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  1. Isn't that a euphemism for compost made from green bin waste? There can be contamination from herbicides. I would buy some soil (could still be contaminated) and mix it with lots of cheap compost. I usually look what compost Gardening Which? recommend as it changes each year. I had the magazine for thirty years but I stopped it at Christmas.
  2. Anyone know how to register with Tesco? My husband went yesterday to shop for us, his mum and my parents. He was allowed one loaf. There was no bread flour either.
  3. They are not the only company refrigerated doing delivery. I cant say how the vans vary but I know someone who used to work for a company who do subcontract work, refrigerated delivery on behalf of the big supermarkets, M&S etc. One such company is cool cube logistics.
  4. They could rent extra vehicles.
  5. If you are a new keeper I would recommend contacting and visiting a breeder, even if its common hybrids you want. I am a poultry keeper of twenty years having kept ducks, geese and chickens. I don't have any for sale as I didn't hatch last year.
  6. I thought passports asked what sex you were, not what gender you identify as, am I wrong? Gender seems to have become a meaning less term to me based on current 'arguments' I keep reading or hearing about. I know some people can be intersex or can be genotypically one thing while phenotypically another or they can be mosaic but it is more objective than subjective.
  7. I disagree. When you go on long haul holidays many people take a shuttle flight down to Gatwick or Heathrow if they live near Sheffield, Rotherham or further north. Many people from Scotland end up flying down. We prefer to drive down and stay overnight either on the way there or back. Taxis are very expensive and coaches take a long time, trains can be a bit hit and miss.
  8. I thought I heard on the news that FlyBe bought too many planes, that was part of the problem. I am aware most airlines lease them.
  9. Your money isn't lost if you buy on your credit card. I bought two holidays (flight only) directly from Thomas Cook. Flight only were not ATOL protected. I got my money back from the credit card company quite quickly, possibly around six weeks or less.
  10. Passport photos can be sent digitally now so I assume driving licence photos can be.
  11. Pedestrianisation started long before then but you are right about Park Gate and Meadowhall killing town. They did a massive change one weekend with pedestrianisation in August 1983, I remember it well! I wondered what they were doing on the weekend but I would find out a few days later. I took my driving test that week and came face to face with a ranting motorist head on in my lane. The road near Brittains Department store? used to be one way but it changed to two way traffic. Not really what you want when taking a driving test! I moved to Worksop in 1992 but back to Rotherham in 2000. I still used to go to Worksop because Rotherham isn't as easy or cheap to park. I don't go to Worksop much either these days. There are a few nice in dependant shops in Rotherham but its the parking that puts me off. I like to shop and dash not wander round.
  12. I think it has gone a bit crazy; the definition of gender has changed so much in the last few decades that its a bit of a misnomer. It means different things to different generations of people that are currently using the term. I think reference to gender should be scrapped altogether. In my experience, having listened to some people facing these issues with family and friends, some are using gender when they really are trying to describe what sex they are or identify as rather than gender. I'm not talking about sexual orientation either, that's a totally different issue. I agree with you in that I wouldn't mind if asked but if you don't know the person you have to guess based on their appearance; these days its so worrying you may inadvertently caused offence. Its very difficult to address someone correctly on the phone or on email if you are not aware of their situation. A couple of times I have asked for someone with a typical female name, not one that can sometimes be used for both sexes and it has been a very masculine voice. Some people look very androgynous so that can be difficult guessing how to address them. It makes no difference to me if I know the situation, I would rather not cause any offence to anyone but I get fed up of having it shoved in my face though. I don't see why it has to be at the forefront of discussion all the time. It shouldn't make any difference to any platonic relationship or business relationship. If it were me, I would rather get on my life without having to make such a song and dance about it all the time.
  13. They would be obliged to if the trees fulfilled the criteria in the link.
  14. For legislation to kick in there has to be two or more trees in a line to constitute a hedge. Not sure if they have to be evergreen or semi evergreen, have a look. Here is a link to guidance: https://www.gov.uk/how-to-resolve-neighbour-disputes/high-hedges-trees-and-boundaries
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