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  1. Yes I was done by lock snapping a few years ago. I found many people I knew did not even know about this either (two people I know changed their locks straightaway when I told them!). Would be good if this was better publicised. I mean rather than the Police using scarce resources to try and deal with my burglary after the fact, and basically tell me its my own fault for having crappy locks and no burger alarm....maybe they could instead send leaflets around to encourage people to be more proactive and change their locks etc.
  2. Goodness know show much pollution those in offices around there are having to breathe in from the constant gridlock.
  3. Enough people don't understand that "no deal" means years of negotiations to get agreements back in place for trade, cross border cooperation etc that it could happen because they think "no deal" means an end to the focus on brexit.
  4. Prorogation also stops a lot of important behind the scenes stuff too, not just MP's sitting. So its not the same at all.
  5. Possibly, depends whether TC was saveable with the right management to turn it around. If so, then it would make sense to give it breathing space. If not then I agree its just throwing good money after bad.
  6. Interesting twist in the tale: https://www.theguardian.com/business/2019/sep/23/squadrons-start-flying-150000-thomas-cook-customers-back-to-uk The spanish and turkish governments were prepared to put up the money needed, if the UK government gave a guarantee.
  7. Usually one should have specialist insurance for a wedding, especially if it's an expensive do.
  8. Insurers don't usually cover the collapse of a company, so its not generally possible to get travel insurance for this: https://www.moneysavingexpert.com/news/2019/09/thomas-cook-seeking-p200m-extra-funding-/#insurance (though apparently it is possible to get if you pay a premium, I doubt many people bother with that).
  9. I'm still confused about why the tax payer is on the hook - some have mentioned ATOL insurance funded by the travel industry should cover costs, yet I keep hearing about the tax payer paying to repatriate people?
  10. Is this a price worth paying for those unicorns? https://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/news/republic-of-ireland/armed-police-unit-to-be-moved-to-irish-border-in-brexit-preparation-38510293.html
  11. I imagine they would be in trouble for doing that, though it would not surprise me that they do their best to cover it up and get away with it. I don't know what their criteria are, but I imagine they would need some threshold of evidence the person is who they are after and you'd hope it's high enough innocent people aren't being knocked off bikes. Though if you are innocent perhaps you would not drive off at speed anyway. I've yet to see any news article about an innocent person being knocked off......whilst I've read many about criminals taking legal action after being injured as a result, e.g.: https://metro.co.uk/2019/04/21/police-officers-following-orders-tactically-ram-moped-thieves-face-criminal-charges-9279536/
  12. The rules have been changed I believe - now the police are allowed to ram the bike, with their car, to stop them (even if they don't have helmets).
  13. A number of older locals (born and bred Sheffielders) have told me SYP were just as useless before Austerity kicked in, and chastised me for saying its just down to funding cuts.
  14. Exactly, I no longer watch any bbc news. Its always full of brexiteers with extreme opinions spouting opinions which could be challenged by proper journalists with even cursory fact checking.
  15. Well now there are a lot of centrists saying it has lurched very far to the right, and they used to argue it was neutral.
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