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  1. What are the email file extensions and what client are you using?
  2. @Bargepole23, post #35: Re hospital nurses bring furloughed. Yes, it is in the UK and in fact, South Yorkshire. @mrcharlie - the only person who can deal with your resentful feelings is you. Other posters have accused you of whinging. You have some justification perhaps. However, you are doing yourself no favours by harbouring such feelings. You are alive, fit enough to earn your living, have a roof over your head and food in the pantry. Presumably you have supportive family and friends. If you carry this anger on people will not want to be with you. Don’t want to sound as if I am lecturing (I don’t mean to), but as a much older person who has experienced far worse than this, my advice would be to switch off social media, go to work, do your best without grumbling and to go home and concentrate on things that enhance your life. This will pass and you can look back knowing that you did your bit to get this country back on it’s feet. I don’t know what your job is, but as an OAP I thank you (and others in the workforce) for your efforts in keeping the economy going.
  3. Mrcharlie - a relative of mine who is a key worker has been furloughed, despite the fact that the work has changed very little during the lockdown. Of the two colleagues who were left, one went off sick, leaving only one person doing the work of three. Don’t know what they did about toilet and meal breaks. The company didn’t call the relative back in so it begs the question - why? However they have contacted them recently and been given a start date. It leads one to the conclusion that some employers are making use of the furlough scheme for their own ends, especially when those who are left are doing twice the work. It’s win win for them. I can understand your anger. Nothing to do but grit your teeth and plough on. Doubtless there are lots of folk who are quite happy to be furloughed and don’t want to go back to work. No wonder we are hearing reports of people saying it’s too soon to go back to work/school. Judging by all the coastal outings etc they might be safer in those two environments. BTW there are hospital nurses who have been furloughed recently. They have nothing to do, presumably because there are fewer routine admissions. it beggars belief.
  4. An appointment system would work much better and enable social distancing. This is what they have done in areas of North Wales. Long term we need to be looking at why folk are throwing so much stuff away and why they can’t use their bins. Aside from the green waste (now resumed), the collections haven’t stopped during lockdown. We have become a wasteful, throwaway society.
  5. Thank you for replying. It’s an iPad Air 2 on software update 13.4.1. There is a choice of apps in the App Store and have tried two. Both respond to the Q scan but don’t progress to the app interface. Wondering if there is something that I am missing.
  6. Does anyone know if WhatsApp work on iPad please? I downloaded the app and the web one, pointed the iPhone code at the iPad, could see that it changed but it didn’t move on to the interface. Couldn’t find anywhere to click either.
  7. Only downloaded WhatsApp recently so don’t know much about it but noticed that the photographs/videos are all in Photos folder on my iPhone so there’s nothing to do. I have iCloud for Windows so they will be on the laptop too.
  8. Cemeteries in Rotherham are all open now - link.
  9. It would be an issue if hundreds of individuals decided that what was right for them is to have a walk round Dam Flask at the weekend. Look what happened in Florida when thousands of folk decided that it was right for them to go to the beach - link.
  10. Beefface - you seem to be looking at this the wrong way. The restriction on movement is about saving lives, not whether there is a risk of ‘drawing the heat’. You are one person wanting to walk this route but it is a well known beauty spot that attracts folk from many different locales. It has the potential for the gathering of a number of people. Also, that walk is going to take longer than the stipulated one hour. The lockdown in this country is far less draconian than in some others and if we don’t want further restrictions we must abide by the law. Groose has the right idea - if you have to use transport, no more than a twenty minute drive. We need to remember that activity, in particular driving can increase problems for other people eg breakdowns, accidents. Stay home and stay safe - you can walk around Dam Flask another time. Sadly, for many people that won’t be possible.
  11. Yes, it is entirely true in our borough. I suggest that if anyone has any queries about this they should contact their own environmental health department. The OP should not have to use the dumpit site, particularly as she is disabled. You should also know that not every disabled person who produces clinical waste has district nursing involvement.
  12. The procedure in this borough is no special collection for non-sharps waste eg incontinence pads. The advice is to place the items in refuse bags and disposed of them in the general household waste bin. If an additional bin is required it can be supplied upon request. Sharps waste is collected by environmental health.
  13. Thank you Ghozer - that clarifies things. I have done lots of reinstalls but not for a long time so needed a reminder. I had thought that I would need to log in first to accept the EULA but I always use my computer on a local account rather than using my Microsoft account. Will I need a flash drive or can I initiate the media creator tool from a download on the laptop? As you say, the bloatware might not be so bad so will take a look first. Half the problem is deciding what some of the programmes are and if you need them. I like to have a clean system with just the things I need.
  14. Power of Attorney needs to be set up when the person has mental capacity, is able to consent to it and to appoint the attorneys. From the description you give of this person’s problems I would hazard a guess that this might not be the case here. If so, the family will need to discuss the matter with his psychiatric team. PoA is unlikely to be valid if there is doubt about his mental capacity.
  15. I am thinking of buying a new laptop and would like to reformat with a clean copy of Windows 10 because I can’t be bothered with sorting through the bloatware. I am wondering if the aforementioned Media Creation Tool would be useful. It’s some time since I reformatted and have never done it on a new machine. I’ve looked it up but was wondering if someone would be kind enough to tell me the easiest way to do this? Was going to take it to our local computer shop but it will probably be closed. I need to know the exact procedure, including partition management because it will have the recovery one and I assume that won’t be needed. I appreciate that I might have to find drivers on the manufacturers’ website. The laptop is an Asus.
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