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  1. It is advisable to get legal advice sooner than later if the elderly person and their family wish to protect inheritance. Social Services can claim deprivation of assets whatever the time frame - there is no seven or ten year rule. Signing over property has to be done when the owner could not foresee the need for social care. It has disadvantages and it is worth remembering that many people will never require a care home placement. If the property is held as joint tenants it is worth considering changing it to tenants in common so that each person owns half of the property. For anyone who is facing the prospect of their relative going into care, in certain situations there is a mandatory disregard of property eg if there is anyone over 60 years of age, disabled or children who are living there. It is also worth applying for a Continuing Health Care assessment because if successful, care is financed by the health authority so is not means tested. People who are terminally ill can be fast tracked for this funding. Successive governments have failed to tackle the social care crisis with the result that it is a complex and unfair situation. People are having to navigate the system when they are probably distressed due to the illness of the person and their caring responsibilities. It does seem unfair and creates bad feeling. It needs sorting out quickly.
  2. BobOfRoth - hopefully you will find the strength to live a good life without the use of alcohol. It is understandable that you were upset by some of the comments. Looking at it from both sides, if you didn't have problems with alcohol, would you give up your own life to support and care for someone who did? Carers give up their own life to care for another person. Research has been conducted into the health of carers and time and time again it indicates that they are chronically unwell, anxious and stressed. They tend to neglect their own health and as a result some die before their caree. That is the brutal truth of being a carer. Please don't blame others - their experience is different to yours and some of the members have given useful replies based on personal experience. Most people enter into a relationship for mutual support but with alcoholism the afflicted partner cannot always be supportive. Often people who are in relationships with alcoholics try very hard to support them over a long period of time and don't give up easily. Sometimes cutting loose is not about selfishness but about survival.
  3. If you are a taxpayer, you should care because their globe trotting will escalate security costs, not to mention the 2.4 million that was spent on renovation of their home which will now stand empty for six months of the year, maybe more. If the example of Fergie is anything to go by they stand to make a lot of money in the USA. That would be at odds with their funded security costs. That is largely true and she received a warm welcome when she moved to the UK, particularly on her wedding day. On her official duties people seemed to be welcoming and accepting. The negative reports since the marriage have been unfortunate but some of them have proved to be largely true. This is not about the press or race - it is about a lady who is fundamentally unsuited to the royal life and a husband who doesn't want to do the job and who wants to please his wife. If their hearts are not in it then it is best that they leave so they have hopefully made the right decision. However, there needs to be no ambiguity - they should be in or out of the Firm. If out, they should have their titles amended as has previously happened when people have left the royal family.
  4. Before she leaves hospital ask for a Continuing Health Care Assessment. This is for people who have primary health needs. If she meets the criteria she would be funded by the health authority. If her needs are classed as social then she would be placed in a residential home and this is means tested. She might be entitled to up to six weeks free care following discharge to a care facility - link. If she wants to go home you could ask about community services. They can’t provide 24 hour care but it might be possible with private carers and family support. There is more information on the AgeUK and CarersUK websites, among others.
  5. There has been speculation that they would resign but this reads as if they are not giving up but will be part time.
  6. @Dear Forum - if you decide to stay with your partner, please be aware that he will probably eventually develop serious health problems and it is likely that you will at some point become his carer. It tends to be insidious - needs increase gradually and at first the partner doesn't realize that they have become a carer. The anxiety, ill health and stress in carers is well researched and documented. You should maybe consider this carefully before making any decision.
  7. You would need good reasons to stay in this relationship. Are you worried that if you left him he would try to commit suicide again, particularly as he lacks support due to rejection by his family? Are you optimistic that having given up alcohol once he can do it again? Have you considered contacting Al-Anon UK or other support group?
  8. It’s many years ago but IIRC Decosol was used for cleaning leather car upholstery and consoles. It was a gel and very effective. There is a forum thread about it here. It would appear that it is no longer sold in gel form but is available as foam. Don’t know if it would be suitable for your suite.
  9. Haven’t read the article but it sounds as if it might be the same, or similar to Care Navigation which some surgeries are now using. Care Navigation A member of the reception team will ask for a brief outline of the problem when the patient calls to make an appointment at the practice. Through specialist training, the team can offer more choice on who to see in the practice and help them to get to the right health professional fast. The receptionists never offer clinical advice or triage; it is about offering the choice to see other specialists in the practice team if they have the expertise to deal with the problem; often it is quicker and without the need to see the GP each time. Examples are calls that can be dealt with by a physiotherapist, the pharmacist, sometimes even the secretaries. This helps to free up time for GPs to care for patients with complex or serious health conditions. It also means that the patient sees the staff member who is best placed to deal with the problem.
  10. Alan p - as Zach has said, treat yourself to a SSD and do a clean install of Windows 10. You will find that it will give an immediate speed boost and the laptop will be quieter and cooler. Use the Crucial Scanner to select the correct SSD.
  11. Florence kat - if you haven’t already done so, take a look at BT Privacy at Home and the Telephone Preference Service websites.
  12. Possibly some people who are still using Windows 7 are doing so because they are not confident computer users and don’t like change. In this case, any of the Linux distros are likely to confuse them more and arguably may not be a good alternative. It is not all about how the desktop looks. Many other factors come into play. When set up correctly, Windows 10 is familiar enough for Windows 7 users to eventually come to terms with.
  13. Many of the caravan sites on the east coast are not year round occupation. You would have to move out for part of the winter months. If you want to make a caravan your permanent home you might need to look for a residential site.
  14. An SSD should make a big difference. Hope the swap goes well.
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