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  1. An example here of why biological women need their own spaces - Raab: Block male trans prisoners from women's jails.
  2. Hopefully you are right. The problem is that women often don’t know. Helen Joyce thinks that it is men like you who have females in their lives, (particularly young daughters) who will make a stand regarding single sex spaces. Men who stand up for women don’t usually get the online abuse that women typically get.
  3. Do you mean that male to female people are the same as biological females? If so, then it follows that the those who were born in the sex category ‘girl/woman’ must also be trans girls/women because those two groups are one. A woman is an adult human female. A female is an individual of the sex that is typically capable of bearing young or producing eggs. Does this apply to trans women? A natal woman cannot know what it is to be trans, no more than a man can know what it is to be born female. Life experiences are entirely different. If you want to know something of the trials of being a biological woman, listen to the BBC programme ‘28 days-ish’ on Sounds. When you have done that, come back here and tell us if there is anything that correlates with a natal man’s life experience. Also go onto the Trans Widows website and read some of those accounts of women who have had to deal with their partner’s fetish. If you want to know more about that, read Ray Blanchard. Read up on the harrowing stories of people who have damaged their perfectly healthy bodies only to realise that they have not become what they desired. Reddit has a sub detrans section. Trans regret is becoming more known about know as people speak up. Helen Joyce’s book ‘Trans’ is another useful read. JKR is not transphobic. If you have read her essay, you will know that. All she wants is for women to have their own, sex segregated spaces so that women are not put at risk. Also preservation of women's rights regarding such things as sport, all women short lists. Studies show that patterns of criminality do not change when a man decides to present as a woman - they are equal to that of men. Have a look at terfisaslur for some indication of the misogyny and hatred of women. Women learn from an early age to tread warily through life. They know that men can be a danger - thankfully not all. Domestic abuse and murder is predominantly perpetrated by men. This is why women want their own spaces. Also for privacy and dignity. People cannot change sex. Professor Winston has said that our sex markers are in every cell of our body. All trans people can do is adopt stereotypical appearance. That does not make them members of that sex category. Most trans people are getting on quietly with their lives and they should not be harassed or harmed for their choices.
  4. There was an interesting item on Farage (GB News) this week. Matt Goodwin, Professor of Politics and International Relations, Kent University was interviewed. He has recently completed a study called 'The Great Awokening'. It's on YouTube and is approximately 30 minutes in. It's a fascinating but disturbing piece and it demonstrates how journalists have their own agenda and are described as ‘activists’. Matt Goodwin's Substack about this can be found here: The 'Great Awokening' of British media. In the light of Maya Forstater and Alison Bailey’s tribunal wins, there are signs of pushback, at least in the gender critical movement. The legal action by ‘Sarah’ against Sussex Survivor’s Network will hopefully be successful too, especially in view of the recent EHRC guidance.
  5. Update on this story - Tory MP Jamie Wallis banned from driving….. He was seen running away wearing a black leather mini skirt, tight top, pearl necklace and high heeled shoes. Perhaps that’s the type of ‘woman’ he aspires to be. Stark similarities with AGP.
  6. For anyone who wants more insight into issues of gender and gender critical belief, have a look at Maya Forstater’s interview with Andrew Doyle - Maya Forstater wins three claims in employment tribunal following trans row. She lost the first tribunal - Judge James Tayler said that her belief that people cannot change sex was ‘not worthy of respect in a democratic society’. It’s worth listening to that part because it explains about how judges are ‘trained’. She comments that it could have been written by Stonewall. If true, it backs up what has been revealed about Stonewall in the Nolan podcasts. Maya is an articulate woman who has been put through three traumatic years. She speaks of the abuse she has received during that time and says that it has become normalised. She has now co-founded sex-matters.org.
  7. The tide is beginning to turn - A win for free speech and sex-based rights. Employers had better take note, particularly the Stonewalled ones - What does the Forstater judgment mean for employers?
  8. There wasn't much to talk about really because according to the article, Halifax stated that the use of the pronoun badge was optional. The real trouble started with the dismissive tone of AndyM. Aside from people being heartily sick of gender woo, nobody likes being spoken to like this. It is dismissive and demeaning. It's doubtful that it was a publicity stunt because they have risked losing customers. If this is another 'Ratner moment', it will be seen soon enough.
  9. It seems that Leslie has reached the ripe old age of 60yrs+ and is not cognisant of the 'fact' that men can now get pregnant. Maybe BTS staff should have set up an indoctrination/education session explaining about men getting pregnant. The Telegraph seems to have made a bit of a faux pas in using the banned word 'women' in the article: Don't they know it's 'pregnant people' for goodness sake? Shame on them.
  10. Article by Dame Jenni Murray sums it up - Why is NHS hell-bent on erasing all mention of women? The words ‘woman’ and ‘women’ are being erased for the sake of an extremely tiny minority of the population. Trans identified women are no doubt perfectly cognisant of the fact that they have ovaries - that’s why some have them surgically removed and/or have to take medication. The advice uses the word ‘woman’ once, on page three. If it can be used there, why not on page one where it would be prominent and clear? Ovarian cancer needs to be caught early if there is to be a chance of successful treatment. This advice is so important that ambiguity is dangerous. Not all women have English as their first language. Not all women will understand what is being said in this advice, and that it applies to them. Note that they don’t say that trans identified men cannot get ovarian cancer.
  11. We used British Gas HomeCare for many years. Always had good service. Early 2021 staff went on strike due to Centrica making them sign new contracts. Link. They subsequently lost a lot of experienced engineers. Centrica is now contracting out to various companies. The engineer that came to my home last year was not an employee of the company who had been allocated the boiler service. He was contracted to the contracted firm. In other words, freelance. He did not do the service correctly. After a complaint they sent another contractor who refused to complete the work. After yet another complaint they sent a BG engineer (some two months after the first appointment) and he did the work properly. This year, despite asking for a BG engineer they were going to send another contractor. I was told that you cannot specify that you only want a BG engineer so the policy is now cancelled.
  12. Sounds like he needs surgery. The NHS podiatry service should be able to help. He may be able to self refer - check on the Sheffield NHS website.
  13. "some old slapper" is Marilyn Monroe. Is it really necessary to use such sexist language about a woman, alive or dead? Nobody would use it when referring to a man. It's time this sort of thing was stopped - it is truly offensive.
  14. The Nolan Stonewall podcasts have been nominated for several radio awards - Stephen Nolan’s Stonewall podcast nomination condemned. Despite protests by 166 audio professionals, “Radio Academy has told the group it cannot rescind the nominations for the podcast…..” It’s good to see an organisation that is not cowed by pressure groups. Nolan was told not to make the podcasts due to safety fears for himself and his team but he pushed on. It was an outstanding piece of journalism and the awards are merited. Stonewall has not responded to the podcasts. Meanwhile, the transgender MP can’t wait to change into a woman (as he sees it). From reports of the problems he has had recently it rather sounds as if he needs a different kind of help before he starts potentially damaging, irreversible treatment.
  15. Excellent article by Janice Turner of The Times: Women won’t be silent as our rights are stolen. If anyone is sufficiently interested in this issue, listen to the Nolan podcasts about Stonewall. There are a number of episodes so it takes some time to get through but it is well worth the effort because it exposes the background to trans activism. It’s worrying that this unelected lobby group is advising organisations, including the BBC and government departments via their money spinner ‘Diversity Champions Programme’. Following the Nolan report several major organisations have pulled out of the programme. Of course Stonewall are to be congratulated for their work on gay and lesbian rights but this issue is totally different. That did not impinge on anyone else’s rights. Some say that they added the T because once their original work was done they were losing funds. Even the cash strapped NHS now employ diversity officers in their trusts. They are currently banding together, and have publicly stated that they will ignore the EHRC Separate and single-sex service providers guidance. They plan to retain ‘Annex B’ whereby men can legitimately be placed in women’s hospital wards. This, despite the fact that there is a documented account of a woman who claimed to have been raped whilst in hospital. The staff said she couldn’t have been raped because there were no men on the ward. One year on, cctv evidence was retrieved and the hospital staff admitted that there was a trans woman ie man on the ward. I don’t know whether Sheffield and Doncaster NHS trusts will ignore the guidance but certainly the diversity officer for Rotherham NHS trust has publicly stated on social media that it will not be implemented and Annex B is still in force. By making that statement it would seem that she has powers above those of the hospital management.
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