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  1. My dentist is working normally, at least as far as fillings and checkups are concerned. I’ve had two permanent fillings during lockdown. The practice has all the necessary equipment and the staff are taking the required precautions. They have an aerosol procedure in place which includes the staff wearing high level PPE, the windows being opened and the room being left empty for a certain length of time between patients - I think it is about 15 minutes.
  2. If the building is demolished, this will be just a memory.
  3. Item about John Lewis Sheffield on ‘You and Yours’, Radio 4 today. It’s about 20 minutes in.
  4. No need to be sorry about your resignation - due to your bereavement you have enough to cope with right now. It’s quite possible that these changes were in the pipeline anyway, and you leaving has just created an opportune moment to progress them. It’s clear from the depth of feeling displayed in this thread that the forum is well overdue for a refresh. Five pages in and people have had their say with civility and no rudeness.
  5. Nikki-red - it is unfortunate that the handover wasn’t completed in a way that you were happy with. This was a sensitive issue, particularly as you have put in many hours of your time moderating the forum. As someone who deals with two forums I know how time consuming the work can be. You have made some interesting posts in the past and hopefully you will now be able to contribute more fully. Also, the criticism from fellow members will cease. It is clear that Sheffield Forum is not what it was in terms of post/thread numbers but whether this is due to over moderation or other social media platforms is unclear. Mr Bloke is right though - this discussion would have been shut down immediately under the old team. I hope that there will be no more removal of posts (unless they are offensive), no help desk messages and greater transparency. I also hope that members will be able to say what they want (with civility of course). It is not a moderators role to steer discussions in one direction. I wish the new owner and team success and hope that the forum becomes the lively place that it once was.
  6. The transcript is to the right of the screen, opposite the video.
  7. Would installing Ubuntu on the Chromebook help? Install Ubuntu on a Chromebook
  8. My previous iPhone 6S updated OK. If yours won’t update automatically you can do it via iTunes.
  9. It might help to switch everything off that is using Bluetooth and then try to connect. Perhaps updating drivers might help.
  10. Organgrinder - I can see your point about computers made in China. From a quick search, it seems that even if you have a custom built computer from the likes of Novatech, the parts are likely to be from China and/or Taiwan so you may have to put this to one side for now. I checked out the Lenovo that you referenced but could only find one USB port which was on the side, not the front but perhaps I got it wrong. As I am sure you know, the all in ones are designed to look nice and neat so manufacturers will not spoil that look in order to put ports on the front. This feature is important to you so you will have to decide on looks or practicality. If you go for the former, a powered hub could solve the problem of access. I have one which I use from time to time because laptops are short of ports these days. It works very well. A traditional desktop computer which has USB ports at the front would also solve the problem but you can't get away from the clutter. One other solution might be to buy a laptop with a 17" screen but it might not be large enough for you. Of course you could buy a laptop and use a separate monitor. You would have to scout round for one that has sufficient USB ports though. Mine only has two but I have got round that by using a micro c to USB adapter which utilizes the power port so it converts it to three USB ports but of course I make sure the laptop is fully charged before use.
  11. Well, you know better than me. All I can say is that I have never heard of anyone having a virus on an iPad. I assume it is a very rare occurrence, especially when the iPad is used correctly and not tampered with. I still think that this elderly gentleman may be mistaken - at least I hope so.
  12. An iPad does not need an antivirus app and it is highly unlikely that it has a virus. It's possible that your neighbour has heard about viruses and is assuming that he has one because the iPad is malfunctioning in some way. If you can find out exactly what problems he is having with the device and post back perhaps someone can help. It's also worth doing a bit of maintenance ie clear cookies/history, reboot, delete unused apps, transfer data to external devices.
  13. Good point Annie Bynol - I was just thinking the same thing.
  14. Apple also have a refurbished store. I bought an iPad 2 Air from them and it’s been perfect.
  15. Gluedtopc - there are plenty on eBay, it’s a case of wading through what’s on offer. Check the grades - you will obviously pay more for grade A. My last 6S was a refurb and it’s been excellent. Had to replace the battery last year but it didn’t cost much. The 7 Plus that I recently bought came via eBay. I ended up buying a new one for a similar price to a refurbished 8. If you do buy from eBay make sure that returns are accepted and check the phone out thoroughly when you receive it. I had to return a previous 7 Plus because it was not as described - it had screen blemishes and marks on the back. Make sure the phone comes with a warranty.
  16. I have recently reformatted my 6S and passed it on. It was running perfectly well prior to the reformat. It now has the latest update and there are no problems at all. If your iPhone is slowing down, check the amount of space left and take off unused apps etc.
  17. Did you look at the source of the emails? If so, what was the content? You can usually check this without opening the email. It sounds as if it has been hacked. WordPress is known for this problem. As has been said, contact the host company to see if they can shed any light on the issue. If it has been tampered with and they cannot do anything then you will need to restore the site from a backup or rebuild it, paying extra attention to security. There are various security plugins that are useful. However, simple things like limiting the number of those who have full admin access to just two will help. If anyone else needs to work on it, give them reduced functionality. Also, use very strong passwords.
  18. Why “can’t you win”? Swarfendor is talking of updating to a newer version of Publisher. Your original (and only) question was whether you could continue to use Publisher 2003 on Windows 10. As I have already mentioned, there is no problem here. You acquire a computer running Windows 10 and install your Publisher version on it. If you don’t need the other Office components go for the custom install and just tick the box for that particular programme. If you want to convert the Publisher documents to .pdf online you can continue to do so. If you value your own security and that of others you really have no choice but to upgrade your computer. You are prioritising the use of one programme over security. It doesn’t make sense because you can upgrade to W10 and still use your programme. If you wish to continue working with XP, take it offline. If you are going to carry on using it online make sure you use a decent antivirus that is compatible with XP. Malwarebytes would also be a good choice but I don't know if it works on XP. An online security scanner might be worth looking into. Some folk will agree with you about computer upgrades but the situation is what it is so you might as well accept it. Things don't just stand still. Windows 10 is a good operating system and safer than previous versions.
  19. AKAMD - I suppose you already know that you should not be going online with a Windows XP computer. If it picks up malware and you are distributing these documents via email you put other people's computers at risk. It is wide open to hackers and if the documents contain personal information it would be available to them. You ought to have upgraded to a supported operating system a long time ago. It would be safer if you migrated to Windows 10 and used your Publisher on that than continue to use XP. It doesn't make sense to use an unsupported OS just because you want to use one piece of software, especially as it can be installed on W10 anyway.
  20. Yes, that is what I am saying. Your Office Professional 2003 should work just fine with Windows 10. I have it running on a spare Windows 10 computer with no problems. I too use Microsoft Picture Manager and that is why I continue with this version. There are no service packs or security updates for it. If you are concerned about that you should perhaps consider obtaining a newer version of the software or as previously mentioned, look at open source software. However, as you have everything set up in Publisher converting to another programme would involve some work.
  21. Your Office Professional 2003 disc will work on Windows 10. Microsoft does not support it now so there will be no security updates.
  22. Would Lunapic suit your needs?
  23. I would have suggested Claremont and May but having just done a search I suspect that the company has gone out of business. It is a shame because their fragrances were gorgeous, especially Champagne and Roses. I have an Ashleigh and Burwood oil lamp and the fragrances are pleasant. Having checked on eBay they sell pot pourri refresher oils so they might be worth looking at. Their products are sold in many garden centres. You might also find Colony and Yankee Candle products on sale too. It’s useful to sniff before you buy. When you refresh your pot pourri put it in a plastic bag, add the oil and seal the bag. Give it a shake and put it somewhere warm for a while so the oil can soak in.
  24. Tomorrow it will be eighty years since the start of the Sheffield Blitz (12th and 15th December 1940). It must have been horrendous and perhaps puts our current day privations into perspective. I don’t know if there will be any special commemoration but perhaps Sheffielders could take a few minutes thinking and remembering the sacrifices that were made by our forebears for our freedoms.
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