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  1. They would be obliged to if the trees fulfilled the criteria in the link.
  2. For legislation to kick in there has to be two or more trees in a line to constitute a hedge. Not sure if they have to be evergreen or semi evergreen, have a look. Here is a link to guidance: https://www.gov.uk/how-to-resolve-neighbour-disputes/high-hedges-trees-and-boundaries
  3. See if Voluntary Action Sheffield can advise. https://www.vas.org.uk/about-vas/
  4. This wasn't by any chance a company in Ecclesfield starting with a P was it? We used them for ten years. I few years ago the owner retired but the guy who worked for his still worked there. Apart froma ltter the new owners never introduced themselves. Late year the never did our year end report. We got communication from HMRC something was late. They wanted to hold out until the last minute to sign off our year end figures. We just managed to move to another accountant in time to avoid fines. HMRC were okay about it.
  5. The OP says its a fee for subletting.
  6. Good advice to get proper legal advice. Link to Gov website for reference https://www.gov.uk/search/all?keywords=subletting&order=relevance
  7. Around junction 31 and 32 I have seen them flash in traffic heavy when the traffic doesn't seem to be doing much over 70mph. I make that assumption as I wasn't speeding and no cars seemed to be breaking away from the rest, ie not significantly going over 70mph. I wasn't there on the date and time you mention.
  8. I would ring the council planning department and speak to the person looking after your area. We are in Rotherham but moved to this house early 2000. The council planners were awful, told us we were in the conservation area and were difficult. We were told we had to go through planning permission to replace the chain link fence along the boundary of our property running down the road. I got so fed up I told them I would leave the horrible chain link fence up if they couldn't be realistic. Two years ago I enquired about something else. They are much more pragmatic now. It turns out only the centre of the village in classed as conservation area and we can do what we want, within reason!
  9. LOL. I daren't post, tempting fate. I have been driving since 1983. For almost a decade I did on average 4000 mile a month as a rep. I have never had a parking ticket or speeding fine, no points on my licence for anything. I must admit it is so easy to speed at 30 miles an hour, especially in unfamiliar places when looking for somewhere. Setting the cruise control is essential but I didn't have it in all my cars.
  10. It might make a difference to an employer if she needs a clean licence for her job. Be glass half full not half empty.
  11. I agree; tenants in common is what my relatives have done to protect their grand kids living with them. People above don't seem to understand what that means. My parents have prepared power of attorney because they had to deal with it when my nan had already got dementia, it much more difficult and traumatic then.
  12. Well you all obviously know better than solicitors then. That is what they were advised to do to protect the grand children. Its especially important now one grandparent has passed away leaving only one grand parent alive. If they need to go into care the grandchildren would be homeless without being tenants in common.
  13. Very caring of you I must say to expect their grandchildren to be made homeless if their grandparent(s) need to go into care. Please explain why you think it is acceptable that their grand children should be turfed out on to the streets? One is now working but the other is not yet in a permanent, full time job so couldn't afford to pay rent so would be homeless. Tenants in common would stop them from being made homeless.
  14. I didn't say change the names if you read my post. Tennants in common stops anyone living there from being turfed out homeless.
  15. I have seen some people on good money spend everything then when they hit a bad patch they get everything paid for. On the other hand I have seen people struggle all their life and be careful with their money, buy their own home, put money in the bank. When it comes to getting old the former gets all their care paid for them whereas the latter has to spend all their own money on care. I do know of cases where a generation in the middle has died and the grandchildren live with grandparents. If the grandparents didn't protect their property then what would happen to the grandchildren if the grandparent(s) need to go into care? Do you think it unreasonable for the grandparent(s) to make sure their grandchildren have a roof over their heads?
  16. I have no idea how many people fail to plan. Perhaps you could suggest he see a solicitor, draw up a will and put the house in joint names so it can't be taken away and used to pay for his care?
  17. You did, you mentioned shareholders so I was explaining the difference between sole traders and limited companies.
  18. I have been driving since 1983 and find the newer vehicles much more reliable for longer. Granted anyone used to be able to repair cars back in the day but most stuff is all linked to the cars software now.
  19. That isn't strictly correct the way you have written it. Self employed refers to being a sole trader. If someone owns and runs a Limited company they are not classed as self employed as they are an employee of their own company. They may well be the only shareholder of that company.
  20. Thats how limited companies work ie limited liability. Perhaps you are thinking of sole traders?
  21. Tell that to people suffering because of climate change. Nice sentiment; not.
  22. As I have already said; just because they can and do; doesn't make it right (environmentally). 'Google' light pollution and effects on nocturnal animals or wildlife and ecosystems for a start.
  23. ...and that makes it right does it? Light pollution causing problems with nocturnal nightlife and extra energy wasted? They could have something much closer to the ground level and covered to retain heat and prevent light pollution. Grow lights usually cast a pink light, I know because we have them on our ornamental seedlings which need a long growing season.
  24. Nice and environmentally friendly of them.
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