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  1. The start date has been pushed back a few times already as new evidence came too light. I certainly had something very nasty in May 2019 - in bed for a week, at one point was struggling to breathe and could not even walk to the bathroom without holding onto furniture (I was close to calling for an ambulance, and if I had heard of covid I probably would have!). I assumed it was flu, but now who knows? I had spent an evening in a pub with a friend who flew in from Hong Kong shortly before I came ill. Maybe it was just flu, certainly no way to know if it was covid or not. I suppose its always possible the start date will push back again though, just as it has a few times already (I think it is back to November 2019 or so by now, originally it was claimed Jan 2020).
  2. No it would not. But this is AMEY and SCC we are talking about, so don't expect too much!
  3. Happened to me. They will tow it unfortunately. I went on holiday for 2 weeks and they put notices up after I went away.... I had to pay to retrieve my car and then I appealed the cost and the council had to reimburse it due to not giving me reasonable notice of the works such that I could move the car.
  4. Well that didn't take long - less than 4 months after Brexit and the army has been sent back into NI: https://www.cityam.com/northern-ireland-special-forces-deployed-in-belfast-as-riots-continue/ Let's hope it has a happier ending than the last time this was thought to be a good idea.
  5. Some of the labour councillors are fruitcakes though! Just look at one of the Walkley representatives who has used fake social media accounts to bully people for example.... The official SCC documentation says that irrespective of what people vote for they will implement a "committee system". The problem is their system would not have any power.....but its clear the idea is to confuse voters to they vote to keep the current system on the grounds a "committee system" will be added anyway. Appalling behaviour to be honest. Other countries have laws about referendum material being clear, factual and impartial. We need that in this country too if we are going to keep having referendums.
  6. think its £30-40 a square metre or so. Prices vary a lot between quotes you will get - can depend on how much business they have (cheaper if they need work), if they like the look of you (expensive to put you off if you look like a PIA), if a new business (cheap to get work and build up client base) etc.
  7. I though SCC bought the lease?
  8. I have some distant relatives in Handsworth and they have never complained of any issues. Other than that I don't know much about it. Seems a lot cheaper than other areas you have mentioned - might be a shrewd investment? As more and more get priced out of the usual areas people go for other areas will increase in price a lot over the next years as buyers are forced to look elsewhere for affordable property.
  9. It amazes me that I rarely hear anyone with a good word to say about SCC....yet time after time the labour party is voted back in. I wouldn't be surprised if people vote to keep the strong leader model in the referendum either. Not helped by the council trying to confuse voters with misleading leaflets.
  10. yes loads of nice shops and bars. But also loads of anti-social behaviour for residents. I know a few people who have had major hassles living there over the years.
  11. and if it was Keir doing the same we all know it would be wall to wall coverage on the BBC news programs.
  12. He only wants to save them because he has huge stock options in Greensill. He will lose millions if they don't stay afloat. Which part of that article do you assert is not true?
  13. up the hill is generally nice in my opinion and if you want clean air I would avoid anything close to south road or bottom of the hill at rivelin (both have a lot of pollution from car fumes). I am near the bolehills and its a nice quiet area. Beware of some estate agents labelling adjacent areas as "walkley" too....
  14. Given JL is now saying the store has been underperforming for years....this looks like a very shrewd move on their part. Get SCC to buy the lease, which gets them out of the old onerous terms and then walk away leaving SCC with the responsibility.
  15. The council is also spinning it as no lost money because they have an asset....not sure the building is much of an asset without the tenant though!
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