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  1. did you see how ill he looked in recent videos released? If anything I think they are underplaying just how ill he now is.
  2. it wasn't trump. It was private companies, based in the US, who did it. Which makes it much easier to retaliate against them if they don't have the backing of the government presumably...
  3. aren't brexit voters queuing up do these? maybe the french and others need to put in place guards once the purchase is agreed then!
  4. what use have hedge fund managers ever been? All they do is make bets on the future and make money out of it. Not useful for society at large, very useful if you invest in such a fund yourself though (and they win their bets).
  5. well thanks to the police all our local footpaths are now very crowded. Everyone has been pushed out of the countryside onto a very small number of local paths. Might have been better to close the well known honey spot areas in the PD, but allow drives to less well known walks away from villages to avoid this effect (but not too remote -plenty of countryside near sheffield one could drive to in < 10 mins for most of us).
  6. yet SYP have now launched a webpage for people to report neighbours violating the guidance (note guidance, NOT the legislation which is what determines legality).
  7. We had the same problem. We found someone local who could do her shopping when they went to do theirs. Getting anything delivered is an impossibility as far as we can tell, the capacity is nowhere near enough. Tried all the smaller outfits too, but none will take new customers.
  8. maybe an anonymous tip off to SYP is in order then if they are supposed to be shut.
  9. they need to introduce strict rationing - I understand many shops have tried and people bully the staff into letting them take what they want. So that means we need to get stricter? Use the army who could take a much firmer hand with these people? I've no idea what else can work at this point. Clearly people are not going to stop until we make examples of some people to deter the rest!
  10. People are also buying freezers. Electrical retailers are apparently selling a lot of large freezers at the moment.
  11. the even worse thing is all these people getting in a big scrum of people to grab as much as they can are just going to be a perfect setup for spread of this virus?!
  12. I guess the problem is that by 11:00 hoarders will have stripped all the supermarkets bare? So the idea is to let the elderly have the first grab.
  13. Problem is soon the hoarders are going to twig that there also local shops and start targeting them Who are these people? Does anyone know someone doing this? Have you tried to shame them into stopping?
  14. how could you demand it? NHS flatly refuses to test if you ring them. Prob a bad idea to go near a GP or hospital to insist on testing.
  15. my understanding is army medics are mostly going to be reservists who already work in the NHS. So the idea the army has any large number of extra medics is fallacious. I think they are already drafting in students, yes. I wasn't clear - by better than nothing I meant the ventilators. We cannot possibly get any more (all the manufacturers are running at capacity for other countries), so will have to build our own. These are likely to be very inferior in quality (old tech which is easier to make, unable to follow usual safety standards etc) - but many people will have the choice of that or nothing.
  16. At this stage I think its that or nothing, and something not very good may save more people than nothing...
  17. "One of you goes down there, and either stays with her, or repatriates her up with you?" But if we could not get home delivery, then I have to go to the supermarket and risk bringing the infection home. Same if she comes here. Defeats the point of self isolation. If we could get home delivery, she has other friends in the same situation and they can all drive to each others houses to avoid the outside world without being cut off from socialising. We were debating whether to visit regularly too, but again that risks infecting her defeating the point of self isolation.
  18. Would not help if they did. Tried to order online today (so my elderly mother could avoid supermarkets - she lives more than 4 hours from us in the south) and no slots for the next 3 weeks....not sure what we will have to do if she is told to self-isolate. Well seems some supermarkets are more popular than others, can find some slots thankfully.
  19. I have seen some claim that it matters little what we do - no matter how much we "flatten the peak" we will never have enough intensive care facilities because of the lack of funding for such in the NHS. So I wonder if its partly that they know they can do nothing to save most people, and lets get it over with quickly.
  20. according to the WHO without adequate action 3-5% of infected will die. If our governments claim of 60-80% of us infected is also true, that makes 2 million to 2.6 million dead (at 5%). Its not just another flu, as many claim, according to these numbers. On average flu kills 17000 people each year in the UK.
  21. More on the strategy here: https://www.itv.com/news/2020-03-12/british-government-wants-uk-to-acquire-coronavirus-herd-immunity-writes-robert-peston/ Seems the plan is to let all of us get it, but at a slow pace, to maximise those they can treat at any given time. Seems to be in contrast to many other countries efforts to stop the spread completely.
  22. this is why you should thoroughly wash your hands when you get home or before you eat food out of the home.
  23. Well he's wrong. Its not a flu virus, its from a different family of viruses. The symptoms being similar may have confused him...
  24. Well yes....this is why I talk about the most optimistic scenario (i.e. most accurate counting combined with first world health system, which by all accounts is very accurate). We will be far worse than that because as you say the NHS has cut back massively on ICU beds etc compared to other countries (+the fact we don't seen to even be trying to make much effort to slow the spread, thus making it even more likely our health system becomes overwhelmed, as has happened in Italy). They key message Italian doctors seem to be telling us is that they did not do enough soon enough and that they now regret thinking "its just the flu". Boris is now arguing the opposite as far as I can see - their quarantine did not work, so better to do nothing at the moment?
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