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  1. Would Lunapic suit your needs?
  2. I would have suggested Claremont and May but having just done a search I suspect that the company has gone out of business. It is a shame because their fragrances were gorgeous, especially Champagne and Roses. I have an Ashleigh and Burwood oil lamp and the fragrances are pleasant. Having checked on eBay they sell pot pourri refresher oils so they might be worth looking at. Their products are sold in many garden centres. You might also find Colony and Yankee Candle products on sale too. It’s useful to sniff before you buy. When you refresh your pot pourri put it in a plastic bag, add the oil and seal the bag. Give it a shake and put it somewhere warm for a while so the oil can soak in.
  3. Tomorrow it will be eighty years since the start of the Sheffield Blitz (12th and 15th December 1940). It must have been horrendous and perhaps puts our current day privations into perspective. I don’t know if there will be any special commemoration but perhaps Sheffielders could take a few minutes thinking and remembering the sacrifices that were made by our forebears for our freedoms.
  4. The lawn here has been down for some years, is of good quality and was laid by a specialist company. They used a base of something like crushed stone but I cannot remember the name - it had the word 'dust' in it. The drainage is good. It has never had chemicals applied other than spot treatment of weeds and it does not smell of dog urine. You might be right about the sand base causing the problem but like you, I don't know for sure. Hopefully the heavy rain will improve matters.
  5. Which installation media are you using? Is it the Media Creation or iso? Have you chosen a clean format or opted to keep files?
  6. You don't need to pay to upgrade to Windows 10 as long as you have a valid Windows 7 license. I did one earlier this week using the the iso (8GB flash drive or burn to disk) but you can also use the Media Creation Tool. Make sure you have the Windows 7 license key written down somewhere before you reformat and that you have backed up all your documents. It gives you the option to keep files or keep nothing. Personally I would go with the latter and do a clean install. There are some useful links here and here.
  7. If you are willing to post the shaver, have a look at the Shaver Centre in Nottingham. Telephone 01157 730 002.
  8. Tracienanof7 - you will need to speak to the owner of the grave. They should have the grave papers which includes the plot number. I don’t know if the documents are digital nowadays. Once you have their permission and the documentation, take them to a stonemason of your choice and they will sort everything out for you. All you have to do is decide on the type of memorial you want and the lettering. There are some rules regarding this but the stonemason will advise. If you are unsure which stonemason to use, look around at the other memorials because they often have the name of the company on the back - usually on the plinth. Some graves in City Road cemetery are four casket ones so if anyone in the family wishes to be buried there you may want to leave space on the headstone. The capacity of the grave can be found in the grave papers.
  9. Lovers of eighties music/bands may be interested in a new album from Johnny Hates Jazz. The video of the title song ‘Spirit of Love’ is being released on their YouTube channel at 12md today. Currently listening to their 2013 album ‘Magnetized’.
  10. What are the email file extensions and what client are you using?
  11. @Bargepole23, post #35: Re hospital nurses bring furloughed. Yes, it is in the UK and in fact, South Yorkshire. @mrcharlie - the only person who can deal with your resentful feelings is you. Other posters have accused you of whinging. You have some justification perhaps. However, you are doing yourself no favours by harbouring such feelings. You are alive, fit enough to earn your living, have a roof over your head and food in the pantry. Presumably you have supportive family and friends. If you carry this anger on people will not want to be with you. Don’t want to sound as if I am lecturing (I don’t mean to), but as a much older person who has experienced far worse than this, my advice would be to switch off social media, go to work, do your best without grumbling and to go home and concentrate on things that enhance your life. This will pass and you can look back knowing that you did your bit to get this country back on it’s feet. I don’t know what your job is, but as an OAP I thank you (and others in the workforce) for your efforts in keeping the economy going.
  12. Mrcharlie - a relative of mine who is a key worker has been furloughed, despite the fact that the work has changed very little during the lockdown. Of the two colleagues who were left, one went off sick, leaving only one person doing the work of three. Don’t know what they did about toilet and meal breaks. The company didn’t call the relative back in so it begs the question - why? However they have contacted them recently and been given a start date. It leads one to the conclusion that some employers are making use of the furlough scheme for their own ends, especially when those who are left are doing twice the work. It’s win win for them. I can understand your anger. Nothing to do but grit your teeth and plough on. Doubtless there are lots of folk who are quite happy to be furloughed and don’t want to go back to work. No wonder we are hearing reports of people saying it’s too soon to go back to work/school. Judging by all the coastal outings etc they might be safer in those two environments. BTW there are hospital nurses who have been furloughed recently. They have nothing to do, presumably because there are fewer routine admissions. it beggars belief.
  13. An appointment system would work much better and enable social distancing. This is what they have done in areas of North Wales. Long term we need to be looking at why folk are throwing so much stuff away and why they can’t use their bins. Aside from the green waste (now resumed), the collections haven’t stopped during lockdown. We have become a wasteful, throwaway society.
  14. Thank you for replying. It’s an iPad Air 2 on software update 13.4.1. There is a choice of apps in the App Store and have tried two. Both respond to the Q scan but don’t progress to the app interface. Wondering if there is something that I am missing.
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