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  1. Why is there so much knife crime these days? That's a difficult one isn't it, I really can't think what the reason is no matter how hard I try. I was born in the early 50s and grew up in the 60s and 70s and don't recall all these stabbings and shootings back then so I wonder what's changed since then and now. Let me have a good hard think....no, sorry it's a complete mystery. It can't possibly have anything to do with immigration as we keep getting told how enriching it's been for all of us and besides, we know that all BAMEs are victims and saints so it must be something else. Hang on, I remember hearing a few times that it's all the fault of middle class white people for having dinner parties so that must be it. The obvious solution is for the police to descend on areas like Lodge Moor, Dore, Totley and Ecclesall in the early evening and break into the homes of people who live there to catch them in the act of having dinner parties and if they are, lock them up and throw away the key. There, that's knife crime sorted. Simples.
  2. A good match between 2 evenly matched teams. The missed chances were frustrating as was the late equaliser but overall, United are looking much better with this style of football and the new players. I think they'll get better as the season goes on.
  3. I don't see how a forum can be biased unless there are moderators who only allow left wing opinions to appear on it and that isn't the case here. What I have noticed over the years is that there's always been a gang of aggressive members with blinkered left wing opinions, who gang up on anyone who expresses opinions which are different to theirs by making insulting, abusive or scornful and mocking replies. Some leave after a while then some come to replace them but they all have the same attitude. There's a reference to 'right wing dummies' on this thread and someone on another thread described GB News as TV for dimwits. Anyone expressing concerns about levels of legal or illegal immigration always gets called a racist whilst anyone who thinks people on benefits should have to do some work to earn their money is lacking in compassion. It just reflects modern British society in which we're all being told what we should think and say by young wokes who come out of schools and universities brainwashed by political correctness, thinking they know it all.
  4. I'd like them to stop making promises they either may not be able to keep or have no intention of keeping. They do it because the electorate want to hear them so all the broken promises are really our fault. Any party which was honest enough to say it couldn't promise not to raise taxes, control immigration, fully fund the NHS, bring down crime etc wouldn't get elected and they know this so they make the promises we want to hear and then find they have to break them.
  5. Why don't they just cancel HS2 which will give them well over £100 billion to spend on the NHS without any tax rises.
  6. So if Hitler had become boss of Britain, would that have meant he'd integrated? Building huge mosques that dominate the landscape as a symbol of Islamic domination, opening halal slaughterhouses and butchers, forcing women to walk around wearing made to measure symbolic prisons, driving a teacher into hiding for fear of being beheaded for showing satirical cartoons to his class and harassing a politician on the streets for supporting LGBTQ rights aren't my idea of integrating. London having a Muslim mayor is a perfect example of how they're slowly but steadily taking over.
  7. The invasion of this country by religious nutcases started decades ago but it's being done by stealth. We have over 3 million Muslims in this country imposing their culture instead of integrating and assimilating, and our capital city has a Muslim mayor. We used to fight off foreign invaders but now we give them a free taxi service into Kent and put them up in four star hotels.
  8. Reading posts on other social media sites, I'm getting the impression that a lot of fans are losing interest in the club and that's what's happening to me. I didn't bother renewing my season ticket this time as I feel so let down by the complacency and lack of ambition at the club but there's nothing new about that. If I won a competition and was allowed to pick the team for the next match, I'd try 4:4:2 with a lot of changes in midfield. I'd replace Norwood with Berge, put Luke Freeman on the right and now comes the crazy bit, give Oli Burke a chance on the left with Billy Sharp dropping back into the number 10 position behind a front 2 of McBurnie and Brewster (who else is there?) We'd probably still lose but I think we'd see some attacking football for a change.
  9. Because we live in a country where the tail wags the dog, with a vociferous woke minority setting the agenda. It's frightening to see so many people, especially young ones, wanting this country to become the kind of society described by George Orwell in '1984' where everybody has to conform by thinking thoughts and expressing opinions considered to be acceptable whilst anyone expressing 'subversive' opinions is harshly punished. That book was supposed to be a warning but it's become a template for modern Britain. This cancellation is typical of how so many of our institutions and organisations are tamely capitulating to the demands of a woke minority. I saw him at the City Hall about 3 years ago and didn't think he was very funny but I don't think he was openly racist either, although he was very critical of Islam and the ease with which so many illegal immigrants get into this country by claiming to be asylum seekers. I found it refreshing to hear somebody daring to be critical of Islam as most comedians seem to have succumbed to the climate of fear that Islam creates to silence any opposition, as the beheading of the French teacher who was accused by a 13 year old school girl who wasn't even in school at the time, of showing cartoons of Muhammad demonstrates. Our comedians just go for easy targets like Johnson and Trump. Roy Chubby Brown probably represents the feelings of the silent majority who daren't speak out, as the slightest murmur of concern about levels of immigration over the last few decades are met with hostility and accusations of racism, xenophobia, fascism etc. He's a kind of modern day King Canute, facing the waves of political correctness which are now seeming to engulf him.
  10. The manager really has to shake up the team after that horror show against West Brom and his first priority has to be to drop Norwood and Fleck-permanently as they're like lead weights dragging the team down. Get them on the transfer list and see if anyone's interested. It's doubtful, but if Rangers thought Lundstram was good enough, there's always hope, even if we end up paying part of their wages until their contracts run out. If Davies is fit, get him in the defence and move Basham into the Norwood role. Start Berge higher up in the middle and tell him to toughen up. Start with Freeman on the right and Osborn or even Burke on the left with McBurnie and Brewster up front. They may lose again but it would freshen things up and give us much more attacking impetus.
  11. We might as well face up to the fact that the human race is the most lethal virus on the planet and we were never part of nature's grand plan. Scientists have been warning us about global warning since the 80s but the human race has carried on doing what we do because we are what we are. This attack on the natural world which is one of the life support systems of the planet probably started as soon as modern humans evolved, it's just that we've become better at it. Temperatures in this country are predicted to be up in the 40s in 10 years time and our reservoirs are predicted to run dry in 25 years thanks to over population and climate change. England could run short of water within 25 years | Water | The Guardian These things usually happen faster then scientists predict so it'll probably be well before then, especially if our population continues to grow at its present rate. We might as well enjoy our lives while we still can because the future is bleak.
  12. One concern about this migrant invasion which never seems to get mentioned, probably because it's one of those uncomfortable truths which political correctness deems should never be voiced, is the future impact that this huge influx of thousands of young men from countries where women are treated as second class citizens with western women being held in particular contempt because the way they dress is different to the dress code for women in their own countries, will have on our society. It will tilt the natural balance between males and females in that age range to create something called gender inequality, with a large surplus of men creating a masculinised society which is the most dangerous type of society for women. The fact that these young men have such backward, archaic attitudes towards women only increases the danger of an ever increasing level of sexual harrassment and assaults for British women now and in the future. If this influx continues year after year as it has been doing, I dread to think what life will be like for British women 10 years from now and beyond. They'll be afraid to leave their homes for fear of marauding gangs of men looking for women to alleviate their sexual frustrations. If you go online, it's easy to find numerous references to attacks on European women in countries who have welcomed large numbers of migrants onto their shores e.g. France, Germany, Sweden, Austria, Switzerland and even Finland which is supposed to be the safest country in the world. The one thing the authorities in all these countries seem to have in common is a determination to cover up what's been happening and it's probably the same in this country, but the truth has an awkward habit of leaking out. The Sexual Attacks on Women in Europe Reflect a Misogynistic Mind-Set That Must Be Dismantled - NYTimes.com Migrant rape fears across Europe as women are told not to go out at night alone | Daily Mail Online Migrant Sex Attacks On Women In Europe Result Of Open Borders Policy – OpEd – Eurasia Review Sweden’s shameful cover-up | The Spectator I realise that most of these links come from organisations considered to be right wing and you won't read stories like these in the Guardian or Independent but that doesn't mean they aren't true. This will probably upset the resident virtue signallers but we have to start facing up to unpalatable truths instead of burying them beneath political correctness and denial.
  13. So do I. He gets a lot of flack but all I've ever heard him talk is common sense. We have to remember that these young men who are invading this country come from countries where women are treated as second class citizens. We saw the attitudes of the grooming gangs towards young white women and allowing large numbers of men with these archaic attitudes into European countries is just creating horrendous problems for the future.
  14. It seems insane that all this packaging that lasts for 1,000 years is only used once, then dumped. If all packaging had to be certain standard sizes, it could be washed, sterilized then returned to the packing companies to be used over and over again.
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