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  1. selling assets to pay for day to day spending is madness. It's clearly an unsustainable strategy. Sooner or later they will have to cut services to fit their budget, better to do it sooner than sell off community assets.
  2. I have read that now the existing line is going to have to be upgraded to allow more trains instead. This will take 10 years with frequent rail replacement buses. The capacity has to be increased somehow.
  3. the original organisers sold it to a big company that does a lot of festivals. In interviews they made clear money was what swung it.
  4. Yep. BUT was not easy for an individual to kill 20 people just like that as happens in the USA. So letting any person have a gun is a stupid idea.
  5. Mine was Tom Hunt. But the only time I really needed help he ignored my emails Too busy building his career I suppose.
  6. I wouldn’t live there, but if flats were cheap enough an investment might be worth a punt given how much kelham prices went up.
  7. Has it? Murders in that area are nothing new. Quite a few shootings in Crookes/Walkley in the last 20 years. So I wouldn't worry unless the number per year has increased.
  8. is surveyor local? If not, they won't know anything about what was built in Walkley. When I sold mine I was warned by the estate agent about this and told to make sure the estate agent pushes back on any buyer who claims the attic had been converted. One thing you can check is whether on the same road all the terraced houses have an attic room. If they do, that's a sign they are all likely original. That's not true. The house I sold was a 2 bedroom house - bedroom 2 was in the attic and was original. On the middle floor there 3 rooms - a bedroom, a bathroom and a room that was too small to call it a bedroom legally.
  9. Where is the house? Many terraced houses in Walkley have original attic rooms. The new roof might just be a replacement - they don’t last forever. how old is the house?
  10. All I'll say was when I emailed him to help resolve an issue with the council he didn't bother to even reply. Clearly concerned about his constituents. From what I've read he may be a career politician and this is all just a fast track to be an MP in a safe seat eventually.
  11. but it was tiny and never massively busy when I went in. Always wondered how it could be possibly make enough money for Joe to live on. Unfortunately I think they will struggle without the post office. When I lived in Walkley two things attached me to Beaches - the butchers which had excellent quality meat and the post office. Am skeptical whether this new curry part is enough to keep it going or not. There are many options for takeaway curries in Walkley, so its a very saturated market.
  12. Do you have a big house? Have never paid 1500 a year in my leaky Victoria terrace even with heating on all day.
  13. Maybe read the article properly next time? It says it was caused by two effects - a staff shortage and extra checks due to the heightened security in the aftermath of terrorist attacks. Whilst in the last days we again had a combination of a staff shortage and *extra* checks caused by brexit. A check on passports that used to take seconds now takes around 1.5 minutes because each passport must be stamped. Why? Because as a consequence of Brexit we became a third country. Was the same when I went to Switzerland a month ago - much slower because now they have to ask each person questions about what they are doing, when they will leave and then stamp the passport.
  14. Its a simple fact a check that used to take seconds now takes 90 seconds. Even with all 12 booths staffed there will be long queues, where there were none/short queues before. It's the same at nearly all land borders in the world that don't have free movement.
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