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  1. despritdan

    Blades v Forest

    Losing 3 key players seems like a huge blow, but there could be a silver lining to this particular cloud as it means Wilder will have to freshen up the team which has looked stale in the last few games. Cranie and Stearman are the obvious replacements for Basham and Egan but it's the midfield which has been poor lately. McGoldrick should replace Fleck and I'd even consider replacing Norwood with Lundstram, who isn't as talented, but would bring some physicality into that area. Madine and Hogan with Duffy behind should get the job done.
  2. despritdan

    Blades vs Millwall

    Watching the game was a strange and ultimately depressing experience, which left me with the feeling that we won't get automatic promotion and even if we went up via the playoffs, this squad is nowhere near good enough for the Premiership. The squad seemed to be suffering from a collective multiple personality syndrome; they played cautious, measured football in the first half, looked like Liverpool at the start of the second half then went into their shells after scoring the goal. They've been over-achieving all season and the effort seems to have drained their batteries. McGoldrick needs to play in midfield in place of Duffy or Fleck, who look like shadows of their former selves and Norwood isn't playing as well as he did when he first joined us. Chris Wilder needs to get the financial backing he needs to move us on instead of extending the contracts of players in their thirties, no matter how well they're playing at the time because we need a couple of young, athletic players in midfield. It's been a great season but it seems to be fizzling out just when we need to be finishing with a bang.
  3. despritdan

    Blades v Birmingham

    I listened to the radio commentary and it sounded like a dull, uninspiring game between two uninspiring teams, with United only turning it on in the last few minutes. John Fleck's getting a lot of criticism for his performance but I don't think he's been very impressive all season. I'd rest him for the next game and play McGoldrick in his place with a front two of Sharp and Madine.
  4. The issue of foreign workers being net contributors or net takers is quite complex and depends on which figures you read. It seems that when they first arrive, they contribute more in taxes than they take in benefits but over time, that trend reverses and they start taking out more than they pay in. Another factor which you rarely hear about is the amount of money they send back to their own countries, bleeding the British economy of its lifeblood. I know this is from the Daily Express which will have some forum users claiming it's made up, but here it is anyway. https://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/585860/Foreign-aid-British-Migrants-11bn-other-countries-year The figures about net contributions also ignore other costs such as translators, keeping foreign prisoners in UK jails, the burden on schools, housing etc. and many more.
  5. despritdan

    HMRC Fraud charge scam...

    I've just had the same message on voicemail which is a little ironic as I'm just about to claim a tax rebate.
  6. despritdan

    Disgusting behaviour on train

    I think television is greatly responsible for the decline in standards; at one time, swearing was banned from tv programmes and that helped set standards of public decency so you didn't hear it all the time. When they started showing films which included swearing, it was like knocking a hole in the wall of a dam and suddenly you started hearing it on chat shows, tv dramas and from stand up comedians. This gave swearing the green light by normalizing it and you started hearing it more and more. TV has a subtle impact on people's attitudes and maybe if it was banned again we might hear less of it on the streets.
  7. I've listened to a lot of debates on Radio 5 over the last few weeks; the Brexiteers claim that leaving with no deal won't present any major problems and we'll have a smooth transition whilst the remainers always predict it will be a catastrophe, leading to some kind of Armageddon for this country. There have also been impartial political analysts giving a more objective view who say the truth is somewhere in-between and both sides have been exaggerating. They say there would be problems and difficulties if we left without a deal but they wouldn't be nearly as bad as the remainers are claiming. If leaving the EU is going to be so disastrous, I wonder why we were given the referendum in the first place and how did we get into a situation where we're so reliant on being trapped inside this protection racket where we have to pay £9 billion a year to trade with a trading bloc with which we have an annual deficit of £62 billion a year?
  8. One of the main arguments put forward by the remainers for overturning the referendum result is that it wasn't voted for by a clear majority of the adult population, yet they now claim that a march by 1 million people should influence government policy. Since when did 1 million represent a clear majority of the adult population?
  9. Is anybody else concerned at the policy of only being able to buy tickets through a ticketing agency called Seat Geek at Bramall Lane? I have a deep mistrust of buying through these agencies because I read so many stories of problems with computer systems, charges, mistakes and difficulties in trying to correct mistakes. I tried to register with them and at first they didn't recognize my password so I changed it and they still didn't recognize it, so I changed it again and they finally did recognize it. There's too much reliance on technology these days with organizations assuming everybody is in their twenties and computer savvy. I've read a lot of complaints from people who've experienced difficulties, especially confirmation emails not arriving and being unable to navigate their site. I'd rather turn up to the sales desk to renew my season ticket, even if it means queuing for ages because there's only a couple of desks open.
  10. https://www.thestar.co.uk/news/men-accused-of-sexually-abusing-and-threatening-sheffield-girl-appear-at-court-1-9645750 Here they are demonstrating how much our lives have been enriched.
  11. despritdan

    Solution to social discord. what is it?

    It's blindingly obvious why this country is spiralling out of control but we're a society in denial. We didn't have all these problems when we were monocultural but the more multicultural we've become, the more divided and violent society has become. It's not just here, it's happening in all countries which have adopted a multicultural identity.
  12. Obviously it doesn't. The point I was making is that the Leave vote was a result of people's general anger over mass immigration over the last few decades and used the referendum to express that anger as we have never had a referendum on immigration and the ensuing multi-cultural society that has been imposed on us.
  13. despritdan

    Blades v Brentford

    The match reminded me of last season's fixture on the opening day ; Brentford were the better footballing side but United beat them. They played exhibition football with no end result because of poor finishing and a series of outstanding saves from Henderson who deserved to be voted MOTM. I'm sure that us having an all British team is the secret of our success because of the battling British Bulldog attitude of the players. Brentford only had a couple of players with British sounding names and didn't have the same sense of determination as our players showed, despite being very good footballers. Next Saturday will be a massive challenge but with United, anything is possible.
  14. I may be wrong but I'm convinced the result of the referendum was the disenfranchised silent majority who don't believe in political correctness, don't think that mass immigration has made the country a better place and don't feel enriched by multi-culturalism, expressing their anger over levels of immigration over the last few decades, even though the majority of immigration is from outside the EU. Anybody who has dared to express concerns over immigration levels has been shouted down and abused for being racist bigots, xenophobes, fascists, little Englanders etc with some contributors on this forum being especially hostile. Supressing people's opinions doesn't alter those opinions but gives a false impression that those concerns no longer exist. If the Tories had kept their promise to reduce immigration to tens of thousands by stopping or severely restricting immigration from countries outside the EU, especially third world and Islamic countries, whose citizens are causing the most concern, those fears would have been allayed and the vote might have been in favour of remain, but instead, they've allowed the numbers to actually increase. The government need to realise that creating an Orwellian society where people are only allowed to express positive opinions about immigration is like putting a lid on a pressure cooker and in 2016, the steam escaped with people using the referendum to show their anger over how their concerns haven't been taken seriously.
  15. It's the result of decades of disastrous immigration policies, as is the epidemic of knife crime. I wonder how much longer uncomfortable truths can be denied and buried beneath political correctness.

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