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  1. nightrider


    Lots of people voted against it because it was not their preferred new voting scheme though, not because they did not want a change (many on this forum made this argument at the time). Problem is politicians used the result to say we had a vote, and that everyone decided what we have is best of all...
  2. This is a bit of a myth. Many leading politicians of the day in the no camp made it clear it was more than just a common market (though its clearly not a dictatorship!) https://infacts.org/mythbusts/voters-werent-conned-1975-referendum/
  3. Why would they lie? Three already offer free roaming in many countries, including many NOT in the EU (e.g. USA) in which they are not legally compelled to offer free roaming. They have publicly stated they will continue to offer this service after brexit.
  4. According to the FT its a tax if you transfer the pension overseas: https://www.ft.com/content/276e26e4-0594-11e7-aa5b-6bb07f5c8e12 So as cyclone says then it appears to be the case if you keep it as a UK pension paid into a UK bank account there would be no tax. Then you just need to make a monthly transfer to your foreign account if you prefer (which can be done free of charge nowadays via various companies). So the only worry would be exchange rates. Of course the country you live in may class the pension as income and require you to pay their income tax rate on it. But thats also the case if you live in the UK anyway isn't it?
  5. Three have said they won't reintroduce roaming charges I believe. Not sure about other companies.
  6. nightrider

    Pretend Police Force

    Well they should report it. Even if nothing is done, if the crime stats show nothing is being done its more ammunition to use to pressure people to change the situation. If its not reported the police can claim there is no problem. If it's that volatile, then perhaps there is an argument given the cost to the tax payer (or is this all paid for by the football clubs?) that fans should not be allowed to attend these matches. Nor should pubs be allowed to show them in Sheffield. Then the money could be redirected elsewhere.
  7. nightrider

    The old Grindstone Crookes

    hmm my friend was told that.....but when we went to have a drink we didn't even go in. We could see a few old people belting out karaoke, which was not what we were looking for (quiet pub with decent beer selection). As someone mentioned the micro-pub is good (though I would not class it as a pub, more like a bar - so I don't include it in the decent/not-decent pub stakes). I forgot about the princess royal - have been in once many years ago, although it was a locals only type place they were very friendly. But it had a very limited beer selection from what I can recall, so not great for anyone who likes to try lots of different beer types.
  8. nightrider

    The old Grindstone Crookes

    hmm in my experience all the Crookes pubs have had kind of crowd for years, except for the Cobden View (but I think that's very tatty nowadays and would rather go down the hill to Hallamashire/Closed Shop).
  9. nightrider

    Overthrowing the government of Venezuela

    Its the result of both - its well documented that a component of the disaster was removing the people from PDVSA who knew how to run an oil company and replacing them regime lackeys who knew nothing about it.
  10. nightrider

    Congestion charge in Sheffield

    From what I have read this science was all well known when a previous government encouraged Diesel uptake. They just chose to ignore it.
  11. but not so much they are willing to take the measures needed to do something to stop it.
  12. Do many young people even get news from the press nowadays? It's them who will be choosing who governs us in ten years time once many of the brexiteers are gone.
  13. Its a moot point, the leader of that government resigned. In any case He had no mandate to speak for what parliament may or may not do with the result of an advisory referendum.
  14. and our xenophobic policies are coming home to roost: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-10-17/how-tiny-moldova-s-brexit-grudge-could-cost-u-k-1-7-trillion Countries remember how we treat their citizens.
  15. Very naive to think government has the peoples interests at heart. What has happened in the past is utilities were starved of money by the government of the day because things like water infrastructure is not exactly a headline grabbing vote winner. Whilst gimmicky new schemes are. I believe investment in water infrastructure went up a lot once they were privatised.

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