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  1. nightrider

    Jared Omara MP ..

    Which labour policies does he not agree with?
  2. nightrider

    No DSS when renting.

    Get references from previous landlords?1
  3. nightrider

    Helicopter over Walkley

    Yes, when I was burgled a few years ago in Walkley the police said they had likely seen me leave with suitcases on holiday and scheduled my house to be burgled (happened the next day). Pleased to see they caught someone this time then - they would not even come out to the house for 4-5 days when I was burgled (and had the cheek to complain I had people going in to get the house secured whilst I was on holiday).
  4. Yes, if the landlord served notice and the tenant left I'm not sure how the landlord could be responsible that the tenant secretly copied the key and then used it to illegally enter the property on the day of the sale?
  5. Not true. A pure link is fine, a link with an image of the text in the link may not be fine.
  6. nightrider

    Bloody Sunday. This Might Be A Lively Topic.

    I have seen people on twitter complaining today that not enough of the soldiers involved are being prosecuted. They claim they are sacrificing a small number to try and appease them, rather than going after all the guilty parties.
  7. nightrider

    Bloody Sunday. This Might Be A Lively Topic.

    Thats not quite true - terrorists from that conflict are being prosecuted at the moment.... https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/ira-bomb-suspect-does-not-have-amnesty-judge-rules-22c935c9d The amnesty was only for people already convicted. Thus neither the above mentioned terrorist, nor soldiers that committed crimes they have never been convicted of, are immune to prosecution.
  8. Interesting discussion what is in store for the UK once we crash out: https://www.politics.co.uk/blogs/2019/03/13/national-breakdown-a-glimpse-of-the-vicious-chaos-of-no-deal
  9. MPs have overwhelmingly rejected May's deal twice though.
  10. Yes I know a few people who are anti-EU because they don't like the way it works. I know of far more who voted out because they are part of the "send them all back" brigade (even when they have EU children in law living in the UK!) though...
  11. don't forget they are charging all the people actually walking £50!
  12. many pensions are invested money (in stocks etc), so of course they can be affected by economic problems. Problem is you are making everyone else suffer. And they won't forget what you have done.
  13. Isn't Seumas Milne an admirer of Stalin?
  14. also rather foolish. Not everyone is as well behaved as this couple may have been. Some people would react violently to masked people trying to prevent them leaving a car park.

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