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  1. Have you spoken to her teacher about this? Has your daughter been referred for a special needs assessment? As she is struggling with her schoolwork it is possible that this is the reason why she is not making friends - they are perhaps ahead of her and don't have much in common. It can be demoralizing for a child when they cannot keep up with their peer group. If you haven't already done so, you might want to consider asking for a special educational needs assessment. Some government information here: Children with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND). Children often thrive when placed in a more appropriate educational facility.
  2. Adamb12 - flats are usually leasehold. Not sure whether purchase is (or will be) possible. Doubtless Mr Shaw will be able to give guidance on this.
  3. Does anyone remember the jewellers Edwin McKenzie? Think the shop was on Snig Hill. Not 100% sure that the details are exactly right. Also Leslie Cass on Surrey Street. Again, would welcome correction if needed. Memory is not what it was.
  4. Do they take cables eg Ethernet, hdmi, scart leads etc?
  5. I am glad it helped. It’s great software with a number of useful functions. Used it for some time, usually for backing up iPhone contacts/messages.
  6. Do you have a PC? If so, have a look at CopyTrans. I can’t say for certain that it will work though. Someone with more experience of the software will hopefully come along and give more information. If not, the support page is here.
  7. Parveen - I have never lived in Treeton so don’t know it particularly well. It is one of a number of ex mining villages in Rotherham. AFAIK none of them are known for ethnic diversity so if you moved there you would be living in a predominantly white area. That is not to say that you would not be welcome. I checked recent crime figures and couldn’t find any racially motivated ones. The area has benefits - nice country walks, not overcrowded and close to amenities. There are a number of Facebook groups for Treeton and having checked, I see that there is an Online meeting with police this coming Friday. As they work in the community there you could get detailed information from them. Also, walking around and visiting shops can be useful. If you would like to move to Rotherham but would prefer to reside in a predominantly Asian community, the areas close to the town centre and hospital are worth looking at - Broom, Broom Valley, Clifton, Masborough, Moorgate, Wellgate. I hope that someone comes along who can give you more of a personal perspective. If you do move to Treeton, I hope that you and your family will be happy there.
  8. It might be an important factor for some women who don’t work or have low paid jobs. It could be less relevant to a woman who has worked hard and established herself in a career. How materialistic a person is something to take into account. Some older women are content to have a gentleman friend but prefer their independence and don’t want to commit.
  9. My dentist is working normally, at least as far as fillings and checkups are concerned. I’ve had two permanent fillings during lockdown. The practice has all the necessary equipment and the staff are taking the required precautions. They have an aerosol procedure in place which includes the staff wearing high level PPE, the windows being opened and the room being left empty for a certain length of time between patients - I think it is about 15 minutes.
  10. If the building is demolished, this will be just a memory.
  11. Item about John Lewis Sheffield on ‘You and Yours’, Radio 4 today. It’s about 20 minutes in.
  12. No need to be sorry about your resignation - due to your bereavement you have enough to cope with right now. It’s quite possible that these changes were in the pipeline anyway, and you leaving has just created an opportune moment to progress them. It’s clear from the depth of feeling displayed in this thread that the forum is well overdue for a refresh. Five pages in and people have had their say with civility and no rudeness.
  13. Nikki-red - it is unfortunate that the handover wasn’t completed in a way that you were happy with. This was a sensitive issue, particularly as you have put in many hours of your time moderating the forum. As someone who deals with two forums I know how time consuming the work can be. You have made some interesting posts in the past and hopefully you will now be able to contribute more fully. Also, the criticism from fellow members will cease. It is clear that Sheffield Forum is not what it was in terms of post/thread numbers but whether this is due to over moderation or other social media platforms is unclear. Mr Bloke is right though - this discussion would have been shut down immediately under the old team. I hope that there will be no more removal of posts (unless they are offensive), no help desk messages and greater transparency. I also hope that members will be able to say what they want (with civility of course). It is not a moderators role to steer discussions in one direction. I wish the new owner and team success and hope that the forum becomes the lively place that it once was.
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