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  1. It won't be though. That was the whole point of the governments policy - use a 12 week window instead of a 3 week window. The latter is the recommendation from both Pfizer and WHO.
  2. Vallance has already been quoted as stating that the 89% efficacy they claimed with one dose is not correct and that in fact we now know it will be lower (but not as low as 33% quoted in the Israeli study - that study has mostly used elderly patients and its well known the vaccine won't work as well for them). I still think it was a mistake to ignore Pfizer's advice on two doses. The above suggests a big "we don't actually know", just as Pfizer told them a month ago when they revealed this strategy. We will just have to hope these vaccinations were not in vain and we have to start again.
  3. Well its far too late to fix. Many of these businesses caught out by the UK governments lack of preparation are not viable anymore and will close down. Of course fixing it fast as possible is still important.
  4. Yes - so the problem is not the new trading arrangements, its incompetent governance in the UK.
  5. Not so. A large part of the problem is lack of customs agents to help with the paperwork, lack of information from HMRC and lack of vets for certifying meat/animals for export. All things the government can fix (but presumably not on the timescale of weeks). I am sure eventually it will all be sorted and also expect by then many businesses to have gone bust, presumably mostly smaller operators mostly dependent on the EU for business that can't hold on whilst unable to export to the EU.
  6. Yes, but can they scale up production to replace all the French/Swiss/Spanish swiss cheese we buy? I am doubtful because many suppliers are small scale farms in the UK. Nope, I won't suffer. I have a well paid job not dependent on being in the EU. Can't say the same for all those fishermen, farmers and small business owners who voted leave and are now unable to export.
  7. Well like many local councils they simply don't have the money to provide all services anymore. So I wonder if this kind of work has been cut back a lot.
  8. I went out for the first time in rush hour today after being at home for 10 months and in broom hill there were the usual queues of cars all the way down from crookes and in from Fullwood/ranmoor. Not much evidence of a lockdown.
  9. if people don't want to equip their cars with winter tyres they should stay at home in this weather! Happens most years, yet no-one seems to learn their car ain't gonna drive on inclines in snow.
  10. thick in Walkey/Crookes and still coming down. Forecast until 9pm!! Cars/buses abandoned all over the place. Even if you have equipped your car properly, likely you won't get far due to everyone else.
  11. I think there is a reasonable argument that teaching trigonometry, cosines or Logarithms etc helps to develop logical thinking skills in order to understand it (even if one does not fully understand the topic in the end). I would be curious to know how many people who say they could never understand these things in fact just had useless teachers. Teaching does not pay well and most math graduates can get very well paid jobs doing easier things that are a lot less hassle ( I know enough teachers to know its a horrible job nowadays). I agree its a scandal we don't teach more about money, stocks etc to empower people to use their money wisely and also to not get conned. I don't think it should be an either/or with maths though! I suspect its deliberate we don't teach about banking systems though, a lot of people don't want anyone to know how money really works (esp. the bit about the magic money tree because then all kinds of awkward questions could be asked...)
  12. Obviously. I doubt we are teaching the finer points of the full calculations using General Relativity to school children though.
  13. Have you tried advertising them direct to students? I sold one textbook to an undergraduate (via SheffieldForum in fact!) I bought many textbooks second hand as an undergraduate - it was cheaper! I think I got them from bookshops, so am surprised they would not want them (unless students nowadays expect to only have new things??!)
  14. We don't have any staff for the nightingales. We do have staff in care homes. Perhaps that is the reason.
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