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  1. Johnson routinely lies to parliament every week during PMQs. So its odd that suddenly Tory MP's care about this in one specific case.
  2. also SlimSids efforts to get a girlfriend!
  3. this has happened. Many oil refineries and other infrastructure have been blown up in the last month. No one has claimed responsibility.
  4. I'd check the reviews, if they have them. The one I was recommended had a significant fraction of very bad reviews. Best is to get a recommendation from a friend you know well, though as I found a lot of people could only say all the ones they had used were useless...
  5. Nick Clegg is long gone though. New people may not have the same policies (true for all parties).
  6. True. But they can change the interpretation of the constitution which impacts laws, as in this case. So indirectly they do make law.
  7. Also if labour supporters stopped publicly saying people don't vote for them because they are brainwashed by the media, it might help. People can buy the guardian if they want instead of the daily mail! If they buy the latter, they probably don't have left wing views in the first place anyway.
  8. annual service costs of £2200? Either you have a very expensive car and are taking to a main dealer, or you have been ripped off there IMO... Even my minis big service where they did everything was £600, a normal service would be well below that. Similar how can an MOT be £2050?? I spend more like £700-800 a year on servicing, insurance etc. And I don't pay a monthly lease which is a very expensive way to own a car. An ebike is fine for short journeys, but many have family living all over the country. So an e-bike would be an extra cost, not a substitute cost.
  9. Introduce permit parking and exclude students from getting permits.
  10. Realistically a lot of people can't afford an expensive e-bike though. At least from the comments on the Crookes facebook group, support is at the 1% or so level amongst locals.
  11. I have been debating voting labour at the next GE. Now I can't, because it looks very much like they are looking forward to having this power for themselves. To what end I don't know, but I can't think of any good reason why labour want this power.
  12. He handed out a lot of dodgy contracts to friends of his during the pandemic. With some digging its hard to believe something cannot be pinned on him.
  13. the russians are rounding up and deporting civilians from occupied areas to remote cities in Russia. They are the lucky ones. Others are tortured to death. If they survive the war and stay in Russia afterwards they will be just fine. There is no resistance in Russia that is going to go to their home address and take revenge.
  14. Having seen how the Russians behave its not in the interests of the civilian population to accept anything less than Russia getting out of their country. If you let them keep territory many more civilians will be tortured and killed.
  15. and this is the example the little kids see and will try to emulate.
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