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  1. Yes I'm jealous of a lot of Sheffielder's who have family nearby to help out. Moving back to Surrey where my immediate family live is just not feasible due to extreme housing costs nowadays though. I'm afraid with all the people moving up here eventually we may reach the same situation with housing costs.... from what I've heard Derbyshire is far more insular and hostile to outsiders/foreigners, especially in the rural areas, than Sheffield is. So not sure thats a better option for them.
  2. Yes very bizarre watching labour supporters debating which would make the best PM....I can't see any of them connecting with voters.
  3. I suggest you read my comment again more carefully. Smart phones are not the only type of mobile phone you can buy.
  4. I know several people who manage without them - everything you "have to do" can still be done without a smart phone.
  5. I would not describe these as hidden - we know all about them, but turn a blind eye because we want to do business with China.
  6. I think this is an important point - much of that money targeted to the regions was done because the british government did not want to send money there. The EU made up for that. Now we have control its not obvious why it should continue to go to the regions based on past government decisions. If it does, I would think anyway it will target safe labour seats that flipped to tories as a reward (i.e. not Sheffield).
  7. Reading between the lines it sounds like they felt threatened by him being " very agitated, anxious and angry " - i.e. they were worried he might become violent.
  8. "Internet was censored at about 10:00 this morning just before confirmed cases rescued 10000 " What evidence do you have of that?
  9. Well it seems it all for show, not for real. Pictures all over the news of coach drivers and ground staff at airports without any protection, whilst health workers are in full haz mat suits! So whilst they are in quarantine the coach drivers and grounds staff have been sent home to spread any infection? Why are they not also now quarantined?
  10. We should not have to check labels ourselves and verify the food reaches safety standards - if the US can't produce to our safety standards then it should stay out.
  11. Lets hope its a concidence that at ground zero, Wuhan, a lab was opened to study the most dangerous viruses, including related ones such as SARS: https://www.nature.com/news/inside-the-chinese-lab-poised-to-study-world-s-most-dangerous-pathogens-1.21487
  12. It seems brexiteers are still moaning: Now its that outside the EU we won't get a say on things that affect us - well what did they think was going to happen?
  13. I know someone who was actually lectured for trying to stop on the hard shoulder when they put on the sirens - the policeman explained it was dangerous and that they should never do that. He went on to explain they will know if we want you to pull over because we will be taking more direct action than driving behind you with a siren on. This was Thames police, and it may vary with the force as to what is done.
  14. Says more about the publics attitude if helping "foreigners" does not go down well I'm afraid.
  15. 2 abreast is common, I have never seen 4 abreast.
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