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  1. You can drive in at Doncaster but the barrier may not open to exit for the same low fee if you stay a while in the drop off bay. We haven't been dropped off at Machester for quite a few years, not since the taxi driver fell asleep at the wheel. I never thought we were going to make it there alive! We fly twice a year; usually once from Manchester, once from Doncaster but price, dates and times of flights means sometimes one is favoured over the other. If we have a really early flight from Manchester we prefer to stay in the Radisson Blu, check the cases in the night before £5 charge per bag. You can walk over the covered walk way in the morning. It adds to the price but if the flight is cheaper than from Doncaster it comes down to flight times. Charging for drop off and pick up isn't new. I remember it coming in at East Midlands many years ago.
  2. From your statement I presume you are under thirty years old. The working class are much better off than they were in the 1960s and 70s when I grew up. When I got married and bought my first house (1985/6) we saved hard and were tight for money; as people expected to be back then. People these days would deem themselves poor and in fuel and food poverty by the standards we lived in. A third on my wage used to go on basic food. A luxury was one bottle of wine a week or a cheap pub bar snack and a drink. A tiny two bed house was over seven times my salary and that was in an inexpensive area.
  3. This is what I was saying earlier. The Bulgarians I know that used to come over to harvest various crops went to other EU countries last year and did hospitality jobs. They tell me they have to speak several languages to work in hospitality or supermarkets in their own country in the tourist resorts so they have the language skills to be flexible.
  4. LOL; what rubbish. I am working class and have known some of these workers. I don't see what unions have to do with anything. I have been in work for thirty six years and have seen the decline of unions over the decades for all types of employment. The work is seasonal, people don't pick and choose how much to cram in to a short period of time. They often come over to harvest crops when the summer tourist season finishes in their home country. The cost of living relatively is often more expensive in their home country. I have been going to Bulgaria for fifteen years. Their cost of goods is a little less than over here but on average they get paid a quarter of the rate we do. I know people and have in depth chats with them over the years. Some of them have started going to other EU countries for seasonal work now.
  5. This was obvious before the referendum. If people had bothered to look at the facts rather than listen to spin they would have known. If we export to to countries we still have to adhere to their regs for the items we are selling to them. Too many people were saying that countries would still want to sell to use which they do, but we are a tiny part of their sales and we would just pay more for their goods. All the facts are their on the EU website about legislation and guidance etc. I bet most people who voted Brexit don't even read that website or understand how business works. If they did, they wouldn't have voted out. I don't think its perfect but do understand the pros and cons and how they affect business, including the farming and fishing communities. Many people have shot themselves in the foot and are too stubborn to admit it or haven't researched the facts. Be careful what you wish for folks. You may well regret it! The ones that thought it was going to be easu leaving the EU; words fail me. Why would they make it easy? The irony is a lot of poor areas have had large EU funds to help get them up and running again. Various community buildings and other initiatives. I can't agree more with your statement about hard working EU citizens coming over here to do the difficult, seasonal or low paid jobs some Brits aren't prepared to do.
  6. Its the meeting on Friday, will we see you there?
  7. Chez2

    Gender Fluid, Opinions?

    I'm curious; how is Casta defined as a female? What is the actual definition in sport? Is she genotypically female buy phenotypically male? I don't understand how someone can be classed as a female for sporting purposes with testes and high levels of testosterone even if they are phenotypically female.
  8. Chez2

    spanish property

    I don't know about that airport. Here is what Wiki has to say https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Murcia–San_Javier_Airport
  9. Chez2

    spanish property

    I know, rude eh? They have been logged in Sunday just before 9pm. Their profile has further information blocked, I can't see what threads they have posted or viewed.
  10. Chez2

    spanish property

    loads of large ghost towns. Big estates just left at whatever stage they were for years. I haven't been recently. In Bulgaria building slowed for a year or two about a decade ago but then picked up again very quickly. There was the odd bargain where people bought several to sell off and came into financial difficulties but they should have expected this without the recession. Supply was bound to exceed demand sooner or later. Property hasn't fallen where we are. The new builds are getting smaller and more expensive so in effect still going up, especially for front line. You can pick up a bargain if someone needs to sell quickly.
  11. Chez2

    spanish property

    The Spanish used to ignore rules about EU citizens owning in Spain anyway, its one of the reasons my parents sold up. Tax after tax. Every time the tax was ruled as not being allowed on other EU citizens they thought up another way to tax non Spanish property owners. I do agree the op doesn't need to be hasty. We did two years of research before buying. It meant er missed some of the cheaper opportunities at the start of the boom.
  12. Chez2

    spanish property

    I agree jaffa! The locals always talk about the Denevi family who own most of Vlas. I thought they were Bulgarian but I could be wrong. There is a resort for all tastes along that stretch of the black sea coast. If you don't mind it being commercialised and like Blackpool as I remember it in the 1970s then Sunnybeach is a cheap resort simply because there are so many properties for sale. Its got a good bus service for exploring by public transport. The food is a little less authentic and a little more multicultural / fast food in Sunnybeach and oddly enough not as cheap as Vlas. The season is a little longer in Sunny beach too. You can get studios quite cheap if you are prepared to walk to the beach. Holiday and Orchid Fort Fort Gold Club are right nect to the aquapark on the edge of Sunny Beach. Its popular with Brits. There is a Facebook group. There are a few resales here in ythe O.Ps price range: https://www.fortnoks.org/holiday-orchid-fort-golf-club/ We usually allow £50 per day for spending money for two adults but this includes all transport including airport transfers and a taxi in to town and back each night. We are self catering but eat out every night, not always at cheap places. We would spend less if we drank beer instead of wine. Families we know with two or three kids spend the same because they don't take their kids to expensive restaurants. I'm only suggesting this area because the op may not be aware of it and wanted easy transport and didn't want to drive.
  13. Chez2

    Is it a mortgage or remortgage?

    Why don't you just call an expert like Steve? As I said, we didn't need a deposit for the UK mortgage. We didn't want a foreign mortgage so paid a deposit on our holiday home abroad then raised a mortgage on our main property in the UK to pay for the holiday home abroad. Previously the mortgage had been paid off on our home in the UK.
  14. Chez2

    Is it a mortgage or remortgage?

    I would seriously call Steve for a quick chat. I'm not on commission LOL. The standard forms are a nightmare.
  15. Chez2

    spanish property

    Well it shows you don't have a clue! Sunny Beach is not to my taste but a lot of Brits love it. Sveti Vlas has a world class Marina and some very upmarket property and holiday makers. We are technically outside Vlas but its still referred to as Vlas rather than Elenite. The rich Bulgarians and other Eastern Europeans, film stars etc holiday here (Vlas and Elenite). You should see some of the cars they drive. It has been modernised over the last fourteen years but not spoilt. In my opinion Sunny Beach has been spoilt.

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