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  1. It’s 7 years old. I’m in S60. I was looking not to spend too much which is why I was looking at independent garages
  2. Hi, Can anyone reccomended an independent garage for my Ford car overheating problem. Local garage suggested a person used to dealing with and repairing Fords to quickly get to the bottom of the problem.
  3. I live by the railway line, and over on the banking of the railway line are many sycamore trees. Over the past 20 years these have gradually grown taller and taller to the extent now, that they block out sunlight to our garden. This is apparent from around 4pm onwards. They also block out light to our home. I contacted a Network Rail who advised me They don't encroach onto our land but they they block considerable amounts of light. The Trees and Hedges Act details info but is relevant only to domestic land. Any advice on whether I could argue the Right to Light and would it be appropriate to argue such an Right in this case? I don't want to have these trees permanently cut down, as they offer great privacy and reduce noise, but they desperately need trimming.
  4. Just wondering if anyone has cycles to Manchester from Sheffield... What route did you take and was it a mixture of road and off road? What sort of bike did you ride on?
  5. Success! (I think) Got an email from council saying that "Amey will now look to install drop kerbs where they have failed previously". Sorry for those who can't view the original pics, I removed them from Dropbox to free up space and now don't have them.
  6. Please use the vacancies section of classifeds. Closing.
  7. Thanks WallBuilder, I contacted Brian Messider. He referred my concerns to Amey. A representative rang me and explained that the workers complete work like for like. So if the kerb wasn't dropped for wheelchair users before then it won't be dropped when resurfaced. However he did say that there is something which they term Opportunities where such changes can be easily accommodated. So explained that he would pass my info and suggestion on. Disappointing that this clear opportunity to drop kerbs wasn't glaringly obvious.
  8. Surfacing on Carlisle St East is being undertaken of the footpath...(.near my workplace)...but the workers are not taking the opportunity to make the area more accessible for wheel chair and push chair users by lowering the edge where appropriate. Such a shame when it won't cost much at all. See pics https://www.dropbox.com/s/kaegk61614mwvnk/20130716_093226.jpg https://www.dropbox.com/s/5e1we1rg858re46/20130716_093252.jpg Is the council not under obligation to make footpaths accessible? They seem to have made adjustments when crossing the road just 50 yds down https://www.dropbox.com/s/8otvcykfxvxo92j/20130716_093443.jpg
  9. OMG! Prayer call at 3am! On Channel 4! In protest I will switch my TV off and go bed instead!! ---------- Post added 02-07-2013 at 16:35 ---------- Damn, it also means the whole programme schedule will be interrupted... I mean look all the exciting stuff that we all normally stay up to watch... 02:35 BEACH VOLLEYBALL FIVB Beach Volleyball returns for the 2013 season. In this edition, the sport's best men's and women's teams compete in China, at the Open in Fuzhou and the Grand Slam in Shanghai. 03:30 VW RACING CUP The fast-flowing Snetterton Circuit in Norfolk hosts the latest round of the APR Volkswagen Racing Cup, where Golfs, Beetles and Sciroccos battle over three races. [R] [HD] 4oD
  10. I haven't taken it to the garage yet. But in the past it has failed on minor points, typically costing up to £100-£200. I've been going to the garage for a long time, they also do repairs. It's nearby and so convenient. But over the years doubts have creeped in, whether they are finding deliberate faults, particularly when you hear things been said by other motorists. I may be wrong, particularly as I don't have a great deal of motoring knowledge. I can only quash those doubts by double checking. But wouldn't want to offend or affect the good relationship I have with the garage which I've used for years. So I thought I'd just get it checked by another garage should it fail this time. But would be reluctant if it would become apparent to the garage I regularly visit.
  11. If a car fails it's MOT, and you want a second opinion..perhaps you're not convinced... Is it possible to have a second MOT at a different garage without the first garage finding out?? . I understand the MOT test is logged onto a system which keeps a record on a national database.
  12. I was thinking of moving out from Broom... And Wickersley was one of the areas we had in mind. If not Wickersley then further out towards Bramley.
  13. Just wondering about those people who are moving homes in Rotherham but are also moving to a different area of Rotherham....where are you moving from, and where to? Any reason why?
  14. I'm thinking of cycling to work from Rotherham town centre to Sheffield city centre. Having been driving to Sheffield city centre, I've established quite a few routes which vehicles take.. Which way do you think is the best for cyclists taking into account factors including safety and distance?
  15. Any suggestions for places where I could get my VW Jetta serviced other than the VW dealer garage. Preferably a place which will use genuine VW parts and sticks to recommended Oil/Fluid..
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