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  1. If you are interested in these plants please check the events section regularly. I set monthly meetings and there is an event set for a auction in July.
  2. It depends what you meanwhen you say village. I don't consider much of Treeton or Catcliffe a village or many other areas close by. I would suggest north or south Anston, Aston, Aughton, Brampton en le Morthen, Thurcroft (new estate), Wickersley, Flanderwell, Whiston, Ulley, Laughton and Laughton Common. Firbeck, Letwell and similar areas may be pushing it a bit. It all depends what time you travel. Isnt Waverly the estate near Catcliffe, near the Advanced Manufacturing Park? Its not villagey and surrounding areas can flood.
  3. I will get in to trouble for dual posting. I might mention it in there. It is an event and most of the plants will either be for indoors or greenhouse. I have mentioned the monthly meetings in there previously and no response. Considering how popular the plants are I'm surprised. Thanks for taking the time to comment.
  4. Annual auction held by the Sheffield branch of the British Cactus & Succulent Society. Plants donated by the members to raise funds. You will not be disappointed with the quality or price of the plants. Bring cash and boxes to carry home your plants. 19:30 on Friday 12th July 60-68 Trippet Lane Sheffield S1 4EL Free car parking behind the building Free entry, open to members and none members, no bidders fee. For more details see our Facebook page @Sheffieldbcss, Twitter @BCSS_Sheffield or Instagram @bcss_sheffield
  5. Have you read the thread? My recommendation for UK blinds direct still stands.
  6. We are going to try and buy a few more bits towards it. We may end up spending more on his birthday than we usually do and getting him something smaller for Christmas, just to get him enough to get started.
  7. We have spoken to Rails of Sheffield and we have bought the Highland Rambler. Hubby is looking for a second hand sidings to go with it. Thanks for your help everyone.
  8. Yes, it needs to be something for him to play with at home. His parents regularly take him to railway related events.
  9. Ah yes, that is the sort of summary that is really helpful, thanks. He does have a lot of lego but it was an electric train set his dad said he wanted thanks. They have his Thomas train laid out in the loft room and hes hoping to replace that with something more suitable for his age. I remember my brother having the lego train set when he was a child. Hes younger than me. It was all stored in a wooden chest of drawers just right for the Lego. I used to sort it out by function, size and colour but then my brother would just mess it all up.
  10. Thanks altus. I had seen that link but still feel a little overwhelmed. I think the logical person in me would have liked a summary table, its the sort of summary I would normally be able to do myself. I had seen the shop in Sheffield on an Internet search. I think I'm going to have to go in for advice because there is so much to think about.
  11. Thanks for the reply but does that go on a track? Thats the problem; so many gauge, sizes I don't know what I should be looking for. He had a go at a railway museum with one of those landscape tracks and loved it. His dad (my brother) suggested a bit of electrified track and a train so he can build it up. I have no idea what make is more affordable for a child as opposed to a collectors piece an adult may buy to use themselves.
  12. Hello. My young nephew has grown out of Thomas the Tank train set so it looking for something a bot more grown up for his seventh birthday, hes' train obsessed. He still wants to play with it as a toy so I'm not looking for something that is a collectors piece. The trouble is there is so much to consider and I don't know where to start. Any hints and tips you could share please? His dad is happy for me to buy something second had for him to build up with more pieces as I know its expensive.
  13. If you are on any medication it can cause gout. My hubby was give medication that caused gout, changed it and it went. You can get medication to get rid of the gout.
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