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  1. Anyone on the forum can see these comments. They objected so anyone caring to view the planning permission can view their comments. My neighbour tried to say we would block out their light be we wer on the north side of them. Our two outbuildings were originally one building. Some people just clutch at straws but sometimes unfairly are able to influence the planners. Thats what happened to us until the appeal.
  2. With all the problems at the moment it should be be banned without adult supervision until the age of eighteen. Society started going down hill in the 1980s when everyone had to win, no losers; kids wrapped in cotton wool, no resilience taught.
  3. Consider where you take the photos not just the beauty of the church. Does it have to be a church? As posted above; I think the bride has to be resident for a short period of time at least.
  4. We were refused planning about seventeen years ago. We looked at the history of why people had been refused permission and why we had been refused. We looked at the current council policies and appealed. We ended up with a bus load of people visit to view (those that make planning decisions) and went back to the planning meeting. I don't know what they call it but the meeting was open to everyone. Due to us countering all their points and stating our proposal met with council current policy we got permission passed. If you can say a bit more we may be able to help.
  5. There is a charity that do afternoon teas. They may let you donate cakes if you are not hosting a tea party. I will pop back if I can find a link or you can search the threads to find my post. Here it is: https://www.contact-the-elderly.org.uk/
  6. Its not expensive, we have done low level chemicals and sources for colleges. Very few waste contractors can carry even low level radiation which is low enough for the kids to use or low enough to be able to move as non hazardous. If you have anything else, get in touch. I am not suggesting disposal of the watch. I'm sure someone would want to buy it.
  7. Do you fancy learning about cacti and succulents? An interactive quiz explaining how to identify your plants. Bring along a plant to see if we can identify it or help if the plant doesn't look too good. There will be plants for sale. Meeting open to everyone from beginners to experienced people of all ages, children welcome too. Friday 13th September 7:30pm. First floor in the Scout Headquarters building. 60-68 Trippet Lane, Sheffield S1 4EL Free entry, free on site parking. Tea, coffee, biscuits and cake served for a small charge. Find us on Facebook @Sheffieldbcss we have a chat group within that page, please ask to join if you would like to post comments on the chat group. You can read everything without signing up to the group. Twitter @BCSS_Sheffield Instagram bcss_sheffield The main page announcing events etc: https://www.facebook.com/Sheffieldbcss/ The group where you can chat about cacti or succulents or ask about the meetings.:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/167927920810285/?source_id=178552859301798
  8. Some new housing estates only have a driveway for one car even though they are not starter homes. It is likely that both adults will have a car and possibly a young adult child. On some estates its really difficult when visiting someone to find somewhere to park, especially if its a cul de sac where the front gardens at the kerb edge are very narrow. Its difficult to find a solution in older housing but newer houses should be given more provision for cars without the front gardens just being a line of car parks.
  9. My parents generation did the 11+. Some of them failed it , some were unable to continue with further study due to insufficient family funds to support them. My mum and aunty went back to collage when they were in their late thirties to study hair and beauty and went on to run their own businesses. Other family members have gone on to be successfully self employed without high academic achievement. I think school leaving age was fifteen back then. (late 1950s).
  10. Don't be so blinkered. There are various routes to get to where you want to be. I'm only six years younger than you and didn't do my degree until I was a mature student. Our local school was a high school until the year I joined when it went to comprehensive. I have no idea the difference but I know it was either having a sixth form or extending the sixth form for A levels the year I joined. Not many kids at our comprehensive went on to Uni and it wasn't my preferred option. I knew prospective employers took degree students but also school leavers and paid for day release. I did OND/ONC full and part time then HNC part time. After I left for a slight career change I turned my HNC into an honours degree while working temp jobs in a similar field to what I was used to and what I wanted to move in to. Its not an easy route to study while working but was always my preferred option. My comprehensive school let me down with Maths, my teacher told my parents so I had a private tutor for an hour one evening a week. It made a massive difference to me. I also took myself off to night school while still in the last year of comp school. I wanted to med lab science and work in a hospital but ended up being a microbiologist and chemist outside of the medical profession. I have been running my own company for over a decade now. My career changed directions slightly. If one door closes you have to open another. I'm very happy with how my life turned out. Anyone with a bit of gumption wouldn't let circumstances so early on in life stop them. You have to pick yourself up and form another plan. A positive 'can do' attitude will get you far in life.
  11. It depends on y our definition of "ruin your life". Lots of things can change someones course through life. Adapting to those challenges or altering course doesn't mean your life is ruined. A positive outlook and making a positive outcome of what life has dealt you with should make anyone happy. Its good to dream and have ambition but not achieving a dream doesn't mean you can't be happy ie your life isn't ruined.
  12. If I were them I would look at constructive dismissal, as Dozer has suggested. Get your friend to take legal advice on constructive dismissal. If what you are saying is true it should work out for them.
  13. They should have a record of it even if it didn't need planning permission. They don't usually allow windows where they immediately over look a neighbour. If its facing your own garden it isn't a problem. We lived on a cul de sac. The front of my neighbours house was in line with the back of mine. Anyone going up their drive could see straight in to my back garden but that never bothered me. Their garage was directly on the border so the window on the side of their garage was about two thirds down my garden giving no privacy at all. They were friends but I wasn't sure how they would react if I asked them to put obscure glass in the window. When they had an inspection for change of use the council insisted on that so saved me the job of raising the issue. I challenged my council tax banding about fifteen years ago. The council unearthed some plans (including later outbuildings / garage) from the 1970s. The outbuilding (large garage) was built some time after the house in the 70s or 80s. My point is, the council will have plans if the building is legal. If its a garagae it may be fine but not if its converted. If the op isn't changing anything then its as I said previously, its still a garage.
  14. If you are changing it then change of use applies. If you just sit in the garage then its still a garage. If you are keeping the large front doors, not adding insulation, no more lighting or electrics and not putting down any floor then just ask the council what they think to adding another door and window. They may wonder why, depending how your garage and house is positioned.
  15. A conservatory is different to a garage conversion. pintor I agree with the advice to contact your council but there is a portal you can check with examples: https://www.planningportal.co.uk/permission/
  16. There is a charity that sets up offering afternoon tea type meetings on a monthly basis. I think these are usually Sundays. One set of people host, the other set of people pick up the same elderly friend they have been given and drive them to the persons house where they are having tea. You stay with them and join in the tea then take them home again. https://www.contact-the-elderly.org.uk/
  17. Not planning permission but you need change of use permission. My neighbour need it when they changed their garage in to another room. They only changed the garage door for a house door and window. It already had double skinned walls and electric.
  18. The whole point of stunning is so they don't feel pain. Farmed animals are used to being moved and put in a pen, even those reared on a small scale rather than mass farmed. For example, how do you think they treat sheep so their fleece is clean and their tails are clean so they are not eaten alive by maggots? Some flies lay eggs that will eat live, healthy flesh. I didn't believe this until it happened to one of my cockerels who had only a tiny bit of poop on his rear end. Farmers have various dips for their sheep so they are penned prior to treatment. Cows are often checked for TB etc, etc.
  19. I was quoting someone who said vegetarianism is cruelty free in their response to the original subject of the thread. I wasn't commenting on the fact their comment had strayed a little from the subject of the thread.
  20. Thats not true because vegetarians still eat dairy. Vegans is maybe the word you meant?
  21. They look like hazelnut or closely related cobnut to me.
  22. You should be able to get some sort of reduction in charge for a 'season ticket', you can in Rotherham anyway. I know people who worked in Rotherham town centre and had businesses there, they bought discounted season tickets for car parks. I presumed you (bassguitar) were asking about business permits or reduced price parking not residents parking. Link to section covering business or visitors parking permits. This may still not be the correct section but give them a call. I have used visitors permits in other areas (not Sheffield) but its the resident that gets them and loans you the ticket for your car. https://www.sheffield.gov.uk/home/parking/apply-parking-permit Business permits is below the visitors parking if you scroll down after clicking on the link.
  23. This is your starting point for information. If this doesn't answer your question give them a call or drop an email: https://www.sheffield.gov.uk/home/parking/apply-parking-permit
  24. If they are commuting they are going to be on the road before the traffic gets really busy at school run time.
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