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  1. He has long standing very anti-EU views, so I doubt he cares if we crash out.
  2. I have watched David Attenboroughs new series on netflix and Ricky Gervais new series on netflix in the last few months for example. Chernobyl, just out on Sky, has an (almost) all British cast of actors. To me though, it does not matter who made it - quality is what matters, not point of origin. So it's really not an issue how much is British made or US made.
  3. It only seems to be two programs (The Last Kingdom - which the bbc is not involved with for the last two series, and Troy - I enjoyed Troy, but the Last Kingdom is very average). Most of the best programs from HBO (via NowTV/Sky), Netflix , Amazon are not available at all on the BBC as far as I know (and no the good quality stuff does not rely on special effects as you imply).
  4. They have many British programs (two of which are effectively high profile poaching of programs from the BBC) and many foreign language programs. No idea where you get the idea its just American stuff, and even if it was much of it is far higher quality than similar programs on the BBC.
  5. They rival other many other areas though. To be honest BBC news is awful nowadays in my opinion. I stopped using it as a reliable news source years ago, as have many other people I know. BBC radio has some good documentaries, though you don't need a licence to listen to them.
  6. Or watch any of Netflix, Amazon Prime, Now TV all of which have content to rival the BBC! and may well have done. Only recently Russian trolls were uncovered sending identical pro-brexit letters to many local newspapers.
  7. Hello, I need some repointing done as well as brick replacement or repair. Secondly I have some rendering (basically the lower quarter, full width, of one wall) dealing with (its in a state - so need advice on whether it just comes off, and repair what's underneath or repair the render itself or replace it entirely). Does anyone have recommendations for someone who can do these jobs to a good standard? Thanks!
  8. I'm not sure this is true. Hitler was funded by wealthy german industrialists from I can recall, we were certainly not. In any case it's not really relevant. Even if the same person funded Hitler early on and us later on, its objectively true that we needed to defeat him and should commemorate those that made the sacrifice to do so.
  9. he regularly posts fake news e.g. provides a link to make it look real, but when you read the link it does not say what he claims. If you point this out in the comments, the comment is soon deleted! Though not all posts have fake news, enough are accurate to make the rest plausible to the uninquisitive! Well I've been using facebook for years and have managed to not "like" anything anti-semitic. It's not that hard.
  10. Yes, but he has a defence in that he did not make the statement as part of his public role apparently. i.e. he was not employed n public office to campaign for the leaver campaign. A prominent legal expert has explained this better in a blog (which I lost the link to). So don't count on him being convicted. Even if he is it will just be "fake news" to hard core brexiteers.
  11. Their overseas orders have dried up because customers. who agree contracts well in advance, don't know what kind of tariffs might apply in the future. I don't think its brexit per se, its the uncertainty as to what will happen in future with tariffs because we are unable to make a decision on what to do about brexit. If we had made a concrete decision on what to do and gone with it presumably it would be clear what tariffs to expect?
  12. Most of the "expenses" are staff costs though as far as I understand, so its not really "expense" in the way most people think of it (food,accomodation costs etc)
  13. One interesting consequence is Boris is potentially about to be prosecuted for lying to the public: https://www.theneweuropean.co.uk/top-stories/date-set-for-court-against-boris-johnson-1-6034496?utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=Social_Icon&utm_campaign=in_article_social_icons&fbclid=IwAR2GnkMkxpaYoMfirfTDhdXcHMjBmxTGZzh-Ns-JlzLm5cgwQ6Ak0crA7Y4
  14. I don’t think party political membership is a barrier? Though personally I would not want to employ someone to represent me in legal matter with those types of views.
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