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  1. Polling shows with identical policies and a different leader, the Tories would have a far smaller majority now. Thanks a lot momentum and Corbynistas.
  2. Well its a minimum of 28 days. Cases are already falling in Sheffield, so the 28 days does not make sense to me. In 1 week if the trend continues why do we need to stay in Tier3. Clearly Tier2 was doing the trick already. Going from Tier2 to Tier3 gets us money from the government apparently.
  3. I don't think anyones worked that out, based on the abuse I got on twitter from locals for saying this.
  4. The Tories don't want to, thats why.
  5. Not that simple though - surely the per head number should not use the population, but the fraction of the population who will need support. This must depend on what types of jobs each area has and could be very different.
  6. Sheffield covid cases are already falling. all of the money used to support covid has been electronically printed. No borrowing involved, except from our own magic money tree.
  7. Thanks all! Yes will measure up and see what it should come to based on 35/m2. Both quotes include use of scaffolding. People really try to repoint using ladders?!
  8. Hello, I have quotes for 1500 and 2500 for a full repoint (front + back) of a mid terraced house. Has anyone else had repointing done and could comment if these are typical? Cheers, N
  9. The main benefit, for me, is that I don't have to move all the kitchen furniture, lift the trapdoor and climb into my cellar to read the letters anymore. I never look at the usage display they gave me, and anyway it does not break down usage by device so the information is not very useful unless you constantly monitor it in real time with each device in your house (far too much faff to be practical). For that to be useful you really need all your electric/gas devices made smart too so they can report their individual usage.
  10. why dealer only? I have TPMS sensors replaced on my car by independent garages. Indeed. Rather worrying that someone would drive around with such a light on without (a) checking their tyres and (b) getting the faulty sensor fixed, if its not working.
  11. The government has been clear for months that school and university education would get the highest priority for being open, and that other sectors would have to shut down to compensate for the infections this would cause. I suppose this is why they are known as the snowflake generation! Not true if used correctly. You should never touch the mask. Only touch the attachments used to secure it.
  12. User error. Its not that masks don't work. Its a major failure that there was no education campaign explaining how to safely use them. Also perhaps a major failure of our education system that so many did not think to find out how to use them safely (very easy with google) before using them.
  13. The lack of medical treatment is nothing to do with covid restrictions. Do you really think people would get treatment if we had done nothing and the hospitals were full of covid cases for months and months and months?
  14. I got sports, creative activities or construction. I am too old to be a professional athlete and anyway not good enough, Rishi has destroyed the creative sector so why would I train to do that and am not fit/strong enough for construction. Not sure how useful this is really.
  15. I'm starting to get worried we are going to see major civil unrest in the months ahead. With so much unemployment and little or no financial support people may snap. They will already be very stressed because they know people who have died or had serious illness due to covid.
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