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  1. I wondered if this is the real reason LD won't support him. Once installed how could we have a GE? The FTP Act specifies a no-confidence vote doesn't it? Whats to stop Corbyn then just not doing that and staying in power? Perhaps the answer is someone else would table it and even if all labour MP's voted confidence, there are enough other MP'sin the other parties to bring him down.
  2. I'm now confused. I thought the brexit line was that no deal is not a problem and is what everyone voted to do. If so, why on earth would they need to blame anyone? Shouldn't they be shouting from the rooftops that they are responsible?
  3. Walkley is near Crookes, and is a bit cheaper (though Walkley seems to be getting more and more expensive nowadays too).
  4. Usually experience comes with a higher salary, and not all firms are willing to pay for that (just want cheap young people). So they may worry you will leave at the first sight of a better offer.
  5. Doesn't matter. The principles of the EU are more import to Europeans than individual businesses. Just as the principle of leaving is more important than individual businesses and entire industries to brexiteers. Both sides are willing to see businesses go under.
  6. For example when I and my partner want to come home from the city centre, it's not much more for an Uber taxi compared to two bus fares. So we take the more comfortable taxi.
  7. Hi I live in a 1900 or so terraced in a Walkley and am finding conflicting advice on google. Some experts say only lime mortar can be used on such an old house, whilst many builders seem to use a sand,line and cement mix. What have others had builders use for repointing and what do builders on here advise? I am mainly worried that bricks may blow and/or internal dampness may ensue if the wrong approach is taken I think. N
  8. But what leverage would we have to make them negotiate before we trigger it? Either we don't trigger it and remain, or they insist we trigger it and then negotiate because the latter puts them in the stronger position.
  9. Roofers still do work from ladders in some cases, perhaps only for small jobs (replace one tile).
  10. Lets not forget our Home Secretary, caught red handed unofficially working with a foreign government whilst in cabinet!
  11. someones been doing something though - I saw a mini jcb moving earth around a few weeks ago, and someone has dumped a load of yellow tubes there too.
  12. What is the scam? i.e. how are the chinese making money out of doing this?
  13. I don't use the justeat/deliveroo because they are more expensive than phoning a takeaway and getting them to deliver or picking it up yourself. Shops on the high street are not that convenient for many things for me, so no great loss to me to be honest. It saves me a lot of time to get things delivered straight to my office. Shops I still do use on the high street seem to do ok though (I can't imagine ever buying shoes/clothes online because I want to try them on to check they fit). For example spending 40 minutes driving to/from bandq to get one small thing is not a good use of my time, when amazon would deliver it free of charge to my office. On the other hand I always use my local veg/fruit shops because they have good quality stuff and its convenient to go into on my way home from work. Those shops are doing a roaring trade from many people as far as I can see. So for shops I think some business models are just not relevant anymore, and things can't stay the same forever.
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