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  1. I can see you haven't driven if you think its not quicker by train. Don't forget to add on toilet, food and driver comfort breaks. On to that add on getting stuck behind slow moving traffic in areas you can't overtake. Trust me, train is often a couple of hours quicker and you can work or read on the train. If you buy a first class ticket you have space and walk around. Food and drink is included in the ticket price. This actually makes it cheaper than cattle class as my husband calls it. He sometimes used to have to go cattle class but by the time his expenses had been paid for food and drink while travelling it was false economy. You are much more refreshed and ready to do what you have gone to do if going by train rather than by car, even if you are used to driving 250-300 miles a day regularly.
  2. The OP isn't asking his family by posting on here. I was just north of Glasgow, took me six hours. The A66 was the worst bit.
  3. Why doesn't it make sense to you? I'm suggesting instead that ANYONE making that journey consider train instead. I take it you have never driven to Scotland or been on the train to Scotland recently? I have driven to Scotland for work to visit customers, its a right treck! More recently my husband used the train and taxi which is much quicker and not expensive. Its comfy if you book first class which includes food and drink. The food and drink makes the ticket much cheaper. Which bit of this comfort and speed via train verses car trip suggestion doesn't make sense to you? Did you misunderstand my post or have I missed something? I am aware what the OP was saying, he was offering car share, probably not insured for taking paying passengers as standard policies aren't insured carrying passengers for gain. Something to think about if an accident and injury takes place.
  4. Has anyone had any updates? I phoned my credit card company today as I booked two flights for two dates next year. Fight only aren't ATOL protected. My credit card company said a letter went out on Saturday advising me that a full refund has been made to my credit card balance for the full amount.
  5. Have any of you used Vista Print ProAdvantage for any of your printing or promotional goods?
  6. Don't feel stupid. Sometimes the lintel is too difficult to drill so ours and been fitted in to the recess on the walls inside the window rather than the ceiling.
  7. Hi everyone. I'm not much of a photographer, hence never posting in this section before. I'm wondering if there is such a thing as a company that allows you to make an account to upload photos to and then allow people to order calendars, coasters, birthday cards etc. I know you can do it individually but I'm thinking about doing it for a group (a charity) for fundraising. One person can upload the photos or several people upload them but anyone can order off that account for themselves. Does any company offer this service? Thanks.
  8. Wouldn't you be better going on the train and the last bit by taxi or hire car. That's what my husband used to do.
  9. I have all my roller binds, louvre blinds and vision blinds set within the window recess. Hubby used to do them but its not easy trimming a blind to fit. We use UK blinds now to measure, supply and fit. I usually buy the cassette which hides the roller when its rolled up.
  10. Try Preloved (on line). As has been said, ask realistic second hand prices.
  11. If you are not picky about where you go there are some deals. I've just looked at Tui last minute holiday for October this year. I have often been on flights early or late season with at least ten empty seats on planes that have thirty rows of six seats.
  12. I have travelled to the same destination for over fifteen years using Thomas Cook and a competitor. Unfortunately I booked both flights with TC for next year. On Monday at 8:30am I filed a claim with my credit card for a refund from them and booked the flights with another company. I have just looked and the flights are still the same price as they were on Monday morning. If people aren't tied to one destination I'm sure they can avoid those who are hiking the prices to an unrealistic level. My flights were for next year but I still expected them to have gone up in price as TC had four flights a week from Manchester and one (sometimes) from East Midlands plus Birmingham etc. The competitor I am going with has one flight per week from Doncaster, one or two from East Midlands and three from Manchester.
  13. Friday, 11 October 2019 from 19:30-22:00 Scout Headquarters, 60-68 Trippet Lane, Sheffield S1 4EL Talk by Dr Tony Roberts on Gasterias in habitat and cultivation, how to grow and propagate them at home. Before the talk there will be time to chat about your favourite plant or ask for advice if you have a plant that isn't doing too well. Half way through the evening there will be a break for tea, coffee and cake, small charge for refreshments. Meeting open to members and none members, children welcome. No admission charge. Free parking behind the building. Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/events/695937437541735/
  14. There should be an investigation if he took that much over a four year period. He may, or may not have made progress in starting to turn things around but to take that much out a company in so much debt! Really? Why oh why do companies get themselves in so much debt?
  15. It sounds like these people want the moon on a stick. Once holiday companies have your money they can do pretty much what they want re changing airports etc, been there, done that. If the company is solvent you can do more but its still very limited. I've had a good rant about it and had to fight tooth and nail for stuff. Doesn't mean it will happen, even when correctly insured. I recently looked at moving away from my umbrella policy to better cover for lost luggage, delays etc but the insurance was so expensive it wasn't worth it. Its about making an informed decision and weighing cost and risk. Sadly many don't take the time to research this. I've heard some bad things about insurance. I know a lady that was taken seriously ill on holiday, luckily she was insured. Spent most of it in hospital, had to stay extra until she was well enough to fly. Had to have medical escort back home but then dumped her in the nearest hospital in the UK. She was checked and discharged. The couple are in their seventies and they insurance company said they were repatriated and washed their hands of them. They were over 150 miles from their home. Luckily some friends or family took time off to fetch them home. I have no idea how they got away with dumping someone so far away from home, someone who was bad enough to need qualified medical staff to be with them on the journey home.
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