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  1. Like most city centre road systems if you use it every day then its easy. If not, then its next to impossible to get anywhere because of all the no left/right turns, dead ends, taxi only roads etc etc.
  2. Looks like a repeat of the last two big waves - deny there is a problem. refuse to do anything and then inevitably we have to go for a full lockdown to get things under control. You would think they had learnt a lesson by the third time that some measures early stops hard measures later!
  3. The program outlined how that can be solves, as well as other problems. All solutions required reorganisation of how things are done - but it will also take more money (unless the reorganisation magically frees up huge amounts of money).
  4. I'd be careful of the latter - many years ago now I used someone on here who posted a lot offering his services. Turned out he would not come back and fix his shoddy work. Now I use someone else on a personal recommendation who always does a good job.
  5. In many subjects this is far less than what would be earned in the private sector (even when you account for the pension contributions). Indeed one professor I know took a very significant pay cut to bring his expertise to the university - something he did because he had already earn't insane money in the private sector. I know others who leave and make far, far more money doing things like investment banking etc. Different story for e.g a poetry professor of course.
  6. Teaching students is but one part of a lecturers job. Without students there would be fewer lecturers, but they would still be employed for their other tasks such as research.
  7. Well if its obvious to us, why isn't it obvious to those parking? Or do they think risking their life is worth it to have free parking?!
  8. 2011. Ranyer was first elected in 2014 and only recently became deputy leader. So not really hypocritical, no. Unless the same happens on her watch.
  9. They can. Good tradesman are in very short supply, so there is no need to get back to you. They already have a long list of good customers who provide regular work and pass on their name to others they know.
  10. You don't need to decide - there are old videos of him being interviewed when younger admitting its all an act. And the person in the interview is most certainly not the person people see nowadays - the person is extremely intellectual, thinks carefully before answering and there is no bluster or jokes.
  11. perhaps she should look closer to home, in the cabinet, before criticising other organisations for being elitist. Loads of old etonians and very wealthy ex investment bankers (although one of them curiously only seems to mention his humble origins).
  12. I think she also forgot Ski Sunday which has regional presenters too! As does country file (and also has disabled presenters). And the news last night was presented by a Welsh man. I'm skeptical there is any market for watching old news bulletins.
  13. Isn't that what Britbox is? All their material (much of it now removed from Netflix etc) and you have pay to watch.
  14. A minor iteration on the decades long war on drugs that has yet to stop people using drugs.
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