quiet. This is very hard to do in a world that is full of activity and noise. Sometimes it is nice to look at a nice view and just ‘be’. Music can be a great stimulus and I am wondering if you could find some suitable songs and put them on a device of some sort. Small Bluetooth speakers can be found quite cheaply. There are a few good news websites that you could maybe look at for nice stories. Here are two: Good News Positive News It’s a great thing that you are doing and I hope that you will be able to keep it up. Well done.
  10. Jomie

    Shamima Begum

    Stylefree - unfortunately this thread will probably become a witch hunt in the same way as the previous one did. Some people seem to hold Ms Begum responsible for all the atrocities that ISIS have committed. I totally agree with you about those interviews. When I read the news about the death of the baby I was sad and sickened. It was inevitable but could have been prevented. If they can get journalists and aid workers in and out of a war zone they could have got the baby and it's mother out. During those interviews it was obvious that the girl was unwell. From the small glimpses that we had of baby Jarrah it looked as if he was of small birth weight. He didn't stand a chance in those conditions. Apparently hundreds of children are dying in those camps and apart from a few governments who are making efforts to repatriate them the UK does nothing except pontificate about one child who made a big mistake. Nobody with any sense supports ISIS but that is no reason to stand by and see innocent children suffer for the sins of their parents. RIP little baby.
  11. Jomie

    Will you eventually buy a hybrid car?

    We’ve always chosen cars based on fuel economy. For that reason we had diesels long before they became mainstream and when derv was cheaper than petrol. It made sense due to using the vehicle for work. This hybrid is the smallest in the range and is approximately the same size as the diesels that I used to have. Fuel consumption is probably better with the hybrid but it’s an unfair comparison because it was a long time ago since I had diesel - I ditched it as soon as I retired because I was fed up with the noise and rattle. The hybrid is smooth and quiet, particularly when setting off. It encourages the driver to be more fuel aware. We didn’t buy it for environmental reasons. It was because of reliability (we knew the brand very well) and running costs. Perhaps there are folk who do buy them for altruistic reasons but maybe more who buy them for economy.
  12. Jomie

    Will you eventually buy a hybrid car?

    That is precisely what I meant when I said that I didn't know of any car that was environmentally friendly, hybrid or not. When the components required to build a vehicle and the logistics are taken into account, fossil fuel is probably only a small part of the pollution equation. My point was relating to your earlier comment about people buying hybrids because they are green and environmentally friendly. It is probably more likely that folk buy them for the same reason as me - we don't like visiting the garage too often.
  13. Jomie

    Will you eventually buy a hybrid car?

    Why have you hated this? It seems a laudable reason. We have had hybrid cars for a few years for one reason only - fuel economy. They have delivered on that. Maybe that’s why others buy them too. Don’t know of any car that is environmentally friendly, hybrid or not.
  14. Jomie

    Shamima Begum

    Tania Joya was recently on television. IIRC she now lives in the USA. There is one key difference between her and Ms Begum - desire to leave. She wanted out and escaped.
  15. Jomie

    Shamima Begum

    The Radio 4 programme The Moral Maze this week featured the subject of returning ISIS members, in particular Ms Begum. The last speaker was particularly interesting because he said there is intelligence which throws some doubt on her statement that she was ‘just a housewife’. His description of her activities seems to fit this. If true, it is perhaps a contributory factor to her citizenship being revoked.

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