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  1. There's a session at Ponds Forge for the over 50s on Thursdays 12:30-2:00. It's a relaxed session although there are some very decent players (I'm not one of them).
  2. We've made massive progress since Wilder arrived, mainly due to the system of playing wingbacks and an attacking midfielder behind the strikers. Now he's gone for a more cautious approach with a flat midfield which has made the team look more solid when defending but at the expense of support for the strikers. On Saturday there was often a large gap between our midfield and the strikers leaving them isolated. I wish he would have more confidence in the players and return to the previous formation, otherwise we might see a lot of battling, close defeats.
  3. This game is winnable if United come out playing confident, attacking football from the start instead of putting in the sort of Jekyll and Hyde performance we've seen lately, where they're overly cautious in the first half then come out like lions in the second. I'd like to see us reverting to the old formation with Freeman in the Duffy role and Mousset coming on as our secret weapon for the last 20 minutes.
  4. A few months ago I was on a 52 bus going through Handsworth when it passed a couple of schoolboys. One threw a stone which broke one of the windows so the bus had to stop at the next bus stop whilst the driver radioed for advice. The 2 schoolboys walked past the bus laughing so I pointed out the one who'd thrown the stone. "Nothing I can do," he shrugged before asking us all to get off and wait for the next bus. They're untouchable.
  5. There's an excellent tribute band called Ultimate Eagles playing at Sheffield City Hall on Sept. 27th, ticket prices: £31.36.
  6. I remember seeing the comedy Roast of Joan Rivers a few years ago on which a female comedian said: "Joan Rivers' vagina is so old it has a separate entrance for black guys." Some people may find that offensive whilst some may find it a witty reference to the days of apartheid.
  7. Abolishing VAT would be a good thing as it is a regressive tax; everybody pays the same regardless of income so the less you earn, the bigger % of your income it takes away. Income tax is the fairest form of taxation as it is progressive; the more you earn, the more you pay. They should replace the money lost from VAT by increasing income tax whilst raising the threshold. I'd also like to see an end to the con trick of separating income tax and National Insurance which is income tax by another name, so the basic rate is actually more like 27% not 20%.
  8. All we've learned from an election in which less than 38% of the voters could be bothered to vote, is that as a nation, we're politically apathetic. This was a golden opportunity for those who voted to leave the EU to express their anger at how they've been betrayed by our politicians but the majority just couldn't be bothered. Perhaps someone should start an Apathy Party which would be allocated all the votes of people who didn't bother to vote. They wouldn't have any policies and none of their MPs would bother to vote on anything. If that happened, they'd win by a landslide.
  9. It's hard to understand how a country that has produced so many classic pop songs over the last 60 years comes up with such mediocre, nondescript songs when Eurovision comes around. Reform Herman's Hermits or get the Rolling Stones to write and perform one last classic song like 'Star Star' next year.
  10. It beggars belief that a BBC presenter would tweet something like this with the intention of it being racist. It's more likely that he was having a cheeky dig at the royal family to emphasize his working class credentials and it never occurred to him that some people would connect a picture of a monkey with black people. He'd probably had a few drinks and forgot that we're living in an age of pc zealotry, with large numbers of self-righteous individuals looking for any excuse to take offence at anything they see as being a slur on any minority group. Monkeys have been a source of humour for decades because they look like funny little furry people, e.g. the PG Tips adverts in the 70s and films like 'Dunston Checks In'. During the war, it was illegal in Germany for monkeys to make the Nazi salute, presumably because some people had been training them to do so as a rebuke to the Nazi Party. He should have been given a warning and told to apologize live on air but this is what tends to happen when people with a moderate sense of humour feel the desperate need to be seen as comedians.
  11. In that case, we can tell the Head of the Environment Agency that he doesn't know what he's talking about. https://inews.co.uk/news/environment/england-run-out-of-water-25-years-scotland-is-the-answer/
  12. There are simple things which everybody could do which would make a lot of difference. I recently read a magazine article which said that human urine is one of the best plant nutrients, so I now have a 1 litre glass jar in the bathroom which I pee into instead of wasting gallons of water flushing away a few millilitres of waste every day. When it's full, I pour the contents into a watering can and fill it with water to water the plants. It not only cuts the amount of water I'm taking from the reservoirs but will also cut my water bills. If everybody in the country did this, it would save huge amounts of water and postpone the day when our reservoirs finally run dry.
  13. I can understand the anxiety of the protestors, who face a bleak future but they're wasting their time by calling for global action on climate change because it isn't going to happen. They won't stop the population of Africa from doubling every 25 years, the loggers from destroying the rain forests or developing nations prioritizing economic growth over the environment. They need to focus on their future lives in this country and realize that the biggest threat stems from the population size which was 45 million after the war and has now risen to 67 million due to decades of unsustainable immigration. The Head of the Environment Agency recently predicted that our reservoirs will run dry in 25 years, due to a combination of climate change and population size but as things seem to be happening quicker than the experts forecast, it'll probably happen a lot sooner, especially if hundreds of thousands of extra people continue to come here every year. These young protestors need to cure themselves of the political correctness that prevents them from facing up to the harsh reality of the long term consequences of large scale immigration and start protesting outside parliament, demanding an immediate end to it, because every extra person coming here brings the day when those reservoirs run dry a little closer.
  14. Losing 3 key players seems like a huge blow, but there could be a silver lining to this particular cloud as it means Wilder will have to freshen up the team which has looked stale in the last few games. Cranie and Stearman are the obvious replacements for Basham and Egan but it's the midfield which has been poor lately. McGoldrick should replace Fleck and I'd even consider replacing Norwood with Lundstram, who isn't as talented, but would bring some physicality into that area. Madine and Hogan with Duffy behind should get the job done.
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