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  1. Not really, see e.g: https://www.thestar.co.uk/sport/cricket/sheffield-community-uses-cricket-to-help-tackle-crime-and-anti-social-behaviour-3252736 Lots of nice Cafe and restaurants etc, but I would not live there due to the risks of anti-social behaviour issues. You might not suffer any, but then again you might. I know people who have lived there and had no problems and others who life was ruined by anti-social behaviour. So it's a risk in my opinion (and houses are very overpriced, considering that risk).
  2. you can definitely blame Wenbley to some extent. Plenty of reports of staff employed there taking cash in hand to let in yobs that then attacked legitimate people etc. I think this is a key point - no-one else gets away with this. Just look at the policing of that women's protest a few months ago. I guess they are easier to subdue, with less risk of them fighting back though.
  3. I have heard Lodgemoor was once considered a very dodgy area to hang around in, now it is one of the more expensive/prestigous areas to live in.
  4. Its possible - covid was there then: https://news.sky.com/story/covid-19-circulating-in-italy-as-early-as-september-2019-scientists-claim-12133825 If true, it may not have been widespread. So does not mean she did have it, but does mean its plausible.
  5. Price increases are down to lack of staff, so wages have had to increase to try and get staff, as well as price increases due to issues transporting goods around the world due to a combination of covid and brexit.
  6. Well it seems to cause a lot of friction. Quite a lot of threads on Crookes and Walkley facebook groups which often degenerate into "locals" vs "incomers" buying up property and encouraging things like cafes, delis and micropubs which are not welcomed by the "locals". Similarly traditional local pubs catering to the "locals" seem to get a lot of hate from "incomers"!
  7. Included everything they have, except security guards. And that cannot possibly account for the difference. Let's just say we paid less than half of what they have paid, don't have time to dig out exact costings from archives.
  8. I have organised conferences in the past in Sheffield and was not charged anywhere near these prices, and AV was included.
  9. at a cost of £10,000 per meeting. Does not sound good value for money to me.
  10. They already have been many times, though not all of them of course. Have a watch of BBC NI 8 part series on the troubles - plenty of former terrorists on both sides admitting what they did and plenty of naming (and even doorstepping) of others who still have not. you mean as a distraction?
  11. Maybe if Mrs Elphicke spent more time on her job the country would not be in such a mess, rather than spending her time watching football and commenting on it.
  12. He may have got this one wrong. In the news today it is announced some hospitals are now cancelling routine surgery again - because they are seeing increases in covid admissions yet again. This will only get worse once we let it rip on July 19th. Many lockdown sceptics seem to be under the impression the NHS can go back to normal if we remove lockdowns, but it may have the opposite effect they were expecting. The best way to get the NHS moving again is to stop people being sent to hospital with covid.
  13. Those 250 won't infect other people with "heat" though, so its really not comparable. With covid the number of deaths is never the worry at first, its the potential rapid rate of increase as weeks go by (at which point one really would have something to worry about) - something that cannot happen with climate change on similar timescales.
  14. Well our very own MP from Penistone and Stocksbridge has a solution - she said we should stop publishing this data on the BBC yesterday! Tried to justify it by claiming she is a scientist (she is not).
  15. I only shop online now, unless I absolutely have to see an item before buying. I used to use the city centre when JL was there, but without that there is nothing to attract me nowadays.
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