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  1. I'm on the borders of Rotherham and Sheffield. I have the pixie cut but my hairdresser is in Brinsworth, its not far from Meadowhall by car. I use Eleanor at ETTO.
  2. I would look on Etsy or Not on the high street or somewhere like that where all the hand made stuff is. I don't know if this lady could make something. https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/KatieBCeramics

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    Over forty crates and some boxes of vintage china, mainly matching trios, some sets. Milk, sugar, tea pots. Two and three tier cake stands, glass cake stands. Glass and china bowls and serving plates. Enough to do large party or wedding. Priced cheap to clear quickly. Collect from Laughton S25. pm me your email address for photos or come to view.


  4. No, why would they be? Hairdresser and beautician confirmed all appointments stand once lockdown is over. The ones that missed out just as lockdown started will be first in the queue but i have mine booked every four weeks anyway.
  5. I always book ahead, no pun intended. I have mine booked in right through to September so I'm sorted.
  6. I'm female and have very short hair otherwise its very wavy, curly and uncontrollable. I have had a few snips a it it but its driving me mad. I give my hubby a hair cut on number one on a weekly basis. I wish I was brave enough to have shaved mine a month ago.
  7. See if anything on this link helps: https://www.coeliac.org.uk/information-and-support/living-gluten-free/the-gluten-free-diet/eating-out/gluten-free-takeaways/
  8. You must have seen inefficiency in Hospitals first hand? I can quote you several instances, two of which were very recent. My niece went in for pre op then phoned just before the six weeks were up to ask if they had a date for her op. They told her they had no record of her attending the Hospital or being in the system. She still lives in the Town she was born in. LOL. What a waste of money to go round the loop again. Mum in law had pre op with a rough date in mind for her op. They then kept telling her there were not beds but they set the pre op date with bed space in mind. That was earlier this year for both of them, before all the COVID issue arose.
  9. In the box where you are going to post there is a little down arrow and you can see the profile picture of admin or if you change it you will se your own picture. It appears in a different place on a mobile device to pc.
  10. It would be easier if you put where you are rather than your postcode, I would automatically know where you are talking about and the area. Marks & Spencer do sourdough and some other nice speciality bread in their Meadowhall store. You can park in the car park right by the doors that lead directly into M&S.
  11. I would like to be able to quote for any level of security for IT data cleansing or destruction / reuse / recycling as a comparison. I very much doubt they are getting value for money.
  12. Isn't that a euphemism for compost made from green bin waste? There can be contamination from herbicides. I would buy some soil (could still be contaminated) and mix it with lots of cheap compost. I usually look what compost Gardening Which? recommend as it changes each year. I had the magazine for thirty years but I stopped it at Christmas.
  13. Anyone know how to register with Tesco? My husband went yesterday to shop for us, his mum and my parents. He was allowed one loaf. There was no bread flour either.
  14. They are not the only company refrigerated doing delivery. I cant say how the vans vary but I know someone who used to work for a company who do subcontract work, refrigerated delivery on behalf of the big supermarkets, M&S etc. One such company is cool cube logistics.
  15. They could rent extra vehicles.
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