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  1. Florence kat - if you haven’t already done so, take a look at BT Privacy at Home and the Telephone Preference Service websites.
  2. Possibly some people who are still using Windows 7 are doing so because they are not confident computer users and don’t like change. In this case, any of the Linux distros are likely to confuse them more and arguably may not be a good alternative. It is not all about how the desktop looks. Many other factors come into play. When set up correctly, Windows 10 is familiar enough for Windows 7 users to eventually come to terms with.
  3. Many of the caravan sites on the east coast are not year round occupation. You would have to move out for part of the winter months. If you want to make a caravan your permanent home you might need to look for a residential site.
  4. An SSD should make a big difference. Hope the swap goes well.
  5. PlayStation - how old is your laptop and what are the specifications? Why is it slow? Before going to the expense and work of swapping the hard drive it might be worth doing a bit of housekeeping to see if it improves the speed. The recovery drive will have all the bloatware which can take a while to remove so a fresh install of W10 would maybe give best performance but you need to get the license number from your current hard drive first. Sometimes it can be better to cut your losses and look for a new laptop. Companies such as Laptops Direct are worth checking out for bargains.
  6. Earthling - register a new gmail address. In desktop view, go to Settings/Accounts. Add the talktalk account. Gmail will then pick up all the messages from that. As her emails come in she can then reply to them individually using the gmail address and advising the sender of the change. Gradually the messages addressed to talktalk will diminish until she no longer needs the overlap and it can be closed. You can do the same with Outlook. It just gives you time to sort things out gradually rather than all at once.
  7. The demand will soar now, particularly as people with mental health problems are being given blue badges. Designated spaces are wider than normal to accommodate physically disabled people, particularly wheelchair users. That is why the logo is a wheelchair. People with mental health issues may not need this facility if they are fully ambulant. Unfortunately, there is no separation between the two and it will mean that those of us who care for wheelchair users and need the wider spaces will really struggle.
  8. Basic Doro phones are useful for people who just want to make calls but are awkward when used for texting. Each key has multiple functions so you have to keep pressing to select the letter/number that you want. Another key has to be pressed to select capitals and symbols. The Doro Liberto is a smartphone using modified Android. Having tried one on behalf of someone I didn’t find it particularly straightforward. However, shortcuts to the most used numbers can be placed on the desktop - handy if the person has a limited caller list because they only have to press one symbol. The iPhone is very user friendly and just needs to be configured to suit the owner.
  9. These updates deposit a Windows.old folder on the computer and you can roll back the update. You will find the instructions online. Goes without saying that we should all back up our documents etc at regular intervals, either on external hard drive/flash drive or in the Cloud. Dropbox is useful but there are many more Cloud services.
  10. The iPhone SE is small and might be worth considering. You can configure it for her by deleting all the apps that she doesn’t want. The apps that can’t be deleted can be hidden in a folder and moved out of the way onto another screen. Just leave the phone and message icons on the bar or put them on the main screen. That should make things nice and simple for her. You can also create shortcuts for the folk she calls frequently - link. If you activate Siri it will make it even easier for her.
  11. There is no mention in that email about the therapeutic use of the contraceptive pill. It is not always prescribed for birth control. Conditions such as menorrhagia, irregular menstruation, endometriosis are frequently treated with this medication. Assuming that the pharmacist only objects to the contraceptive function of the drug, he or she presumably has no right to refuse dispensing it when lawfully prescribed as treatment for a medical condition. Unless the pharmacist has access to the patient's medical records they cannot know why it is being prescribed so they should at least ask the patient before refusing to dispense it.
  12. Carers Trust might be worth looking at. Many carers are elderly people caring for someone of a similar age. Some of them never, or rarely have a break from their responsibilities. Sitting with the disabled person for an hour or two enables the carer to go out and have some free time. Also, the disabled person would have someone different to chat to. This would be really worthwhile because you would be giving much needed help to two people.
  13. British Lung Foundation.
  14. Yorkshirelass - it’s a lovely park, very well kept and you could easily spend a few hours there if you include the whole thing, not just the museum. After visiting the museum you could have refreshments in the cafe which is at the back of the building or perhaps take a picnic. You might enjoy a leisurely stroll around the park and there are play areas for children. The fountain and planting around the cenotaph are beautiful. Plenty of parking or just a short walk from the bus station in the town centre.
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