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  1. It seems insane that all this packaging that lasts for 1,000 years is only used once, then dumped. If all packaging had to be certain standard sizes, it could be washed, sterilized then returned to the packing companies to be used over and over again.
  2. It's also ironic that this so called campaigner against racism was being prosecuted for racial slurs against a police officer when she was shot by a black criminal. Perhaps they should call themselves Black Lives Matter Except To Black People and It's Alright To Be Racist To White People. https://flipboard.com/article/black-lives-matter-activist-injured-in-shooting-is-facing-prosecution-for-racial/f-08e0e4dc67%2Fco.uk
  3. Her hypocrisy is unbelievable. It's people like along with Dianne Abbott and David Lammy in this country who are fuelling racism but they're too obsessive to realise it.
  4. Worst ticket office. Many times I've had to stand in a long queue for an hour and a half which moves at a snail's pace because there are only 2 people serving their customers. Worst website. Whenever I've used it, I've had to change my password every time and after reading the numerous complaints about it on S2 4SU, I'm not even going to bother trying to renew my season ticket.
  5. I was relieved when the final whistle blew and I'll be relieved when this season ends. This match exposed the huge gulf in class between our squad and what's needed for the Premier League. A big clear out needed.
  6. I've been suggesting this for years on various forums including this one, on the basis that as humans use electricity, then we should generate it ourselves instead of wrecking the planet. My idea was to replace unemployment benefit with this sort of community work scheme, paying people according to how much electricity they produced. It wouldn't be possible to produce all the electricity we need as electric bikes aren't very efficient and somebody would need to invent a bike or treadmill that produced a lot of electricity but it would stop benefit fraud and make people realise that adults should be expected to work for their money. It will never happen because so many people think human rights are more important than saving the planet.
  7. It'd be nice to see the beginning of the end of black people killing black people. Over 90% of black homicides in America are carried out by other black people. This idea that the police are going around slaughtering black people is nonsense.
  8. I bought an electric hair trimmer a few weeks into lockdown and it's easy enough to use. I'm sure Carrie could give him a onceover. It's odd that the Prime Minister can't get a haircut but footballers can with no questions being asked.
  9. Youre probably right, I just don't like the idea of them going to landfill. Thanks for your replies.
  10. I'm wondering if anyone knows of an electrician who repairs small appliances. I have a desk lamp and a hand held stick blender both with faulty switches and can't find anyone who takes on small repair jobs.
  11. My favourite pub is the Queen's Head; I hope it hasn't closed for good.
  12. I'm just glad that Sheffield United are top of the Premier League; thank God I'm not dreaming.
  13. I'm just hoping Heckingbottom has used the last 2 weeks to try some different, more attacking formations and some different players in midfield even if it means asking some to play in different positions to which they're used to instead of sticking with the same failing system out of some misguided sense of loyalty to Chris Wilder. Please don't let me see Lundstram and Norwood running onto the pitch.
  14. I've had a ticket for this for about a year and it's the second time it's been rescheduled. I just hope he's still alive before it finally gets put on.
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