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  1. I suppose once all the statues have been toppled and thrown into the river, the next things on the BLM blacklist will be the portraits and paintings of any historical figures who had connections to the slave trade. Off they'll march, their clenched fists held high in the air, singing, "Onward BLM soldiers," to the art galleries and museums, pausing only to break the shop windows of any shopkeepers giving them disapproving looks and throw bottles and rocks at any police officers not taking the knee as they pass. Once there, they'll remove all the offending pictures and replace them with pictures of their poster boy, Saint George Floyd. After that, these virtuous crusaders will invade all the libraries and bookshops to remove novels by well known racists like Enid Blyton, Mark Twain and of course Rudyard Kipling from the shelves. Shakespeare's plays will have to go on the bonfire because of the line from 'Othello': "If virtue no delighted beauty lack/Your son in law is far more fair than black." Apparently, Charles Dickens once wrote something that wasn't politically correct so it's out with his novels and they may discover that Jane Austen once had a friend who knew someone who knew someone who knew someone with connections with the slave trade. Then it'll be on to the record shops and radio stations to purge them of any songs with titles or content deemed offensive to black people, so we'll no longer hear songs like 'Brown Sugar', 'Paint it Black' and 'Beast of Burden' (sounds like slavery to me) by the Stones, 'Black is Black', 'Black Night', 'Back to Black' and 'Sorrow' which includes the offensive line: "With your long blonde hair and your eyes of blue." By then, the only thing left to purge will be all the white people because of their unconscious racism and offensive skin colour so it'll be into the river and out to sea for us. If you can't swim, now's the time to learn.
  2. You've touched on an uncomfortable truth there which is that it was the Portuguese in the 16th century who were the first to engage in the Atlantic slave trade, buying the slaves from African leaders, so they were the ones who were rounding up their fellow Africans. Britain's role was mainly transporting the slaves to various colonies around the world. The Spanish, French, Dutch and Danish were also slave traders so it wasn't just the British. Something else that gets conveniently ignored is the activities of the Barbary Pirates who were based in North Africa and raided European coastal towns as far north as Iceland from the 16th century. It's been whitewashed from history because it was black people enslaving white people and doesn't fit the narrative of white people always being the oppressors and black people always being the victims. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barbary_pirates#:~:text=The Barbary pirates%2C sometimes called Barbary corsairs or,derived from the name of its Berber inhabitants.
  3. I'm glad it's been taken down but at least it's served a useful purpose, which is to show what the BLM movement is actually all about. It's got nothing to do with racial equality or having a level playing field for everybody, it's about Black Power and Black Supremacy and all the virtue signalling white people who support it are their own worst enemies.
  4. I've been using YouTube to work my way through all the albums of my favourite artists in chronological order. I've already worked through Pink Floyd, The Eagles, David Bowie, Rod Stewart and Supertramp and now I've just got a couple of Cat Stevens albums to get through. Next, it'll be Yes.
  5. I've watched it a few times in the past, just out of curiosity you understand, and what it illustrates to me is the steady decline of what used to be known as standards of public decency, which were very rigid and restrictive in Victorian times but now seem to have gone out of fashion. Film makers and programme makers have been pushing away at the boundaries of what is acceptable for decades in the name of artistic freedom, until there don't seem to be any boundaries left anymore. It's been these boundaries of morality and decency which made us civilized and set us apart from the rest of the animal kingdom. Seeing those naked bodies in their boxes reminded me of looking at wild animals in their cages at the zoo and that's what programmes like this have reduced humanity to.
  6. I haven't watched it but it sounds as though the BBC have made the mistake of thinking someone with a laddish sense of humour will have the professional comedy skills to host a programme like this and it doesn't work. Baddiel and Skinner were professional comedians which is why their programme did.
  7. The injuries to Fleck and Lundstram meant Chris Wilder had to freshen up the team by bringing in Osborn and Berge, who now seems to have settled in and is playing with more confidence and it's actually improved the team. Fleck's been poor since the restart but Wilder is very loyal to his regulars and would probably have played him if he wasn't injured. It's a shame Mousset can't last 90 minutes but as an impact sub he's become our secret weapon.
  8. I like going to see live bands at places like The Greystones and The Millstone but I can't see that being possible for a long time if ever.
  9. I'm also fearing a heavy defeat, especially if Wilder opts for damage limitation by going ultra defensive with 5 midfielders and a solo striker. I'd love to see him surprise everybody by being bold and picking a midfield that can create chances for 2 pacy strikers. I'd give Norwood a chance to redeem himself and play McGoldrick and Luke Freeman as the other two with Mousset and Zivkovic up front. They'd probably still lose but at least they'd go down fighting.
  10. He was a Muslim when he came here and came to the attention of the security services when they suspected him of wanting to go to Syria for extremist reasons. Some Muslims convert to Christianity because they think it will help their applications for asylum.
  11. This isn't about you. I don't think he was brainwashed by Christianity. Tomorrow, he may decide to be a Catholic, then a Buddhist. He may even become a Jedi and get a free lightsabre, courtesy of the taxpayer.
  12. It's the same old story: brainwashed religious fanatic comes here claiming political asylum...gets given a flat, benefits, access to the NHS etc.. becomes known to the police and security services through criminal behaviour...isn't considered to be a threat...shows his gratitude by going on a killing spree...apologists play the mental health card and bang on about white right wing extremists in other countries...politicians say there are lessons to be learnt...gets a few years in prison at great expense to the tax payers...gets early release after convincing gullible snowflakes he's been rehabilitated...can't be deported because of his human rights...does it again...politicians say there are lessons to be learnt.
  13. Being offended from time to time is the price you pay for living in a country that values freedom of speech. There are worse things that can happen to someone than being offended, such as somebody breaking into their home and robbing them at gunpoint.
  14. The problem with mob rule is that they'll never be satisfied. Once our weak establishment has capitulated to their demands to have 60 statues removed, they'll be demanding that every statue of a white person be removed and replaced with statues of BAME people, then they'll want every street and building named after a white person to be renamed after a BAME person, then every footballer in this country must be black, every TV and radio presenter, every drama must only feature BAME actors, every MP must be black, every mayor and councillor in the country must be black, every white policeman who sees a black person must kneel down and bow to them, then every white person must give all their money to BAME people and finally, white people must be enslaved by black owners so they appreciate what their ancestors had to put up with.
  15. For me, the worst endings were 'Twin Peaks' and 'Dexter'. Both ended on a down note and broke Alfred Hitchcock's rule which is that you can take the audience on any sort of roller coaster ride and expose them to any amount of horror as long as you give them relief at the end.
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