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  1. despritdan

    IS schoolgirl wants to return

    I wouldn't want her back but as she's a British citizen, we'd have no choice but to let her back in if she can get to a country with a British consulate. It's doubtful that she'd be prosecuted because there's no proof that she was anything but the housewife and mother she claims to have been. The question we should be asking isn't: should she be allowed to come back? but however did it get to this? If it was possible to go back in time and tell the British people in the 50s, 60s and 70s that in a few decades, we'd be debating whether or not a pregnant British Muslim teenager who's already had 2 children and who went to Syria to join a sadistic, barbaric terrorist group, should be allowed to come back to Britain to have her baby on the NHS, they'd say you were mad and we must be to have let this country sink so low. I've always felt the Islamic world should be held at arm's length. The 2 biggest mistakes western countries have made over the last few decades were to interfere in the internal affairs of Islamic countries and to let people from those countries into the west. I know that the majority of Muslims are decent people but Islam is the soil which holds the seeds of extremism and there are plenty of people willing to water and nurture those seeds. An American journalist from The New York Times who specialises in this sort of extremism said on the radio that the European jihadis returning to their own countries have been briefed by ISIS on what to say when they return, then use social media to co-ordinate a war in Europe. It's a cancer which is destroying our civilised societies and will only get worse thanks to politicians in denial and naïve citizens.
  2. despritdan

    IS schoolgirl wants to return

    You're right, it must have been Amira Abase's father who was being referred to on Radio 5 Live a couple of days ago so sorry for the mix up. This doesn't make Shamima Begum any less dangerous though and suggests radicalization is taking place in families as well as mosques and online. The 3 girls left together with the same attitudes and intent so I think it highly unlikely that any of them were brought up to have any respect or affection for British values but that's just speculation. I can well understand Syria wanting these people removed from their country; who in their right mind would want them?
  3. despritdan

    IS schoolgirl wants to return

    These girls weren't groomed, they actively sought out information about going to fight for ISIS online. As for being innocent children, they were grown up enough to make their way from London to Syria independently, knowing exactly what they were doing. This girl's father is on a photograph with the 2 savages who killed Lee Rigby and Anjem Choudary who was burning poppies one Remembrance Day, so if she has been groomed, it will have been by him. Letting her back here would be potentially serving a death sentence on innocent people as she'll probably end up going online to find herself a jihadi boyfriend so she can 'live quietly' breeding her own little terrorist cell.
  4. despritdan

    Blades v Villa

    I couldn't believe Wilder's disastrous substitutions; that's one thing he almost always gets wrong. The team were playing so well then he takes off two players who were instrumental in our goals and Sharp who'd scored 3. A classic case of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.
  5. despritdan

    Another Grooming Scandal - Aylesbury

    It'd not just the prison costs, it's also the legal aid they get which is draining the public purse. The Rochdale gang received over £1,000,000 between them. A year or so ago, The Star had a story about 3 grooming gang members from Sheffield who received over £100,000 between them in legal aid.
  6. despritdan

    Latest stabbing in london

    Well done for being brave enough to point out that black cultural attitudes are the cause of this epidemic of knife crime. It's been covered up for decades but has now reached such a level that the truth is seeping out. 70 years of disastrous immigration policies are the root cause of the ever increasing levels of violent crime in this country.
  7. despritdan

    A new influx of boat people from france.

    Another environmental concern regarding immigration and the impact on the environment is that people in developed countries consume 30x more than their counterparts in third world countries but have small families, so you have small populations of people who all consume a lot. People in third world countries consume a thirtieth of their counterparts in developed countries but have large families so they have large populations of people who all consume a little. When you allow people from third world countries into developed countries, they begin consuming 30x more than they would if they'd stayed in their own countries and bring their culture of large families with them, so you end up with large populations who all consume a lot which adds to the damage the human race is doing to the planet.
  8. People who buy more food than they need then throw half of it away. You see them at the supermarket checkouts with their trolleys stacked halfway up to the ceiling because they grab anything which takes their fancy, rather than thinking about how much they can eat before the eat by date expires. The natural world is being destroyed to provide farm and grazing land to provide food that gets thrown away.
  9. We seem to be breeding a generation of dour, self-righteous snowflakes who want to re-write history by having a purge on every song, film, book and TV series that doesn't conform to the rigid demands of the current zeitgeist of political correctness. Last week it was 'Baby It's Cold Outside' that they wanted to ban and this week it's 'Fairy-tale in New York'. Next week it'll be 'Under My Thumb' by the Rolling Stones then 'The Only Thing that Looks Good' by Bryan Adams. Next, there'll be a huge bonfire of all the James Bond books and then they'll call for the Carry On films to be banned. There never will be an end to it.
  10. The people most responsible for this debacle are the ones who voted for Brexit in 2016 but didn't vote for UKIP in 2017. They foolishly trusted the Tories to implement the result of the referendum despite their long history of lies and deceit, instead of voting for the only party which would have stood up to the EU bullies and told them that we were leaving whether they liked it or not. We buy far more from them than they do from us, making us an important trading partner. Theresa May has behaved like a poker player who's been dealt a royal flush but decides to fold, despite knowing her opponents have nothing better than a full house.
  11. despritdan

    France is in chaos .

    They may not be protesting about high levels of immigration but that's the root cause of the tax rises. They're rapidly becoming a third world country trying to maintain the standards of a first world country just as Britain is, which is why we're so deeply in debt and seeing services being cut as taxes rise. The ever rising demands on the welfare state and NHS of both countries is due to population increase and rising birth rates due to the culture of large families that the incomers bring with them. Add to that the cost of dealing with the rising levels of crime and you end up unsustainable demands on the public purse.
  12. despritdan

    Millers v blades

    The present system has served us well for over two years but it's now starting to look stale and ineffective because opposing managers have sussed it and the wingbacks don't have the athleticism or quality to bomb down the flanks and get dangerous crosses in. On the rare occasions when Duffy and Fleck have run into the opponent's 18 yard box, they've produced goals as we saw against Derby and Rotherham but they hardly ever do it, preferring to pass to the wingbacks. If Wilder switched to 4:4:2, putting McGoldrick into midfield alongside Fleck, which is where he seems to spend most of his time anyway and had Duffy behind a front pair of Sharp and either Clarke or Washington, they could get bodies in the box and cause the opposition more problems than the endless passing moves we see outside the box. I'd like to see Washington being given a run of games to prove himself as Clarke isn't being effective and I'm getting tired of Wilder buying players, then only giving them a short amount of time on the pitch before moving them on. I still think it was a mistake to move Holmes on without giving him a proper run.
  13. despritdan

    Second referendum time? SF Poll

    The reason the remainers want a second referendum with the options of accepting the deal, leaving without a deal or remaining is to split the Brexit vote. We've already voted to leave so any second referendum should be purely about how we do.
  14. despritdan

    Sheffield utd v sheffield wed

    It was a much more exciting game than the one last January but followed the same script, with United doing most of the attacking and Wednesday defending in depth and offering very little threat to United's goal. It's very difficult for even the best teams to breach a packed defence and United failed because although they played some great football, they didn't have players with pace or the extra bit of quality that was needed. I found the second half very frustrating because our players had to rely on endless passing to try and get through their version of the Great Wall of China and weren't able to create any chances for the strikers. Unfortunately, the kind of players United need cost a fortune and it's unlikely that any will be recruited in January.
  15. despritdan

    Is free speech a thing of the past in England.

    The new crime of hate speech is an example of how our freedom of speech is being curtailed. On the surface, it appears to be a good thing but just how wide is its net? It seems to be a way of suppressing debate about immigration, multi-culturalism and the impact of Islam on western countries. I wonder when Sinead O'Connor will be hearing a knock on her door. https://metro.co.uk/2018/11/06/they-are-disgusting-sinead-oconnor-never-wants-to-spend-time-with-white-people-again-8109826/

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