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  1. its both of those, and also uncertainty due to brexit. JLR cited all three issues.
  2. Did he vote to do this? Priti Patel demanding to know why we don't threaten to cut off the food supply to Ireland to get a better deal! https://www.thejournal.ie/brexit-threat-food-shortages-ireland-4381228-Dec2018/?utm_source=twitter_short
  3. The point is they *think* they are sorted now they have reached retirement with nice pensions and a mortgage. So it's irrelevant whether they are right, no-one is going to convince them otherwise. I don't doubt that if hard choices have to be made the next generation of politicians will be under pressure from the young to pass on the next round of austerity to those demographics who voted for the mess we end up in.
  4. The lyric was controversial when it was released: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fairytale_of_New_York#Lyrical_controversy
  5. Also plenty of brexiteers are prepared to dig their heels in and vote for "no deal" to make the point they have not been listened to. I know at least two who have said that. They really don't care if it unleashes economic chaos (and why would they? They are retired on nice fat pensions with the mortgage paid off, so it won't affect them so much). I think a second referendum would still be a close run thing
  6. Makes sense in that if a second referendum votes for no deal the public can't blame anyone but themselves when the predictions come true.
  7. nightrider

    Calderdale taxi infestation

    I don't know about Liverpool. I am just quoting what I have read in news articles over the last 3-4 months about this issue. From what I had read I am certain it said local authorities had no powers to prevent out of town taxi licensees working in their area. If a council can actually do something about it then that's good news, and perhaps SCC should therefore do something...
  8. I have used Precision Damp proofing several years ago, and no sign of the damp since. So I was happy with their work. https://precision-dampproofing.co.uk
  9. nightrider

    Calderdale taxi infestation

    They could lobby the government to ban taxi's not licensed in Sheffield. It's a well known scam that taxi drivers pick an authority where its easiest to get a licence in order to get around the fact they would not pass the requirements elsewhere. Licenses can currently be used nationally. There have been many news articles about this (though usually its been Wolverhampton mentioned as giving licenses out with few checks).
  10. The ECJ AG has ruled we can unilaterally withdraw article 50. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2018/dec/04/uk-can-stop-article-50-without-eu-approval-top-ecj-adviser-says Apparently its unusual the ECJ would not take the AG's advice. In principle now the other parties could collapse the government, call a general election and then if labour gets a majority they just whip their ups to vote to cancel brexit.
  11. Dec 11, with 5 days of debate first. If it does not go through then unless something else happens, yes its hard brexit with no deal. Labour have just said they will ask for a GE in these circumstances, and if that is not possible then they would ask for a referendum on what to do next. Other options would be to revoke Article 50 (it is now confirmed this is possible due to the recent court case about that). Not sure if there are any other options or not to avoid no deal brexit.
  12. nightrider

    Better judge than you?

    No, but then they should not comment. e.g. Esther McVeys ridiculous comments about the backstop on tv this week. Not hard to actually read up on brexit details given you almost certainly are going to be asked about it!
  13. I take cash buyer to mean no mortgage is required i.e. the buyer has the "cash" available. This could be a plus, because things cannot be derailed due to a mortgage refusal (no guarantee mortgage offer in principal survives full application). As you say though there are other factors too, such as are you in a chain or not, are you a landlord or first time buyer (yes I know someone who refused a cash offer because they felt it was of more benefit to society to sell to the first time buyer planning to live there) etc. When I bought my house the estate agent told me it was decided to sell to me on other factors (clear details showing my financial position and lack of a chain) than the value of the offer.
  14. nightrider

    £10k fine for football violence

    can't you already do that? Things like mixed martial arts look extremely violent from what I have seen.
  15. Around that time she was due to do a meet and greet with a local social activity group I used to be a member of. We got advance instructions, from her, that under no circumstances was anyone to mention her expenses claims.

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