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  1. Thatcher might have been a high achiever being our first female Prime Minister but I don't think she was a very good one. I remember reading that one of her classmates said that even at school, she always saw things in black and white with no shades of grey in between, which isn't a good quality for a Prime Minister to have. Her legacies aren't anything to celebrate. It was her privatisations of the utility companies which have led to us paying extortionate amounts for water, gas and electricity ever since. Forcing councils to sell their housing stock meant they had to pay private landlords extortionate rents to house people on low incomes which sent the cost of housing benefit soaring. It was during her reign that the burden of taxation began to be switched from direct taxation i.e. income tax and NI which are the fairest forms of tax because the more you earn, the more you pay, to the indirect or 'stealth' taxes which are the unfairest forms because they're regressive. Every body pays the same but everybody doesn't earn the same. A multi millionaire pays the same duty on a litre of fuel as somebody earning £12,000 a year but it takes a bigger bite out the poorer person's income than the richer person's. The more you earn, the smaller the % of your income goes on that duty whilst it's the opposite for people on low incomes. Labour could have reversed that trend but didn't, as they probably realised that disguising the amount of tax we're paying was a good ploy to pull the wool over our eyes. I expect somebody will investigate her family tree and find out that one of her ancestors once knew somebody who once had a cup of tea with the third cousin of a slave trader so down it'll come and into the nearest river it'll go.
  2. It reminds me of the old Woody Allen joke from the sixties about his wife having 3 sex change operations because they couldn't come up with anything she liked.
  3. It struck me as being a very silly comment rather than misogynistic. It's right that men should be called out for making demeaning remarks about women but there are plenty of women who make equally demeaning remarks about men as anyone who's seen Jo Brand perform will know, but get away with it. I once worked with a woman whose husband had died a few years earlier. When one of the female staff asked her if she'd like another man in her life, her answer was, "But it takes so long to train them." Nobody objected but if a man had said the same about women, he'd have been crucified.
  4. I'd love to have this problem. I'm still waiting for a parcel that was despatched from this country on March 29th and was due to be delivered on the 12th by Royal Mail. I'm still waiting.
  5. I've been listening to numerous debates about the forthcoming price rises on TV and radio and what never gets mentioned is the impact on our fuel bills from the privatisation of the energy companies by the Thatcher government. Perhaps it happened so long ago that people have forgotten how cheap energy was before the privatisations or are too young to remember and think these prices we've been paying are normal. We aren't just paying for our fuel but also for bloated salaries, bloated profits and pay outs to shareholders and profiteering will play a big part in our bloated fuel bills from April. Although I hate the thought of nuclear power with its toxic waste, I don't see any solution but for a new, nationalised industry to be set up which will build nuclear power stations around the country so we can be self-sufficient at least in the production of electricity. If it sends the privatised companies out of business then good riddance to them. Another factor which never gets mentioned is our bloated population after decades of mass immigration, which means we have to import around 35% of our energy. If we didn't have an unsustainable population, we'd wouldn't have to import so much.
  6. He isn't the only one getting a bloated salary. You might think it's just a drop in the ocean 'yet what is an ocean but a multitude of drops?' (Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell).
  7. I'd hate the BBC to have to resort to advertising or only be available as some sort of pay per view. It's gone very woke recently but still produces some fantastic programmes esp. the wildlife documentaries. What I resent is the ridiculously bloated salaries it pays to some of its presenters, especially Gary Lineker and some of the radio presenters and also the management. If they took a big cut in their salaries, they could probably reduce the fee if only by a few pounds.
  8. The Specials - Ghost Town [Official HD Remastered Video] - YouTube
  9. This verdict was a victory for mob rule, not democracy and where you have mob rule, you have a climate of fear. I always thought the job of juries was to look at the evidence and then pass a verdict of innocent or guilty, based on the law but if that isn't the case, what's the point of them? Only the jurors know why they voted the way they did. Maybe they agreed with the mob in which case they were making a moral judgement or maybe they were frightened of repercussions and didn't fancy having a howling mob of woke fanatics outside their homes, threatening and abusing them and their families with a police force too frightened to intervene. Those pictures and videos of the mob in action reminded me of the descriptions of the Gordon riots in 'Barnaby Rudge' by Charles Dickens and it seems we're being dragged back to those days. There's an increasing climate of fear hovering over this country like a large, black cloud getting bigger and bigger with no one daring to point to it. Nobody dares to criticize Islam, to suggest that decades of mass immigration hasn't been as enriching for the country as we're constantly being told it has been, to express opinions that aren't politically correct, to say they prefer our own cultural identity to multi-culturalism or to say they preferred this country the way it was in the 60s and 70s to how it is now. The verdict may not have set a legal precedent but it does encourage more mob rule as it suggests the mob are above the law.
  10. A lot of fans on social media are accusing the clubs who we were due to play of using covid as an excuse to avoid playing us for various reasons, so it would be ironic if we had to delay playing this one. We need to play it to avoid any further fixture congestion later in the season and it would be good to see how some of the fringe or youth players perform. I was hoping to watch it on SUTV but they aren't showing it which is disappointing.
  11. I saw some of the people on the list including Blair and a teenager who won a few games of tennis. My immediate response was that they should be scrapped as they've lost all credibility.
  12. I think it was more a case of being politically incorrect that got people banned. The last mods were pc fanatics who removed posts that didn't conform to their ultra woke opinions.
  13. The party obviously happened. Johnson's obviously lying. People are obviously angry. Will it persuade Tory voters to vote Labour at the next election? I doubt it.
  14. This arrogant attitude we have to other species stems from religion which tells us God created this planet for our benefit and created all the other species for our convenience. Religion works by telling people what they want to hear and made humans believe he created us in his image, so we're all human manifestations of God. We became separated from the natural world when we evolved into modern humans. The most plausible explanation I've heard for our evolution is that it was probably a chance encounter between tribes of particularly intelligent apes who passed their intelligence on to their offspring and this eventually led to the appearance of the first hominids, which slowly led to the appearance of modern humans. We're an evolutionary blip who were never part of nature's grand plan and are now waging war on the natural world instead of being part of it.
  15. The mother actually took her daughters and ran away but it shows how brazen these people are getting.
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